How to remove Kontera

He has clocked up pop as in Firefox. How can I remove the program?

Thank you!


I found the problem on their Web site:

Icon of Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus to enter the Tools menu do not appear after installation
Cause 1: Extension Adblock Plus is disabled

When you open the Add-ons Manager (Tools menu / Modules) and find Adblock Plus under the extensions, the entrance is grey rather than black (off).

Solution: Click on Adblock Plus entry into the Add-ons Manager, then click on the button "activate".
Cause 2: Bug of Mozilla 770669

This can happen due to a failure of browser after Adblock Plus 2.0.x update to a new version of Adblock Plus.

Affected: Adblock Plus 2.1 and higher

Solution: Disable Adblock Plus and then immediately turn it on again. No reboot required browser.

Works again! Mozilla crashed earlier. That's why I restarted.

Thank you!

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