How to recover junk e-mail on Outlook Express 6

I don't get emails sent to a group address list but I got emails individually sent to my address (same as the group list). It has been suggested that emails may go in the 'Junk e-mail' folder but my OE 6 program doesn't have a junk folder. I don't remember inadvertently remove the folder. Can you tell me if Outlook Express 6 must have a folder junk e-mail and, if so, how to recover?

Outlook Express is not a junk e-mail filter

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    How can I find my express for outlook junk folder? In my view, there is mail in there, I need?

    How can I find my express for outlook junk folder? In my view, there is mail in there, I need?

    Outlook Express has never had a junk folder. Perhaps you have a spam program that provided your ISP? There may be a folder of junk mail on your ISP's Webmail site.

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    I seem to have lost all my info that was stored in outlook express.

    The address book is a wab file, then look for the *.wab and see if find you it.  There is also a backup.  For backup research ~ * ~ and see if you find no results.  If you do, then rename the file to give a wab file extension and then click on it and see if it opens.  See also


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    Drag it in the junk mail folder in the Inbox of any email program that you use.

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    There is a file Quatotion in OE6, however he suddenly missed.

    How can I find it?

    I found that there is a Quatotin file in the trash with .bak extension backup a week there is the exercise of OE6 compression of last week.  How get the .bak folder useful?

    Thank you

    You must close OE and then delete the oldquotation.dbx file.  Change the name again.  Create a folder called Q1.  Then open it once.  Then close OE.  Then, delete the file Q1.dbx.  Then with OE still closed, rename the file bak to Q1.dbx.  Then open OE.


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    I followed all the steps to restore or replace a .dbx file in OE.  However, I now get the following error message when OE starts receiving messages: "an unknown error has occurred. "Account: '', server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, secure (SSL): no, error number: 0x800C0133. Is it because of the number of messages (24 414), he's trying to receive? Is there a solution?

    Did you move messages from your Inbox, and then create a new Inbox? If this is not the case, after return.

    Even if you did, the new Inbox probably will deal with many messages.

    Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced - uncheck: leave a copy of messages on the server. Now connect to your Comcast Webmail site and remove about 23 000 messages so that they do not download.

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    FYI: OE last used in XP. Vista is the only OS to use Windows Mail. OE and WinMail have been abandoned in June 2006.

    Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express

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    My junk e-mail in outlook folder is always empty in windows 8.  When I go to Explorer and connect to Hotmail my junk e-mail folder shows all the email sent to me. I can't understand how to have the junk mail to display in windows 8 Startscreen.

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are unable to receive unwanted emails on your Windows 8 e-mail application.

    It is possible that the mail application has corrupted. I suggest you try to reinstall the mail application using the article below and check if it helps.

    Solve problems with a soft

    Hope this information is useful. Just reply with the results and if you need help or have any other questions about Windows, we're here to help.

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    How can I display the Inbox of my yahoo email a/c and a/c of Hotmail e-mail in Outlook Express? I don't know the names of the incoming/outgoing servers of both suppliers. In Outlook Express, I can view a mail even when I'm offline.

    You would need to have POP3 (or IMAP) accounts with each, and you can check with their Web sites for the appropriate e-mail client settings and server names and ports.  It may be according to the type of e-mail account you have.  In OE, then you can go to tools | Accounts | Add | Mail and fill in the information, but that will depend on the account.


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    How can I transfer content XP MS Outlook Express address book (or program) to Windows 7 MS Outlook for e-mail?  (User of the computer database level).  Thanks for the help.  DAM OF

    (I did 'Transfer WIndows files' and not 'feel'...)

    Take a look at this Microsoft article: How to import addresses from Outlook Express to Outlook

  • How can I obtain/use e-mail? Outlook express is enabled in options/Apps, but I don't see an icon of Mr. f to allow me to use it.

    In Firefox, I see no e-mail icon that would allow me to download and send e-mail messages. Followed the instructions of selection of an e-mail client (Outlook Express was already selected by default, and that's what I want), but in the form of Firefox, I see no mail icon that would allow me to select the mail to use it.
    Thanks Dave

    Outlook Express is a separate program, run it from the start menu, do not load IE.

  • How to cancel a surreptitious transition from Outlook Express to Windows Live.

    Hello people.

    Can someone help me change my Win xp H.E.  default for mail to Outlook Express?

    He has been 'hijacked' when I installed the webcam Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000, which has installed a load of bumf Microsoft and now when I try to 'Save to disk' of my Web-based e-mail account, Outlook Express has been usurped to Windows Live Mail... and I can't put 'Open with' Outlook Express even if I search in 'program files '.

    See if one of these ideas to help you. How you saved as eml files should be good, that's how to open them now.

    1: open OE and slide a .eml recorded you message an OE folder. (Maybe create a new folder in OE to avoid confusion). This message is now open in OE?
    2: create a file association.
    1. you saved eml files.
    2. right click on a saved file.
    3. Select: Open with on the shortcut menu.
    4. click on: choose [default] program.
    5 select: Outlook Express
    6. check: always use the selected program to open this type of file.
    7. click on OK.
    3: Remove Windows Live Mail, as appropriate.
    4: Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 may be the culprit. What you can do to make the rule in or out? I'm not experienced with this program.
  • I can't send or receive e-mails via Outlook Express. I can access through my ISP webmail.

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    I can't send or receive e-mails via Outlook Express.

    I can access through my ISP webmail.

    In short and in laymans terms (I'm not a tech wiz) the automatic link between my ISP and Outlook Express does not work.

    I also lost all my emails in the Inbox.

    I run a Windows XP Home Edition.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Search for interference antivirus (see  Then go to file | Identities and establish a new identity.  Add your email account and see if it works very well.  If so, you can go to file | Import | Messages to bring them from the old identity.

    Then, if you lost messages, check the trash and the message of the old identity store bak files that are backups of dbx files that you can retrieve (see point 2 on the page above).  If there is no bak file, then my DBXpress program ( has an excerpt from disc feature that will analyze the entire hard drive for messages and if they are still there, it will recover them.


  • How can I get my emails in Outlook Express on my Windows 7 PC?

    Outlook Express email

    I recently changed computers because my old hard drive crashed.  Now I have Windows 7 and cannot access my emails that were in Outlook Express, because it is no longer available.  How can I get my emails in Outlook Express?  They are important!

    You can get details on the import process in the Windows Live Mail here forum: , but you need to find and save the old disk dbx files.  You can get an envelope to connect the drive to the new PC and copy the old dbx files, or you can have a tech company such as Best Buy do it for you.  They will be hidden so you must enable the display of hidden files and folders under control panel | Folder options | View and also uncheck the option there to hide the extensions of the types of known files so you can better distinguish the files.  Once you find them, copy them to a subdirectory of the Office of the Win7 machine and then check the properties of the files to ensure that they are not read-only.  Then you can import them into WLM, I hope, and if not, you can get a program to extract messages and then drag them into the folders of WLM.


  • Deletion of e-mail in Outlook Express for Web server

    I have Outlook Express 6 and AT & T/Yahoo email on the web.  I love the speed of using Outlook Express 6 to delete the mails in the Inbox (the capability of listening more double glazing of emails).  How can I delete the emails in Outlook Express to synchronize the deletion of the email in my Yahoo mail server?  AT & T/Yahoo is my default e-mail account.  Outlook Express should be the default e-mail program to use this function?  Removal of e-mails in Outlook Express removes not email from Yahoo, even if Outlook Express is set to 'Empty messages from the folder items deleted leaving' and the delivery has been set to "remove the server after deleting in deleted items.  Would appreciate any help.

    I believe that OE should be set as default to make this work. Try just to test it.

    Control Panel | Add/Remove programs. Set Program Access and Defaults. Custom + down arrow | Select the option for Outlook Express.

    Making OE the default e-mail client:

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