How to remove a corrupted project?

I'm using Contribute CS 3 on OS 10.5

I have a project page that contains corurpt code which requires to take an eternity to open (if any).
Corruption has to do with accented characters (which got fixed by my site administrator) and a new version of the page is now on my web site.
However, Contribute still thinks this is an active project.

Is it possible to delete this project corrupted my project console without having to open the page?

Thank you


You can find the local folder under the name of user/library/Application Support / Adobe / Contribute CS3 / Sites /.
Cease to contribute. Then
Please find the folder (named as Site1, Site2 etc.) that corresponds to your Web site and delete the folder. Try to connect again in the same place. It should work.

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    The question you have posted is related to Windows Live Movie Maker and would be better suited in the Windows Live Solution Center. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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    Use somehaw




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    It will remove the object model

    But how the remove project (newly created element Null in folder "Solids")

    I want to keep the structure of the project the same as before the execution of the script.

    var comp = app.project.activeItem;
    var par = comp.pixelAspect;
    var layer = comp.selectedLayers[0];
    var rect = layer.sourceRectAtTime(0,false);
    var lpos = layer.position.value;
    var x = rect.left + rect.width/2+lpos[0];
    var y = + rect.height/2+lpos[1];
    center = comp.layers.addNull(); = "CENTROID";
    center.position.setValue([x, y]);
    var SceneScaleNull = comp.layers.addNull();
    var SceneScaleNullSource = SceneScaleNull.source; // grab null's source = "fixPAR";
    center.parent = SceneScaleNull;"Scale").setValue([100/par,100]);
    SceneScaleNullSource.remove(); // and remove it
  • How to remove the previous package in new project


    I created projected Hello which live package was oracle.apps.ak.per.hello.server.

    Now, I created another project like EMPCARDREQEST but especially package showing in this project, could you pls advice how to remove this "oracle.apps.ak.per.hello.server." in my new project.

    Alos want to learn oaf, pls share by email who will conduct the training OPS to contact you.

    Thank you.


    Right-click on the EMPCARDREQEST project in jdeveloper.

    Select project--> project content properties and remove "oracle.apps.ak.per.hello.server" from there.

    then choose the package appropriate to the content project. (for ex: *)



  • How can I remove second merged project RH8 Content/Index/Search pane?


    I'm not sure why I have two research streams in my merged RH8 WebHelp generated project.  Can someone tell me how to remove a?

    Thank you.


    You have linked to the start instead of the default topic page.

    See for creating tips and RoboHelp


  • 526 KB for the DVD-ROM contents, but in the project is empty? How to remove

    Very strange.  My previous projects say under disc info that there is 526 KB for the DVD-Rom content.  I don't know how to remove it.  So I thought I would try the Adobe Dynamic Link into a new project.  I check the Build and there is 526 KB for the DVD-Rom content.  And I only made the video in yet, no menus!

    So I thought I would start a new project in Encore without ANYTHING imported.  And when I check, there is 526 KB for the DVD-Rom content!  But there is nothing there!  How can I remove the DVD-Rom content?

    You can not

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