How to remove images or themes from the list of display properties for selected wallpapers?

Well they are. When I go into the Control Panel, click or select the display icon, I come to the display properties.  Kind of dumb pictures obtained in the list of display properties.  I want to remove them from the list.  I n my ending is never trying to clean my computer, I want to delete these images and selected icons.  I really don't remember adding photos to the list of display properties for desktop. But they are there

You must move the image files where they are now (probably in my pictures). Windows XP retrieves files image from the following paths:


The files BMP, JPG, GIF, JPE, DIB, PNG, HTM from the following locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\photos \My Documents\My [& ALL THE sub FOLDERS]
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet explore
C:\Program Files\Plus! \Themes [* & ALL subfolders *]

So for example, if the 'silent pictures' are in your My Documents\My Pictures folder (or a folder in my pictures) and you want to keep them, just move them to the folder My Documents of parent instead. If you don't want to keep them, just delete the files.

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    Use Excel.

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    If it's a bookmark, then you need to reset the counter for this bookmark.
    You can make the column number of visible in the bookmarks (library) via the menu Manager ' views > columns.

    • "Most Visited" and "Recently set bookmark" and "Recent Tags" are examples of what is called Smart Bookmarks folders and are not the real existing folders.
    • Smart folders show a list created by a query of the places.sqlite database that stores the bookmarks and history in Firefox.
    • Smart folder lists show a maximum of 10 entries by default.
    • Bookmarks and history items that appear in a list of smart folder are also stored in another file, and any changes are applied to the element of bookmark or true story.
    • If you delete an entry then the list is shifted upward and an entry that was not previously identified is added to show the 10 entries.
    • If you add a new bookmark or visit a Web site, then a new element is added at the top and disappears from the entrance at the bottom of this list.
    • Objects but that disappear from the list have not disappeared, just not more appear in this list.
    • Actions such as copy & paste, or delete that you perform on bookmarks in such a list is made on the original bookmark.
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    How can I remove this?

    Such an entry in the context menu is probably added by a PDF file about the extension, in order to check your extensions.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • How to remove attachments to email from the server

    I created a CF model for sending electronic mail that includes attachments. It has been tested on my dev machine and works fine as long as the download of attachments to a directory on the server. I wish that the spare part to be served once as the e-mail message has been sent to the recipient.

    Macromedia ColdFuision 7MX web application construction book page 913 "interacting with Email" we a CFC that will remove the file when the user ends their session.

    I don't know how to write it to adapt the code that I use.

    Here's the e-mail form

    <! - Mail_Form.cfm - >
    < html >
    < head >
    < title > please enter your message < /title >
    < / head >

    < body >
    < do action = "Send_Email.cfm" method = "post" enctype = "multipart/form-data" > "
    < table width = '500' border = "0" align = "center" >
    < b >
    < td width = "500" colspan = "2" > please enter your e-mail address: < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > to: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "text" name = "to_addr" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td > subject: < table >
    < td > < input type = "text" name = "subject" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < Td > message: < table >
    < td > < input name = "message" rows text box = "5" cols = "35" > < / textarea > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > annex #1: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "file" name = "attachment_1" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > #2 Attachment: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "file" name = "attachment_2" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > #3 Attachment: < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "file" name = "attachment_3" value = "" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < b >
    < td width = "250" > < table >
    < td width = "250" > < input type = "submit" name = 'Send_Email' value = "SendEmail" > < table >
    < /tr >
    < /table >
    < / make >

    Here is the form to send the attachment.

    <! - Send_Email.cfm - >
    <!-first of all, make sure that the attachments downloaded the user->
    < cfif FORM.attachment_1 NEQ "" > "".
    <!-firstly actually-> download file
    < cffile action = "upload".
    destination = "D:\uploadsTEST\".
    FileField = "attachment_1."
    nameconflict = "makeunique" >
    <! - now create a temporary support for the attachment then - >
    < cfset attachment_local_file_1 = "d:\uploadsTEST\#file.serverfile#" >
    < / cfif >

    <!-now repeat the process for the setting of the second and third: - >

    < cfif FORM.attachment_2 NEQ "" > "".
    <!-firstly actually-> download file
    < cffile action = "upload".
    destination = "D:\uploadsTEST\".
    FileField = "attachment_2."
    nameconflict = "makeunique" >
    <! - now create a temporary support for the attachment then - >
    < cfset attachment_local_file_2 = "d\uploadsTEST\#file.serverfile#" >
    < / cfif >

    < cfif FORM.attachment_3 NEQ "" > "".
    <!--forst actually download the file - >
    < cffile action = "upload".
    destination = "D:\uploadsTEST\".
    FileField = "attachment_3."
    nameconflict = "makeunique" >
    <!-now to create a temporary support for late fixing on->
    < cfset attachment_local_file_3 = "d:\uploadsTEST\#file.serverfile#" >
    < / cfif >

    <!-OK, now you have downloaded the file from the server, now we will send
    email with attachments: - >

    "< intrusion via cfmail to =" #form.to_addr # "[email protected]" = "subject =" #subject #
    Server = "an001so -" port = "25" >
    #message #.

    < cfsilent >
    <!-< cfsilent > tag used to kill the white space in this area
    If your email is not cluttered with white spaces-->

    < cfif FORM.attachment_1 NEQ "" > "".
    < cfmailparam file = "#attachment_local_file_1 #" >
    < / cfif >
    < cfif FORM.attachment_2 NEQ "" > "".
    < cfmailparam file = "#attachment_local_file_2 #" >
    < / cfif >
    < cfif FORM.attachment_3 NEQ "" > "".
    < cfmailparam file = "#attachment_local_file_3 #" >
    < / cfif >

    < / cfsilent >
    < / intrusion via cfmail >

    Here's the session request to delete the file to download

    File name: Application.cfc
    Runs for each page request

    < cfproperty output = "false" >

    <!-name of the application. ->
    < cfset = "attachmentPurge" >
    <!-enable session management. ->
    < cfset this.sessionManagement = true >
    < cfset this.clientMangment = true >

    < name cffunction output = 'onSessionEnd' = "false" returnType = "Cancel" >
    <!--> look for attachments to remove

    < cfset var attachDir = expandPath ("Attach") >
    < cfset = var getFiles "" > "".
    < cfset var thisFile = "" > "".

    <! - get a list of all files in the directory - >
    < cfdirectory directory = "" #attachDir # "name ="getFiles">"

    <! - for each file in the directory - >
    < cfloop query = "getFiles" >
    <!-if it's a file (rather than a directory)-->
    < cfif getFiles.type NEQ "Dir" >
    <! - get the full name of this file - >
    < cfset thisFile = expandPath("Attach\#getFiles.Name#") >
    < / cfif >
    < / cfloop >

    < / cffunction >

    < / cfproperty >

    The tutorial doesn't explain how to delete the attachment when the recipient audits post
    in the pop server.

    Assuming that the sender is in a session would be writing code to remove the attachment from the directory on
    the server, a message is sent.

    Can someone explain how to remove attachments from a designated directory or provide me the code that would deal with that once an email is sent with an attachment automatically.

    Thank you


    That's how I do it.

    ThisDir = "d:\dw\dwweb\work";
    ThisDate = DateAdd ("d",-90, now());

    Select the name of AllFiles
    where datelastmodified<>

  • [REQUEST] How to remove the object from the list to display and memory that added dynamic

    Hi there everyone,

    I have a question which I hope you guys can help me with, so the question is:

    "How to remove us (sprite object that has an external swf that it is child) display and, above all, of the memory, but we can still use the same variable to add another object (yes another sprite like the one we have removed yet a different content)..,

    I did tried the removeChildAt thing he did remove all the child of the display list, but I still can hear the sound of the video running.

    Here is the code on a small scale of what I do (sorry that I can only give you chunk code loading and adding)

    var SWFList:XMLList; used to contain a list of all the external swf source, atribute and etc.
    var totalSWF:int; the total number of swf external, it must be charged

    var swfLoader:Loader; instance of the loader class to load external swf file

    function loadSWF (): void
    for (var i: Number; i < totalSWF; i ++)

    swfLoader = new Loader();
    swfLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, onSWFLoadComplete);
    swfLoader.load (new URLRequest (SWFList [i], [email protected]));

    function onSWFLoadComplete(e:Event):void


    this.stage.addChild (;


    and also if you can give an example of a good method of dynamic add the object to the stage I would really appreciate cause I suspect mine are bad method.

    Thank you all.

    If you have been publishing for fp 10, just use unloadAndStop().

    I assume you're not publication for fp 10 so you have to use something like:

    function clearScreen (): void
    var mc:MovieClip = MovieClip (swfLoader.content);

    MC.yourflvintheloadedswf.Stop ();

    mc.mcinyourloadedswfthathasalistener.removeEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, whateverF);


    swfLoader.unload ();

  • The Task Manager, update the list of tasks and processes, but removes them from the list, the next second.

    It was fine a few days ago, the list of tasks and processes will not be updated until I open/close something. Now, it refreshes the list every second. I tried to change the speed of update, but makes no difference. An answer by tomorrow would be the best.

    More information:
    Windows 7 x 64
    Home Premium Service Pack 1
    Using AVG anti-virus


    Thank you for your response.

    Keep the computer in a clean boot and check the status of the issue.

    How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    Note: please go through the section: How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting section of Kb to start the computer to a normal startup after you fix the problem.

    I would like to aslso season allows you to check the status of the question in a new user account.

    Create a user account:

    If it works in a new user account, then you will need to fix the corrupted user profile. You can visit this link for the steps:

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I delete unwanted updates from the list?

    Windows 7 update list more than 35 languages to be updated.  How I removed these updates from my list of updates not installed so that I see only the coming updates to install in the future?  Whenever I open the list of updates, these 35 languages continue to flow upward.

    HOW to hide an update (or restore a hidden update) ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Is it possible to add a small image to view from the list of the press article?


    I would like to ask a small image next to the link for my ad on my homepage - - is it possible?

    Thank you


    Using the function of the news of the scrap and build your news with the web application instead.

    You can have multiple views of different lists, you can have a custom field multiline text box short introduction, title, date of the course and your image. With this, you can retrieve the value only of an image with the _value option in the image tag.

    You can then thumbnails of BC have only one large image and then small image from your listing.

    You have the detail view friendly of complete SEO for the web application as well as for the full article.

    You can do a lot, it's just how you feel you want and what you do with the installation and layout of it. Much better than the news Module

  • Trying to solve a problem with the list under display properties screensaver!

    When I try to put my screensaver, gout dwon displays a completely blank entry followed by (None) & the list of available screensavers.  Every time I choose (none), it is up to the last installed screen saver.

    An example: the last installed screen saver was ArcSoft Photobook screensaver.
    So, when I select (none) for no screensaver, it is up to the ArcSoft Photobook screensaver.

    This happens each & everytime I have add a new screen saver.
    (None) option always returns to the last screen saver installed.

    There are moments that I need the option screensaver set to (none).

    Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.


    Not sure as to what I did, however, my problem with the screen saver has been fixed.

    I've been messing around with a number of things that I thought might have caused this problem.  And wala, suddenly the problem existed no more!

  • How to remove links to adobe from the image viewer

    On my site, I need to post a lot of pictures. I used the flash element of the «insert' - tabs «media» image viewer
    Everything works fine, but a few first photos in the slideshow are clickable and link to the adobe homepage. How can I remove the links and do not clickable pictures. Already, I went in the window of properties of flash element and makes the "image links" and 'image link targets' white. I don't know what else to try. Help, please!
    Thank you: Tibor

    Just post once. No response means that nobody knows
    the answer...

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    "serestibi" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > On my site, I need to post a lot of pictures. I used the image viewer
    > flash
    > element of the 'insert' - tabs 'media '.
    > Everything works fine, but a few first photos in the slideshow are
    > clickable.
    > and link to the adobe homepage. How can I remove the links and make the
    > photos
    > not clickable. Already, I went to the flash element properties window and
    > fact
    > the "image links" and 'image link targets' white. I don't know what else
    > to
    > try. Help, please!
    > Thanks: Tibor

  • How to remove "HP recovery manager" from the start menu?

    A year ago, I had a virus attack on my computer. Knocked it completely. In the process of reinstalling the computer, HP Recovery Manager was added to the start menu.

    Now I need to remove it in the start menu because it takes an unnecessarily long time to start Windows. How can I do this?

    Sorry if this has already been written solution, don't know what keywords should I look for in this forum to get answers to my questions.

    Thanks for the reply

    Hi @teddykladdkak

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you are looking for help to edit the boot options for your laptop. I'm happy to help you with this.

    I did some research and found this from Microsoft, and it looks like you need and covers several options:

    Modification of Startup Options -

    As a tip, I also include this page rom which can also be useful:

    Advanced start to boot in Windows 8 and 8.1 Options

    I hope this helps. Please let me know how it goes for you.

  • How to remove a user name from the logon screen?

    Hi all

    I have an annoying problem and do not know how to solve.

    What happened is that used to use my laptop for the log-in het Skype account my ex-girlfriend. But in the login screen continues to display his name as mine always does.

    I used different registry cleaners and uninstalled and reinstalled Skype and had no results.

    How can I remove users on the logon screen?

    Thanks for all the help.

    Basically, you need to remove the folder of the account. I think the second part of this FAQ Help:


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