How to remove hyperlinks from copied text without deleting the text in the pages 08

How to remove hyperlinks out of copied text without deleting the text in the pages 08

One post is enough.

I do not have Pages ' 08, but in Pages ' 09, you select the text with the hyperlink, click the link Inspector, and deselect the option enable as a hyperlink check box.

Otherwise, rely on the search tool in your Pages ' 08 Help menu. Search for "remove link" without quotes.

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  • How to remove photos from my iPhone without deleting icloud photo library?

    My iPhone is full and I wanted to remove some photo to release some spaceso I supported the up to iCloud and I started to remove photos. ***? They are endangered to iCloud! Now, they're just gone. It's crazy! Image capture you can import to everywhere, but the function "delete after importing" seems to have disappeared. I'm sure this question has been beat to death, but how you remove photos from their phone without removing them from their photo library iCloud?

    So frustrating.

    Does anyone know of a solution to this?

    iCloud is a synchronization system, not just external storage.  Once you turn on photo library all you do with a photo is on ALL of your devices (including remove them).  See the last section in this article on how to recover pictures that you inadvertently deleted:

    iCloud: use iCloud photo library on your iOS device

    It is also here:

    Get help with your photo library - Apple Support iCloud

    How to remove pictures and videos from a camera using iCloud photo library?

    If you want to delete the pictures and videos of all your iOS, Mac and iCloud.comdevices, you can delete them in the Photos app.

    When you delete a photo or video of your Photos app, also will not delete your photo library and iCloud iCloud storage. You can retrieve your photos and videos from the album recently deleted for 30 days.

  • How can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone

    Can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone?

    Can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone?

    Depends on how you put Photos in place, and where is that you remove them.

    You have iCloud as library lit? If you do, then the answer is no.

    If you do not have library on iCloud and if you try to delete your photo stream, then no..

    If you try to remove the film, then Yes, you can do it.

    See you soon,.


  • How to remove photos from a photo stream on the iPhone, but keep them on Mac?

    Hello world

    I tried to find the answer to my question in the FAQ, but so far I've failed. I'd be really grateful if someone could help me.

    I have an iPhone (5s) and a MacBook Air (13 inch, early 2015). I have not activated the iCloud photo library, but I use the photo gallery on both devices. Because I often take pictures with my phone, I'm running out of memory space on my phone.

    In regards to this and photo stream feature, I have several questions:

    1. If I want to make more room on my iPhone, I have to delete some pictures. Assuming that I do this, these pictures are deleted from my Mac after 30 days?

    2. How can I remove photos from my iPhone without deleting them from my Mac (because I turned on the feature of photo stream)?

    3. If I import the photos from my iPhone in the Photos App on my Mac (when it is connected to my Mac with a USB cable), they are 'safe '?

    I hope that my questions are understandable and I would appreciate all the help I can get.

    Thanks to all and best wishes,


    1. no - as long as you have allowed MyPhotoStream to import photos - if they have not been imported yet then they will be gone

    2. after importation of pictures you can delete them from the iPhone, and they will remain in Photos of the moments / pictures

    3 - Yes - but if you import several times, you will have duplicates - you should use USB or PHM import


  • How to install an AIR android app without deleting the data generated by the previous version

    I have an android application developed using adobe AIR SDK 16 and Flash CS6. Whenever I have publish/debug the application directly in the connected device. But whenever I publish the application data (images, text files) saved in the repository of application including the sqlite file are deleted. That's why I have to recreate all the data again to test. Is there a way to public/install an apk without losing the data created by the app installed? I tried with changing the version number. And I use the same certificate.

    Colin is correct. When you publish on an Android application directly on a Flash device, it removes the old version and then install a new. You can actually see this happen. If you have the app open with the screen on drawer and to publish the application from Flash, you will see the app disappear from your device and a few seconds later, another appears.

    Another way you could install the app, while keeping the data is just having Flash create the .apk file and install it manually on your device or use the method of Colin put as a beta/alpha on the game store. Be aware that if you are wanting to do your application paid for, you can first make free.

    A manual installation options include the apk of edition and then move to your device while it connected as USB device (Windows) or use the Android app (Mac) File Transfer and you need a file manager on the device application 'open' the app that will trigger the installation prompt.

    What I do, because my apps are for most of the code and are small size of file, use Dropbox. I have all my project files saved with Dropbox, so whenever I publish a new .apk file, I download the new file to my phone from Dropbox and install it from the downloads app and it prompts just update you currently installed.

    All manual installation options will be security-> Sources unknown option checked. I don't remember if it applies to the developer of the app, but apps beta/alpha on the need of a community Google Store + or Google Group created to test and anyone in the community or group can download and test the application. But of course, you can restrict the groups invite only.

  • How to recover files from a server without displaying the path of the user

    Hi all

    A business unit asked me if it is possible to use OBIEE as a distribution tool for one of their pdf monthly reports they generate for our company.

    There are about 500 reports per month and each report will be visible by the business as it relates to.

    Given, there is no real "bulk upload" solution for OBIEE (yet?), I thought that it would be possible to set up a batch to load the files on the server in a folder that is visible for weblogic.

    From there on, I created an analysis that generates dynamically a html link that uses the date value out of a prompt of date and the unit value of the user's session variables.

    Once they have clicked on the link, it opens their report date... HOWEVER, the information in the URL are very clear and for everything, even half of the tech users, a simple change of business unit in the URL, will provide another report (big no no).

    Any suggestions on this one?

    I am happy to re look at my entire solution, but I thought maybe an action link or GO the URL could be used?

    Thanks in advance,


    Last spring could do you something like...

    Instead of naming your files/folders as the business unit, could scramble the unit name or number based on some number of seeds or the formula? I assumed it would be easier if he were a unit number cases that has been used in the name of the file. If your batch file downloads and makes a formula on the unit number business to make the somewhat random file name.

    OBIEE then uses the same formula, when generating the link

    They will have to understand the formula to find code from another unit. Looks like that would be enough for what you're trying to reach.

  • How can I remove songs from playlist without deleting the library?

    I have the song in the playlist right click and you click on delete, then the song just completely deleted my iTunes library. But I want only to remove it from my reading list. How can I remove songs from playlist without deleting the library?

    Highlight the track, press the delete key. If it still removes the track completely from the library, then at some point in the past you must tell it to do things like that.   iTunes prefs > advanced > reset all warnings of the dialog box. -

  • How to remove photos from a mac that I get rid of without losing these photos on devices that I keep

    How to remove photos from a mac that I get rid of without losing these photos on devices that I keep

    Do not use iCLoud photo library - when you make any changes on any device are made on all devices


  • How to remove programs from the system tray without removing them from the startup?

    How to remove programs from the system tray without removing them from the startup on Windows XP folder?


    The first step is to identify the program that represents the icon and decide whether it should be in the system tray (most are not necessary). Hold the cursor of the mouse on the icon to see the name of the program that launches the icon.

    The best bet is to click the icon to see if this opens the box of the program options. If so, look for a selection similar to "remove from the system tray.

    Alternatively, you can hide the icons in the system tray.

    Here's how:

    1. right click on the taskbar and select "Properties".

    2. in the "Notification area" click "Hide inactive icons" if she already unchecked and then click on the button "Customize".

    3. click on the ' column next to each of your current behavior and choose one of the three behaviors for each program icon that appears in the system tray: "Hide when it is idle," "Always hide", or "always show".»

    If you hide an icon, but then see it again the next time that you log on to Windows, you may need to uninstall the program to permanently remove the icon. Uninstall the program permanently removes the program from your computer. For more information, see Uninstall or change a program.

  • How to remove virus from my computer in windows xp without using an anti-virus program? is this possible?

    Please tell if it is possible: D because I hate the stuff lol antivirus it slows down my computer please provide related info removal virus with output using an anti-virus and please suggest me some good anti-virus (avast bcz it does not support my system) with a download link

    Thanks in advance :)

    To get rid of the current problem you can restore your system to the State it was before the infection if you have made the system images.  Otherwise, see SpiritX advice in How to remove spyware from the computer

    You can use Microsoft Security Essentials in the future with an anti-spyware application [many are recommended in other threads].

  • How to remove music from the iPhone but not the iTunes library

    How do I remove songs from my phone, without remove them permanently from my iTunes library?

    Hello cruzansingerboi,

    If I understand correctly, you want to know how to remove songs from your iPhone 5 c without removing the tracks from your music library to iCloud. The article below provides a lot of information on the management of your music library to iCloud and it also describes the process to remove the pieces of your iOS devices.

    Delete songs and video clips from your music library - Apple Support iCloud

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    1. In the music application, find the name of the song, album, or playlist you want to delete and tap the Options icon more .
    2. Tap on delete download to remove the item for offline listening. The item will remain in your library on all your devices.
      Press on my music to remove to remove the item completely from your library on all your devices.

    So long.

  • How to remove spyware from my pc?

    How can I remove spyware from my pc without antivirus?

    Try the sequence of steps 1 and 2 in this virus/malware removal guide:
    It contains instructions which will remove the malware more. If you have any questions, just ask me. I hope this helps you.
  • How to remove photos from the desktop while maintaining in the Photoshop Elements Organizer?

    How to remove photos from the desktop while maintaining in the Photoshop Elements Organizer?  My office is now crowded with the photos that I can't recycle because they then 'not found."  The image, but not the data is always in the Organizer, but I imagine that it would disappear once I have stop and restart my laptop.  I want to clear my desktop, but keep the photos!

    annab72712181 wrote:

    OK, that's a lot of sense.  But I still don't know what I have to do them down the office without losing them.

    If you move from your Explorer or finder in a given folder, you will not lose them and they will disappear from your desktop.

    If you want to use the Organizer to keep track of your photos in the catalog, use the Organizer, not the Explorer / finder to move them to another folder on the desktop.

  • How to remove 3d from a photo to download?

    How to remove 3d from a photo to download?

    Just to add to xtcmax says, you can't... and you can (using channels).

    For example, switch to the Panel layers, by simply selecting the red channel gives us this:

    We can then take this same channel, copy it and paste it on a new layer in the layers panel. Obviously, since we have copied only the red channel, no other channel has been included as the blue/green channels that have been moved to the right to set up the stereoscopic 3D effect.

  • How to remove photos from my iphone6s after their importation?

    How to remove photos from my iphone6s after their importation?

    Hello KConstant,

    I understand that you're looking to remove photos from your iPhone, after you import the to your Mac. It depends largely on how the images are imported into your Mac.

    If you use iCloud photo library, remove photos from your iPhone, after they have synched to the Photos on your Mac afterwards would remove these photos on your Mac as well, like iCloud photo library is designed to synchronize your iPhone with iCloud and Mac.

    However, if you are importing photos via the USB port of the Photos app, you should be prompted to delete pictures from your device once the import is complete:

    Once the import is complete, a message asks if you want to delete or keep the photos on your device. Click on remove items to remove photos or click on keep items to keep them on the device.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    You can also (it not allowed you iCloud photo library on your iPhone), you can use the image capture on your Mac app to delete images from your iPhone. This can also be useful to remove the last images that have already been imported into the Photos on your Mac. Once you have selected the images you want in the Image Capture, you can click on the prohibitive red symbol () to delete the selected items.

    Image capture: transfer images and other elements of your device


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