How to program hotmail because outlook express 6?

Im trying to do a newsletter for a waterproofing company and I want to do it on outlook because its where I fell more comfortable... someone help please thx

Outlook and Outlook Express are not the same thing.  Your topic says "Outlook Express", but your post says "Outlook."

Here's how to connect to Live using Outlook Express servers:

Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

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  • How to configure Hotmail in Outlook Express

    original title: Please, tell me!

    What record smtp and pop3 record and which ports I'll use in Outlook Express 6 to send and get the match Win Live Hotmail?

    POP (incoming) server:
    POP port: 995
    POP SSL required: Yes
    POP username: your Windows Live Hotmail full address (including the "", "", etc.).
    POP password: your Windows Live Hotmail password
    SMTP (outgoing) server:
    SMTP port: 25 if you are experiencing problems sending mail, try "587" to the SMTP port instead.
    SMTP SSL required: Yes
    SMTP authentication: Yes
    SMTP Username: your full e-mail address Windows Live Hotmail
    SMTP password: your Windows Live Hotmail password

    Checkbox "connect using password authentication (SPA) secure" in Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail should not be selected.

    Tom Ferguson

  • How to download and install outlook express for free

    How to download and install outlook express for free

    You do not have. OE has never been a stand-alone email client. You are asking this in a XP forum. You have XP? If you do, you have Outlook Express. If you are using XP, what is your problem with OE?

    If you do not OE, maybe this will help.

    Right click on the desktop | New | Shortcut. Go to the * c:\program files\outlook express\msimn.exe *. Click next | Click Finish.  It will be a new shortcut on the desktop.

  • How can I configure an outlook express email acct on Windows 8?

    Original title: How can I configure an outlook express e mail acct?

    I managed to configure my hotmail account, but can not set up my e mail ACCT outlook express. any suggestions? I'm having a lot of trouble with windows 8

    You might be out of luck if it is a POP3 account.  See if this link is useful to all:


  • How to: find a forgotten Outlook Express password

    Original title : Outlook Express Password

    How to find password of Outlook Express? I am experienced with REGEDIT if it's in the registry.

    It is not available in the registry. The opening of session OE UID and PW are the same as for SBC Global. If you need to change OE, you must first change it on the site of connection SBC Global. So, you did not forget it. What happens exactly? Help what it is here?
    Outlook Express keeps to request your password
    Save the password setting will no longer exist in Outlook or Outlook Express
    Save password check box is unavailable 
  • How can I back up Outlook express when I e-mail saved with attachments, under a number of folders in Outlook express?

    How can I back up Outlook express when I e-mail saved with attachments, under a number of folders in Outlook express? See you soon

    original title: backup Outlook express

    The registry editor
    Are you sure you want to add the information in C:\OEQB26DEC2011\AllIdentities.reg to the registry?
    Yes No

    OEQB26DEC2011 is the name of the folder that OEQB saved on. Don't know what that means though?

    Everything gets backed up with OEQB including your address book.
    When you configure OEQB, you created the folder where the backup will be sent to? It seems that everything is OK. Here's some reading for you if it helps.
  • How can I move the outlook express emails from an XP PC to an another XP PC that has the same e-mail address without overwriting existing messages on this second PC?

    How can I move the outlook express emails from an XP PC to an another XP PC that has the same e-mail address without overwriting existing messages on this second PC?

    I need to group together all messages from e-mail in a PC and to retire the first PC.

    This could be problematic. I guess or OE is over? This would make it easy.
    One thing you could do requires some manual work, but much less removal of dupes. For example, the Inbox. In the machine, you are going to scrap, create a new folder and move all messages in your Inbox to it. After you import on the other machine, you can drag the messages you need this folder in the Inbox, and then remove the user created the folder.
    And then there are tools to remove the dupes. This one for example.

  • I use hotmail. but a lot of bussiness does not accept the mails from hotmail can I use hotmail and outlook express

    I use hotmail.messanger but many usual bussiness accept emails from hotmail.  I tried to set up an account in outlook express but don't understand this that pop and imap and smtp mean someone can help me please

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    I appreciate that you try to configure the hotmail account in Outlook Express.

    Please follow the methods.

    (a) open your Outlook Express e-mail program.

    (b) select the option 'Tools' in the Outlook menu bar. Click on 'accounts '.

    (c) choose the option "add a new email account."

    (d) market through the Outlook Express e-mail Setup Wizard. During the configuration of the e-mail, you will be asked to enter your e-mail for Hotmail, the password and the Hotmail server settings. To the incoming mail server, enter Enter the mail server setting outgoing When you are prompted for the "account name", just enter your Hotmail email address.

    (e) test your Hotmail account in Outlook Express by sending a test message. This is done by clicking on "New message" and send a message on your behalf to your Hotmail address. Once the message arrives in your Inbox, you will know that your Hotmail account is not working properly

    Reference links:

  • Unable to configure hotmail in outlook express. I get an error that outlook cannot find the server. Any suggestions?

    I use windows XP

    How to add your Hotmail e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook Express

  • How can I save my Outlook Express emails and save a DVD?

    Dear Madame LA OR GENTLEMAN,

    Please BE SO KIND AND LET ME KNOW how to save my In/Out e-mails on a DVD (having Wndows XP - Outlook Express)?

    Thank you


    original title: mailbox

    Create a Windows folder on your desktop or elsewhere, then in Outlook Express open the folder with the messages you want to save. Highlight a message, and then Ctrl + A will highlight all (or Ctrl-button down while you select only messages you want), now, drag and drop them into the folder on your desktop.
    Now you can copy this folder on the disc and you'll be able to read the messages on the DVD by double-clicking them.
    You can see the messages with the same subject get attached, probably with (1), (2), etc. One of these programs may be useful for you if it's a problem. Take a look and decide.
  • Impossible to send e-mails through Hotmail to Outlook Express

    Original title: "Email from outlook Express 6, do not know how?

    I have an outlook Express 6 to send emails from, but don't understand how to use the thing. And used my email via hotmail, until last night when I finally got a call saying that Hotmail was not sending my emails at all! I was so frustrated to learn this and as you can imagine, angry with all the work that went into it. Now, everything is all wrong for me once again, I might as well the text the person I'm trying to achieve, and then I know that my email goes out!

    I have a missing child, and I need to know how to do this as quickly as possible! Now, I have an additional problem, I am very sick and need surjury after 6 October this month following an entry. And I'm already very worried about things. Please, y at - it someone who may eventually walk me through the steps of obtaining my express working properly? Also the charterer that I try their best to help me by saying that I am a * address email is removed from the privacy * and a * address email is removed from the privacy *, does that mean? >


    • Try Outlook express installation using the hotmail account?

    See the articles below and check if it helps.

    How to set up Outlook Express

    Importing items into Outlook Express

    Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and Outlook Express

  • Use Hotmail in outlook express - error cannot get on server

    Does not reach the server, did could not ours and lock on the pop up, how it works?

    Hi Kim Aul,.

    1. you remember to make changes to the computer, after which the issue started?

    2. What is the full and exact error message?

    I suggest you try the steps from the following links in the article and see if it helps:

    OLEXP: Outlook Express cannot connect to Hotmail through Proxy Server

    Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and Outlook Express

    How to configure Outlook Express to use a Hotmail account

    I hope this helps.

  • Issue of hotmail via Outlook Express

    Until recently, I have read Hotmail messages in Outlook Express. Now the Hotmail message the original message as an HTML attachment. It only allows me to read the message in Internet Explorer.

    How can I fix this problem to be able to read the message in Outlook Express?

    Open Outlook Express, click on Tools in the menu, then select Options. Click the playback tab and uncheck "read all messages in plain text.

  • How to open emails from Outlook Express on Windows 7?

    Burning of emails on CD using my old Windows XP computer. Outlook Express. These had. EML file extension. Now using "Windows Live mail" for email. I can open any email received with. EML extension, but can't open the emails on the disk. EML extension.

    Completely stumped!

    Hi Ron Palmer,

    First I have to say that this has nothing to do with Toshiba, it s related to Microsoft. In addition, I recommend an IMAP e-mail account, where e-mails will be stored on the server too.

    In any case, a friend of me has had the same problem and it could solve it:

    1. go to my computer > click on the C: drive > programs x 86 > Windows live > Mail
    In this folder, open wlmail.exe.
    After this move should open your emails with the .eml attachment.

    Good luck!

  • How can I get my outlook express to receive messages

    Have just set Outlook Express on my new laptop computer, I get the error code (0x800408FC) for incoming emails. Outgoing settings are ok, even if I use the same server. How can I fix this?

    • It is a 'new' XP Machine?
    • Please post any error message in its entirety. You can left click on it to highlight then right click to copy and then paste in this thread. Just the number of code alone is not enough.

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