How to recover my files from my Mac Pro stored in iCloud with my iPhone 6 s?

How to recover my files from my Mac Pro iCloud with my iPhone more than 6 s

iCloud Drive is shared between your devices as long as you are connected to the same Apple ID

Log on to the same Apple ID and make sure that your iCloud drive is enabled in the settings > iCloud. You can also activate the show on desktop configuration.

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  • Satellite U - How to recover deleted files from mysafe?


    Does anyone know how to recover deleted files from mysafe?

    I'm not 100% sure but I think that the data in this folder will not be deleted to bin recycled initially, but they will be removed immediately.
    How recovery them? Good question?

    Try to find some third party applications that can scan the HARD disk for deleted files. The point is that it will work if the FAT (File allocation table) is deleted only. This means that the file is on the HARD disk, but the disk HARD doesn t know where exactly.
    Hmmm... It is not so easy.

  • How to recover deleted files from iCloud drive?

    Wouldn't see any forum posts on this topic in a year or two, so thought I would ask once again: if I delete a file of numbers or Pages stored in iCloud drive, is it possible to recover icloud drive at a later date?

    In the Apple support document below.

    If you need to access a file that you deleted in the last 30 days, you can recover it from

    1. Connect to
    2. Click settings.
    3. Under Advanced Options, click on restore files.
    4. Browse the list of files in the window restore files.

    Files will be deleted to restore the files within 30 days.

    iCloud Drive FAQ

  • How to recover deleted files from registry?


    I have a problem. When trying to delete some files corrupted after the scan, I accidentally deleted the registry files. Is there a way to recover my files from registry?

    I have Vista OS. And my system is in normal mode. If I reboot the system, then definitely it would be in any safe.

    Tried with the system restore. Point only restore is available and it is not a useful: ( )


    What registry entry you deleted?

    Unless you have backed up the registry, it is not possible to restore the registry. If you have removed the registry entry for any program or software then it will affect this software not the entire operating system. Before you reboot, create a restore point and then run the SFC scan and check if system files are intact:

  • How can I transfer a video file from my Mac Pro to 10 Windows my wife?

    I am trying to send a video of my dog to the Park from my Mac Pro to 10 Windows my wife? I tried to use the apps, but in vain. Help, please!

    What have you tried?

    What happens when you try?

    What is the format of the video?

  • How to recover lost files from external drive

    We erased all the content on a backup external seagate more desktop drive because we BONE-headedly failed eject the drive, that doesn't not want to clear beforehand.

    What is the best way to recover these files, if there is one. Oh!

    No if you have reused the player and "crushed" of your files. Otherwise, see below:

    General file recovery

    If you stop using the drive it is possible to recover files that have not been overwritten by using the recovery software such as MAC Data Recovery, Data Rescue II, recovering files or TechTool Prodeleted.  Each of the previous ones come on a bootable CD for use without risk to write more data to the disc.  Two free alternatives are disk drill and Cisdem DataRecovery. Recovery software generally provides trial versions which allows you to determine if the software would help before actually paying for it. Beyond that, or if the drive has completely failed, you must send the drive to a recovery service which is very expensive.

    The hard drive remains the most widely used and the data are recorded, the greater the chance that your deleted files will be overwritten.

    Also, visit The FAQ XLab and read the FAQ on data recovery.

  • How to remove unnecessary files from my mac computer?

    HW to remove unnecessary files from my computer without following these instructions


    Human inside

    Results of the analysis of your Mac arrived.

    The State of your system is:


    MacKeeper found in:

    327 items

    The amount of junk mail on your Mac is:

    507 bytes

    5 cleaning

    1 security

    Optimization 0

    Activate MacKeeper

    We strongly recommend that set you all the found items. Otherwise, you may experience:

    5 cleaning items

    1 security features

    Low because of unnecessary files disk space

    Theft of personal data:
    user names, passwords.
    credit card

    Already set free: 321 items.

    Activate MacKeeper
    Best regards
    Your Apple certified
    Technical support engineer
    1 (888) 572-5876 1 (800) 462-715 0 (808) 189-1280
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    If you prefer not receiving news from us, here is the link to unsubscribe.
    To change your communication preferences, use this link. Kromtech Alliance Corp., Richmodstrasse 6, 50667 Cologne, Germany Privacy policy

    Remove MacKeeper rather - we know junkware that will try to entice you to pay money, the company has had several lawsuits against it for their business practices. ass-action-regulation

    Ignore it and delete the app. Where you get/download MacKeeper?

  • How can I restore signal from my Mac Pro to my Viewsonic monitor, connected by VGA?

    I have a Pro Mac OSX version 10.7.5 running. Trendy top is a monitor 24 inch Viewsonic, the only monitor connected. Last week, everything was fine. I stopped him all night and the next morning, when I tried to start, there was no signal from the Mac to the screen.

    The screen displays a 'No Signal' message.

    I checked the entry on the monitor, and it is correctly set to PC.

    The computer starts normally. I can hear him do his thing.

    The monitor starts up normally. No flashing or spots.

    I tried restart, disconnect the monitor from the computer, just stop and unplug it, then reconnected. I tried to plug the old monitor (using VGA connection) and start again, with the same result.

    I tried to recall the NVRAM (found the instructions on this site) and it made no difference.

    It would be appropriate to get a HDMI cable to connect the?

    It seems to me that if the computer does not recognize the monitor, try another cable wouldn't make any difference, but I'm really an 'end user' at this stage and would appreciate any advice.

    Thank you!

    Try resetting the SMC

    Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    The VGA input and cable works with another computer/device?

    The port of exit on the Mac works with another monitor?

    What model Mac pro?

    What video card is installed in the Mac?

    What output port are you helping?

    Maybe the video card has failed. If yo have an old Mac Pro with an original which is likely to card

  • How to recover deleted files from Windows fax?

    I accidentally deleted a fax too soon and I was wondering how I could get it back.

    There is no "deleted items" or the Recycle Bin in Windows fax and scan, so unless you have a backup system, I think you're out of luck.

    I invite you to purchase an external hard drive and a good 3rd party backup program. You can configure it to automatically do everything in time and frequency of your choice. 1.5 TB external hard drives is approximately $90 these days and a very good FREE backup program corresponds to the Easeus todo backup free of charge that you can download from . Who can make you save a lot of time and frustration, the next time something like this happens. Sooner or later, it happens to all computers for one reason or another.

    Good luck.

  • How to recover the file from local file, that has been accidentally deleted

    I accidentally deleted a local folder in an e-mail message, how can I get it... If it is possible?


    Which email client you have installed?

    If you use Windows Live Mail, I recommend you to ask your question to the Windows Live Mail support for assistance.

    If you use Hotmail, I recommend you to ask your question in the support forum for Windows Live Hotmail for assistance.

    Reference: Windows Live Hotmail Top issues and Support information

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • How to find a specific voice memo file in the backup from my iPhone to my Mac? I know where to find the backup, but not how to recover specific files. Thank you.

    How to find a specific voice memo file in the backup from my iPhone to my Mac? I know where to find the backup, but not how to recover specific files. Thank you.

    You can't look "inside" a backup. Just use iTunes to sync with your iPhone, then you'll see a separate category for voice memos in the sidebar.

  • How can I transfer files of e-mail from my mac pro to my mac air

    Hi all someone can help me ive been trying to transfer files from my Macbook Pro to my Macbook Air e-mail, I have tried dragging to usb sticks, nothing seems to work any help would be appreciated cheers

    Hi Dizzycrow,

    I understand that you want to move some folders of email to your MacBook Pro to your MacBook Air. I know it's important to have control over your data, so I'm happy to provide assistance with this.

    The best way to transfer multiple files between devices is often through the Migration Wizard. That being said, this feature can roll over more files that you want to. You can read more here:

    Move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support

    For transfer only your email address, it may be better to export your mailboxes from your MacBook Pro, so that you can import to your MacBook Air. You can see how to do this here:

    Address postal (El Capitan): import or export the mailboxes

    Thank you for using communities of Apple support and have a great rest of your day. See you soon!

  • How to share a music file from my mac to a long-distance iphone

    How to share a music file from my mac to a long-distance iphone

    Send it, although you will not be able to save in the music app.

  • I deleted the file from my desktop using Shift + Delete how to recover this file?

    Earlier I deleted my desktop using 'Shift + delete' important file how to recover this file?

    Please see the thread of the following responses:

    How can I recover the files deleted (with shift-delete)

    This solution provided by 101 pretty much says it all.

  • How to recover a file photo after emptying the trash

    How to recover a file photo after emptying the trash on my Mac book pro?

    Thanks for your response

    Restore your time machine backup file.

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