How to print photos when the display screen is white? The image is missing in it.

How to print photos when the display screen is blank?  It shows only a white screen empty when I select the photo and press on print.


You click on a film image in the print module? And, I guess you don't have to go to the Print module, right?  Additionally, make sure that you have chosen to make a custom package.  If you chose the custom package you need to drag and drop images and organize them.

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  • HP Officejet Pro 8600: Recently a fax pops up when I try to print photos and the picture does not print

    We have a printer all-in-one HP Officejet Pro 8600 operating from a desktop HP with Windows 7. Recently, in the last two weeks my wife told me, we cannot print photos. The documents appear to be printed without a problem, but when trying to print a photo we get a window titled 'Send Fax - HP Officejet Pro 8600'. We have never used or even hung fax capablitly since we have owned this printer (maybe 2-3 years). All of a sudden, this window is displayed when we try to print a photo and the photo does not print.  I can't tell you that my wife did not hit accidentally a wrong button somewhere down the line, but she says she does not. I tried to attach a screenshot of the window, but for some reason that it does not take it. It's probably something very simple, but technically challenged myself, I can't understand. Help, please.

    Thank you

    Vince Pellerito

    Print picture of what program?  Some programs to keep their own default values for the printer.  It seems that the default printer for the printing of the photo program has been set to Fax.  Try to open the program, select the Officejet Pro 8600 as the printer rather than the Officejet Pro 8600 fax.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 not giving orientation options when printing photos from the main tray

    Greetings, all.

    I searched this issue, but I have not found anything, so this is:

    I have an OfficeJet Pro 8600 911 and an iMac (21.5 inch, end 2013) running OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks.

    The problem comes when I try to print a photo 4 x 6 from the main drawer - in the print dialog box, the image is oriented the wrong way on the preview. No matter if I rotate the image or not, it does a perpendicular orientation. In the print dialog box, there is no orientation option to change from portrait to landscape or vice versa, even if

    I checked the software update of the Mac and the Pro 8600, but there is nothing available.

    I am pleased to learn that the Preview will allow you adjust orientation, at least, we know that this is possible. Apple is the one controlling the features such as that within the application. Click here: view contact information of apples. Apple Support Forums are also available here:

    Kind regards

  • Photosmart 6520e: print photos from the photo tray

    HP Photosmart 6520e - when I try to print photos from the tray photo here is what is happening. I empty the 8 1/2 X 11 (big) paper tray pull the photo tray properly load 4 X 6 photo paper and close the guides for focus media. Push the tray (s). When I try to print, I get the message that it is paper. EVERY TIME!

    If I load photo paper in the paper tray size, Center it with the guides and close the bins it will now display the peak (s). But it won't print from the photo tray, said always with paper. Prints only from the main paper tray. What's wrong?

    Thank you

    Hello @barnstormer37,

    I would like to help you today with the message 'in paper' that you get on your Photosmart HP 6520 e-all-in-one printer when trying to print photos from your Windows Vista computer to the photo tray. I understand that you are able to print from the main tray end, and you load properly all of your photo paper in the photo tray. At this point, it does not sound like a configuration problem on the computer. You usually have to "say" what paper tray it will be the power to the printer through your print dialog box. If the tray is always set to the main desktop tray when you want to print from the photo tray this will result in a "paper" message like your printer "think" it is supposed to print from your main tray empty. Please follow the steps below to make sure everything is set as it is supposed to be.

    For your reference I'll start providing you with the "loading paper" documentation for your product. This documentation is also useful if you decide to print envelopes as well.

    Loading paper and envelopes for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 6520 6520 Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer Series

    Once your photo paper is loaded, I'll make you do a test print to your printer from the photo tray. Because each program is slightly different when it comes to printing, I'll start by providing you with the steps to print correctly in the Windows Photo Gallery program as it is specific to photo printing.

    1. Windows Photo Gallery by clicking the Start button
    2. Click on all programs
    3. Select Windows Photo Gallery
    4. When Windows Photo Gallery opens, choose the image you want to print
    5. On the toolbar click print, and then click print again
    6. In the print pictures dialog box, select the printer, paper size, print quality, print system, and number of copies to print.
    7. Click on the Options at the bottom right for additional print options. Ensure that the paper tray is set to the Photo tray.

    Once the adjustment options and the plateau have been confirmed as being correct, please try to print.

    Please let me know if the steps I have provided resolve your printing problem. Should receive you 'in paper' messages in another program, please let me know which program you are printing from. Good luck!

  • HP Envy 7640: HP Envy 7640 will not print photos from the photo tray

    I bought a HP Envy 7640 today, 11/05/2016.  It will NOT print photos from the photo tray.   The printer has paper in all trays, but keep taking 8 1/2 x 11 paper rather than photo paper.  I use the default application for the display of pictures (Microsoft Office 2010) and have tried selecting both the 4x6in of the index card. and sizes of 4 x 6/10 x 15 cm.  The end result is the same, an image printed in the middle of the plain paper.  I searched the forums and found that two related threads.  Given that I just install the printer today, I figure there will be newer drivers in the last hour, so I finished downloading "printing HP and Scan doctor."  He finds a "Match of Port issue" and that fixed it, but when I printed another picture, he was still on plain paper.  If I remove the paper and leave only in photo paper, the printer throws a fit and said that it is out of paper.  Any ideas?  I'm not a newbie, but in more than 20 years of use of HP products, this is the first time that I had to fill out a problem for a Board of Directors.  (And with the instant the ink program, it starts to accumulate the number of my printing without a single success.)

    RESOLVED - photo, once you select the printer & paper, you must go into OPTIONS, then the properties of the printer, then go to the paper/quality tab, then the paper Source and select manually the specific bac (bac/Photo main tray).  Sheesh, should we not automatic as soon as you select the paper size?

  • How to print photos on plain paper instead of on b210a photo paper?

    How to print photos on paper regular instaad of photo paper? When I try it says load photo paper

    Try to edit the document in the printer preferences.

  • How do we keep Photos when I insert a memory card containing images?

    How can I prevent the Photos when I insert a memory card containing images?

    Mac Pro and OS 10.11.4

    In Preferences > General > import: I unchecked that box, but I can't stop Photos when I insert a memory card.

    Since most of the people would this need, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

    After pictures launches uncheck the box to open the Photos whe this devices is connected - it is right of the map in the sidebar of Photos


  • How to print photos directly from my e-3510 HP printer all in one?

    Using a Windows 7 Pro Office, how to print photos directly on my HP 3-3510 al-all-in-one printer (without the use of the internet)?

    Hi naturescoopand thanks for the reply.

    I'm sorry for any confusion on my part.  I would recommend following the steps described in this document on Print Photos stored on your computer.

    I would also recommend using the steps described in this document to print a photo, in addition to this document on printing with Windows 7

    Please let me know how it goes!

  • How to upload photos to the Gallery of photos on a usb key

    How to upload photos to the Gallery of photos on a usb key?

    How to upload photos to the Gallery of photos on a usb key?

    In Windows Live Photo Gallery... right click a thumbnail
    or a selected group of thumbnails or even a folder and
    in the menu... Choose... "Copy".

    The flash player must be recognized at... Start / computer /.
    Devices with removable storage... with a drive letter.

    Right-click on the drive letter that represents your flash card
    and in the menu... Choose... 'Stick '.

    If you go directly to your folder of images to transfer the
    files... When you right-click the selected (highlighted)
    inches or a complete... the menu will have a
    option "send to" and you can choose the drive letter
    the flash player.

  • How will I know when the synchronization is complete?

    Is someone can you please tell me how do I know when the synchronization is complete?

    I paired a device (smart phone Samsung) - it worked good 10 minutes, yet on my phone says sync is complete, but any of the bookmarks do not appear on my computer 'main '.


    It is possible to "Synchronize now" in the version of office when you go to tools > synchronize now
    You can check the timestamp of the last synchronization status in the topic: config page one and find the last sync, and there will be a timestamp it. Firefox Sync troubleshooting and tips for more information.

  • Stolen phone. How can I check when the last time saved my phone to my laptop (without my iphone of course)?

    My iPhone was stolen. How can I check when the last time that I backed up my phone to my laptop without my iPhone?

    Click here and either use iTunes to check or browse to the path of the backup manually.


  • How/where can I find the image masters of my photos in the PHOTOS app?

    How/where can I find the image masters of my photos in the PHOTOS app?

    Pictures of launch and watch them. If you want to use the somewhere with other software, select them and export the original unmodified in a folder on the desktop and use there


  • How to 'move' photos of the film to another album

    How to 'move' photos of the film to another album,

    IPhone s plus 6

    IOS 9.2.1

    I'm trying to find the solution but did ' t found, why only small option is not available?

    It looks like your strength to move about jailbreak by small options that you lack.

    I'm not sure what you want to achieve? Please explain more.

    Albums do not store photos. They use and referencing the photos that are in your library. You can add a photo of your camera albums as much as you like, but the photo should stay in the camera or the album can not use it.

  • How will I know when the capsules are on?

    Original title: caps Inspiron 1545?

    How will I know when the capsules are on?

    Hey, Vince,.

    Caps lock key are you referring?

    If you look above the keyboard on the right, you will see two fires instead of one.

    In addition, you will type in uppercase when the key is turned on

Maybe you are looking for