How to regulate the movement of the if linked object with another object?


the man is moving and it has a bug on him. I used the motion tracker to capture the movement of the body, and then I applied the motion to the bug. Now, it stays on the body, BUT I need the bug moves on the body of many. So I need to adjust the position of the keyframes. I can not simply adjust all keyframes, and then track losing its sense of movement... Can you please guide me, how would you do? I thank.



Add a null value. Apply followed by the null value. Do the children of the null value bug, and animate the position of the bug.

Tags: After Effects

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    Simply type the e-mail address in the hyperlink control in the Control Strip.

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    After I put a condition similar to when xxx > 0 then
    It will complete a request indicates 'Complete' 'warning '.

    My environment is: oracle 11.5.9 and operating system is Linux Redhat 4.0




    Note: 866194.1 - is there a method to return a 'Warning' to host Language simultaneous program status?

    The Oracle Applications Developer's Guide


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    This is because this same image, same time date and time of the device, is already in the catalog using a different file name.

    Conversely having not happening again is to STOP Renaming files on import or manually in the file manager or with another image, software.

    Each camera has a system that can be customized if necessary if you have 2 cameras of the same brand and model of separate file naming. And even then, they are separated by the serial number of each camera.

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    greeting of the developing countries


    Open windows power management and settings for the management of the power supply you use. You will find the advanced power option. Open it and you will find Toshiba power saver options.

    Open all the available option and check the settings of the cooling method. Set to optimized battery option.
    This should reduce the speed of the cooling fan.

    Please test and validate the results.

  • How to set the & quot; setContentPath & quot; with a URL parameter

    I have a video player (video_player.swf) with the component playback flv in it. I was wondering how to use the URL to set the parameter "setContentPath". While I didn't have to make a separate video player for ever flv on the site. I didn't know if I could add a listener to the URL or something so that I could put it like /player/video_player.swf?video_id=1

    Thank you very much people P.S. I need that's before the end of the month.

    OK, here's the html part of the process:

    Here is the flash part:
    vid.contentPath =;

    vid is the name of the instance of the FLVPlaybackComponent
    _level0. Movie is a variable passed in the url string - it would look like:
    See how after the html page you ger the? film - which is the variable passed in flash. Be sure to use the HTML code on the top of the sample page in order to pass the variable into the SWF.

  • How to remove the Web bar installed with update of Firefox?

    When I updated Firefox with 38.0.1, he installed a HUGE Web Bar at the top of the page with the arrows that take me to odd pages, home takes me to what is called Trovi a huge search the web bar, a drop-down arrow with all installed browsers, an icon for facebook, a sign icon music and the arrow that takes me on You Tube. It is above the original web bar with file, editing, display, history, bookmarks, tools and help on this. How can I remove this? When I right click on it says Web Bar and when I click on everything he says Bar Media Web, Version 2.0 Build 5435.23818 (18/11/2014) and when I click the end user contract, I get a warning from McAfee as a dangerous site! What is going on?

    A recent series of infections also falsified the Firefox program folder, if the above does not help, please try:

    Clean reinstall it

    We use this name, but it is not about the deletion of your settings, it comes to ensure that program files are-own and contain no alien code files. As described below, this process does not disrupt your existing settings. Don't uninstall NOT Firefox, that does not need.

    (1) download a fresh Installer for Firefox 38.0.1 of in an ideal location. (Scroll down your preferred language).

    (2) close Firefox (if applicable).

    (3) to rename the program folder

    (Windows 64-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files (x86)\OldFirefox

    (Windows 32-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files\OldFirefox

    (4) run the installer you downloaded in the #1. It should automatically connect to your existing settings.

    Any improvement?

    Note: Some plugins can only exist in this OldFirefox file. If it is missing something essential, present in these files:

    • \OldFirefox\Plugins
    • \OldFirefox\browser\plugins

    You can also check if Firefox has a no standard layout configuration. You can do so here:

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > advanced > tab mini network > button "settings".

    The default "use system proxy" should piggyback on your Windows/IE 'LAN' settings. But you can try 'No proxy' to see if that makes a difference.

  • How to send the picture of u with labview


    How to send table unsigned 32-bit via UDP.

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    Sorry in advance if this is not the most appropriate forum.  I'm not entirely sure if it's a more general problem of 'software' or the MyRIO-specific.  I have searched the forums and found a few related topics but could find no one who help me in this context.

    I'm trying to measure the width of a sensor pulse ultrasonic ping.  It emits a signal conditioning - the time that it is high directly corelates how far is the object.  Being new to LabVIEW I am confused as to how do I calculate the time it remains high.

    I read that LabVIEW should not need to 'variables' as in python or C, for what is the best way to measure time, the signal is high?  Normally, I'd go (new_time - old_time), but obviously I can't store an old time in LabVIEW as I would in python or C.

    Other notes:

    I have the sensor correctly ping echoing and I can see the blips on a chart and see a perfectly square wave valid.

    To answer your question on how you would in LabVIEW...

    While LabVIEW has not stated/named variables that you have in a language based on text, the data is stored on the wires. You can use the nodes as node registers or shift of feedback to store values between iterations of a loop:

    (this will keep subtracting y (starting with 0) and store the result for the next time it runs)

    LabVIEW also has functions in the range of mathematics/signal processing to make the detection of pulse on a waveform.

  • How to use the shutdown command to stop another computer?

    I just saw the setting-m to the shutdown command and decided to give it a whirl. However, when I pointed out the computer in question, I received a message that "a required privilege is not owned by the customer.

    What should I do to be able to use my laptop to turn off my old desktop computer? Both are running XP Professional SP3.
    Sometimes, I like reading or watching streaming video on Hulu on the laptop while lying in bed, and sometimes I play music if do the first, which is stored in the form of MP3 files on the desktop (which I access via a share). Be able to turn the office without getting up would be nice, but you do not get this option with Remote Desktop.

    Here is the result, the office is "slickswintel" (he's old, and since when I went first from Mac to Windows 98SE, although it is now a double XP/98) and the laptop is "slickslaptop".
    Both machines have unprivileged called 'Slick' on them local accounts that are my accounts on the day the main day. I have a different admin account, but I only use it as needed and use runas as often I log in fact.

    What should I do to get the following to work? In spite of the passing the MCSA Exam, I never learned about this feature, so I'm not sure what I should do to make it work? It'll work on a workgroup or is it only for domains? While I could set up a domain with the copy of the server I got from Dreamspark, I really didn't need one.

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    Copyright (C) 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    D:\Documents and Settings\Slick > shutdown /?
    Usage: shutdown [-I |-l | s | r-|-a] [-f] [m \\computername] [t xx] [-c 'c
    COMMENT'] [d up: XX: YY]

    No args display this message (same as to-?)
    -i Display GUI interface, must be the first option
    l log off (cannot be used with the - m option)
    s shut down the computer
    r Shutdown and restart the computer
    -an abandonment, a system shutdown
    -m \\computername Remote to cancel the shutdown/restart computer /.
    t xx Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds
    -c 'comment' comment (maximum of 127 characters) stop
    Forces f - running applications to close without war
    d [u] [p]: xx:yy reason for closing code
    u is the user code
    p is a planned shutdown code
    XX is the main reason (the positive integer code
    SS to 256)
    YY is the minor reason (the positive integer code
    SS to 65536)

    D:\Documents and Settings\Slick > stop s m \\slickswintel
    The operation completed successfully.
    A required privilege is not held by the client.

    D:\Documents and Settings\Slick >

    As a general rule, you must have administrative privileges on the remote computer to shut down this computer.  Given that both computers have XP Pro, you are halfway there (remote users always authenticate as 'Guest' on XP Home).  The computer that you are trying to close must have "Simple file sharing" disabled because otherwise you can not authenticate to this computer as anything except the user "guest".  So try to disable Simple file sharing, make sure that your user name and password are the same on both computers and make sure you have administrative privileges on the remote computer, and then you can stop the machine with the command "shutdown".

    "How to disable the file sharing simple and how to set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP"
      <> >

    In fact, it's easier to use the remote desktop.  Even if you do not have a "Shutdown" option in the start menu, you can always open a command prompt window (start-> Run-> "cmd") and enter the command:
    stop s f t 35
    This will give you 35 seconds to logoff this computer before its judgment (assuming that you have administrator privileges).

    You can also look in the command "psshutdown' of the PSTools Suite
    PSTools: <> >


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