How to remove 'other' files from the HD drive? They take place 82 Gig of HD player!

How can I clean the ' other folders than ae picking up 82 Gig of storage HD drive?

The following can help:

OS x: what is 'other' space about this Mac? -Apple Support

What is 'Other' and what I can do about it?

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  • How to remove unnecessary files from the hard drive using Lightroom.


    I use Lr 5.7 on Win7 64-bit. I would remove completely some old files and their contents that were part of my previous, very messy organization. I still have parents and masters images files, so I have no need extra junk on my hard drive.

    I tried to do a right click on the file, but the only option is to delete the catalog. I saw posted solutions that say click on icon less. I don't see an icon less anywhere. As far as I know, Lightroom really doesn't want "delete me" anything.

    Thank you!


    have you tried to delete images? You can't delete the folders...

  • How to remove unwanted files from the local root folder of the site?


    I work with Dreamweaver CS4 on a Windows PC. I have finished my site but I have a lot of files in my local root folder that I don't want to upload to the server. These unwanted files are for most of the photos that I should not be used in my site. I do not understand how to download the site on the server using ftp and remote folder in Dreamweaver. I suppose that if I move the page html files to the remote folder that my photos will not be associated with these html files automatically. I used a Dreamweaver template during the construction of the site. I wish I had a folder with only the necessary files for the site (all html pages and a folder of images) to upload to the server. Is there an easy way to move all my pages and images associated with a folder or remove all unwanted files in the local root folder? As I see it now, I'll have to go through all my pages and write down each title of the photo and then go back and delete each unwanted file. This seems a lot of your time, so I thought that there must be an easier way, I hope.

    Any help or ideas will be of course very appreciated, thanks, dluthier

    I guess you mean 'work' files, not the images that you use in your Web site.

    If they are not related to all pages of your site, you are free to move by using your computer's file management tools. I can give you specific instructions, if you wish, but the short of it is that you do not keep them in the folder root of your site at all.

    In my way of working, I have a folder for each client that includes:

    • The correspondence of this client folder
    • Folder to 'Work'... the PNG images, etc., or of the images from the client
    • Record the site root

    When I get e-mail, I save the message in the appropriate folder of correspondence, I save the images etc in the folder of 'Work' to the customer and I only save images and other who have already been optimized in the Site folder, keep it as intact as possible.

    Even if the general warning must always use the files Panel to move files around, that applies to files which are linked and form part of the structure of your Site. Moving your files 'work' outside of the structure can be carried out safely in windows explore your PC.

    That said, if you need to download and there are files you want to download, or to move, you can 'hide' the in the files Panel by right-clicking on the file name and choosing 'Cloaking '.... "in the context menu that appears.

    To the point that the image files that are downloaded to the remote site will not 'automatically' be associated with your html files. That is right. Unless you have configured explicitly links or associations between files, images will not associate themselves!

    On the subject of 'automatic' way to do this, you can make a link to check on all of your local site. Window > results > Link Checker will bring up the appropriate window, which will give you the choice: broken links, external links and orphan files (this is the one you want). Use the green triangle tower at the left end of the Link Checker to set your auditor... Current Local Document or a set current site.

    If you want to make a checklist to ensure that you move them all, you can save the report by clicking on the small icon "Floppy" under the Green turn the triangle. Who will be on a file text and make up a dialog that you save the report, which will show the broken links, external links and orphaned files. After you move the files to your heart's content, rerun the link check and confirm that you moved the files you want to move. Make sure that you DON'T move files consciously... do not move the .htaccess files or .cgi files, etc.

    Who will save you from actually having to 'write' file names!


  • You need to remove all files from the hard drive.

    Original title: I need to empty my drive hard so that I can reinstall windows XP - I bought new computer and put my old one family member...

    I don't want my personal info on my old computer.  I was told to empty / delete (?) my hard drive, then reinstall

    Windows xp from the operating system CD.   Even if I throw the old computer, I want all the info removed for security all



    Please take a look at the following article:

    Protect and serve your personal files

  • How can I move files from the hard drive of your computer to external hard drive.

    Original title: can I add an external hard drive to transfer music from windows media to free up space on the top of the Tower

    with windows media player to manage two mp3 players, running out of space on the top of the Tower, can I transfer and store all the music files on an external hard drive of 1 TB and use windows media player with the external hard drive?

    Hi PaulDocherty,

    I suggest you follow the methods given and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Please run the synchronization in your Windows Media Player.

    Please visit the link below to make a synchronization in your Windows Media Player;

    Method 2: You can also try to copy and paste option.

    Please visit the link below to copy files to your files on an external hard drive;

    I hope this helps.

  • Backup Windows remove deleted files from the backup drive when updating?

    I want to imitate a Raid operation for backup as closely as possible.  I have 2 identical HDs, C: and D:, that I will configure for automatic backup once a week.  I hope D develop beyond C, because I unload the external HDs files of C each week.

    Hi rdverb,

    For more information, see the following article:

    I hope this helps!

  • How to remove the files from the flash drive

    * Original title: FLASH Drive


    Please help me with the following information:


    I would like to know what is the brand and model of the Flash Player?

    Follow the steps below to remove the files from the flash drive:

    1. Insert the USB stick to the USB port of the PC. For memory cards, insert it in a card reader taken in charge connected to the PC.
    2. open Windows Explorer
    a. in the splash screen, type computer

    b. by clicking computer will lead you to your desktop and open Windows Explorer

    3. double-click on the removable media drive letter associated with your memory card or flash drive.
    (the image of the example below we double-clicked on F :))
    4. click right on the file that you want to remove and select Remove

    NOTE: To select several files to remove, press and hold down the CTRL on the keyboard and click to select multiple files.

    5. click on Yes to confirm the deletion.

    Hope this information helps, please answer with the State of the question for any further assistance.
  • How to remove a Word from the default dictionary of firefox?

    How to remove a Word from the default dictionary of firefox?
    If I wanted to remove the word 'dog' or 'and' for example

    There may be a range of reasons for wanting to do this, including the deletion of the words you use rarely as similar to other common spellings used words for example. "minute" and "Minuet", delete the words that you find personally offensive, or removing words that, because of linguistic or cultural background, you would not consider words at all.

    Note that I'm not asking how to remove my 'dictionary' words, words that I added myself.


    I talked to a few people and I think I'm able to help you with this.

    There are two dictionary files, the default that comes with your version of Firefox and personal 'custom' that you create yourself with phrases and words.

    If you want to change the personal;

    1. Copy Subject: support and paste into the address bar.
    2. Next to the profile folder, click the marked File Show
    3. Find the file persdict.dat. Rename a text file, open, modify, re save it as persdict.dat and replace.

    If you want to change the default dictionary, it could be more of a problem and a lot more technique to do. I would recommend that you look at the problem differently and consider filtering of pages based on inappropriate content using Add-ons such as ProCon Latte Content Filter.

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

  • Remove temporary files from the local disk c/documents and settings/user/localsettings/temp name

    Remove temporary files from the local disk c/documents and settings/user/localsettings/temp name

    By definition, this folder should contain only the elements you don't need.  If I understand correctly, this temporary folder is a place where temporary files are stored during program facilities and the facilities.  However, I have seen references other sites to help saying some programs can store folders and files.

    I do my own temporary file elsewhere, name it accordingly and move all the files in the temp folder to the new folder. Use your computer normally for a while, and if nothing complains about missing files, you have a good indication that none of the moved files are important and should be safe to delete.

  • How to remove unused files from my account site live hotmail?

    original title: unused files

    How to remove unused files from my account site live hotmail?

    The question you have posted is bound using Windows Live (hotmail) and would be better suited to the Windows Live Help Solution . Please visit this link to find a community that will provide the support you want.

  • How to remove all information from the computer so I can sell it?

    How to remove all information from the computer so I can sell it?


    You will want to format the hard disk:

    1. you can use DBAN -


    2. you can follow this tutorial to clean install up to the step where you format the disk, in which you would then STOP (because you just want to get rid of the files on the hard drive, do not install Windows) -

    Kind regards


  • 2 How to remove an element from the tree and the database block tree?


    2 How to remove an element from the tree and the database block tree?

    Kind regards


    The problem is caused by not sending forms is not a VALIDATION of the database because he thinks that there is no changes to save.

    Forms does know that changes to the data block, he does not know the changes made by the PLSQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE calls and procedure.

    Try to remove the line to block, rather than using a DELETION like that...

    go_block ('INSP_EQUIPMENT_TYPE');if form_success then   do_key ('DELETE_RECORD');end if;

    If you wish to continue using your original DELETE instead of my change above code, you can use different techniques to force forms to issue the COMMIT to the database, including this one...

            DELETE ...        FORMS_DDL ('COMMIT');

    Be careful... This will be the VALIDATION of the database, but the changes to the data block will not be sent to the database!

    I posted a few other ways to issue a VALIDATION of forms here

  • How to remove "Skype available" from the top of the notification page?

    How to remove "Skype available" from the top of the notification page - useless promotion!


    Disable the Skype status under Notification settings in Skype.

    All best

  • How to remove a city from the weather app in IOS 9.2.1?

    I have an IPhone6S that I bought recently and am running IOS 9.2.1. I can't understand how to remove a city from the weather app. I tried to go to settings, where there is a list of all the applications on my phone except the weather app, so no help there. Any body can help me with this?

    You must tap on the small set of lines in the lower right to get list view. Then you can find the city that you want to delete, drag to the left to see the button Delete.

    See you soon,.


  • How can remove my account from the cloud to adobe

    How can remove my account from the cloud to adobe

    I would like to unsubscribe the service

    Hi mehranr34543413,

    Please contact the customer service. A customer service agent can help you with this request.



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