How to remove McAfee without dropping my flash player IE9 operability

I just got a brand new Inspiron 5520 with bundled software.

Whenever I tried to delete McAfee in order to use a different antivirus Soft, my FlashDrive IE9 unresponsive.

Has anyone encountered the same problem? If yes what should I do about this problem of uninstalling?

Thank you!


Hi Eki_fils,

I agree with ky331, it seems rather strange that the uninstallation of McAfee would affect somehow Flash Player .


Anyway, try this:

Download and run MCPR.exe

  • Download the tool.
  • Click Saveand save the file in the folder of downloads on your computer.
  • Navigate to the folder where the file was saved.
  • Ensure that all McAfee Windows are closed, as well as all other running programs such as browsers, instant messaging, etc.
  • Right-click MCPR.exe and select run as administrator.
  • When you see the user account control dialog box, click Yes.
  • The McAfee software removal screen, click Next.
  • In the contract (EULA) dialog box, click next to accept the contract.
  • When you are prompted, type the Captcha information to validate the security of applications, and then click Next.
  • When you see the message CleanUp successful, restart your computer. Your McAfee product is not completely removed after reboot.


If you are having problems with Flash Player in Internet Explorer after you complete the steps above, please re - download Flash Player from the link in the post above ky331 and save in your downloads folder.

  • Close all running programs.
  • Double-click your Flash Player file downloaded to re - install.

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    Note : open the registry editor by clicking the Start button, type regedit into the search box, and then press ENTER. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.





    If you have disabled items in the System Configuration utility and want to remove the registry also they lies in one of the following locations:


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE startupreg

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    (There is no other question).

    Thank you.

    Open your USB key.

    On the address bar, type autorun.inf

    Press enter

    A text file will open, remove all content inside and save. Will solve your problem.

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    I was at Microsoft, Adobe, and I get the same thing at all. Is there a way to get my flash drive to work and if so, how.

    I think it would be simple just update my flash drive, but for the last four days I tried without success.

    I'm going round in circles and nowhere. I need to have someone tell me if this problem is with my computer or another source.

    Mark Bass

    [email protected]


    From Windows 8, Microsoft integrates Flash Player in Internet Explorer and all updates are distributed by Microsoft, no Adobe.

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    Today is patch Tuesday, which means that Microsoft will come out all sorts of updates, including an update to Flash Player for IE.  I don't know when they're going to live, because the update has not yet posted to Microsoft Security Advisory 2755801.  You can check this page later today, or run Windows Update later today or tomorrow to install updates.



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    Anyone knows how to go beyond the cheezy to the real download shilling?

    This is the good link and it works fine for me without any redirection. can you check it again?


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    Which did not help the cause, so that they now want me to downgrade to FP 10.3 x.  I hope this is the right version (archived) on my desktop, I downloaded and unzipped in a folder.  Whenever I click on the install/uninstall program, a window opens and tells me that I need to get the latest version of the Flash player and does not install files to archive.

    Nice catch-22 situation.

    Not the case on the site Adobe is there simple instructions on how to do (actually install a file to archive uncompressed and operate properly).

    If I do a search, nothing appears.

    Who created this site to be if not friendly must have slapped hands, removed computer rights and give an Etch-A-Sketch instead.


    Try here,

    Vernon... I'm agree on the usability of the site. I can't even link to insert correctly. Just do a search for "oldapps", they're all here

    Finally got the link to work... 3rd time lucky.

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