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Preloaded app are not supposed to be deleted.

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  • How to remove pre-installed games

    My computer running Vista when I bought it and I've since upgraded to Windows 7. HP is the manufacturer and it preinstalled several additional games in addition to the standard windows ones, as well as "My HP Game Console," who plays games. I would like to uninstall the game Console and the games, but there is no visible way to do. I don't see any entries in programs and features for games or the Console. I think that she wouldn't just delete the files in Program Files (but I welcome contradiction). How can I remove this software?

    Hey iHate Apple,.

    We recommend that you contact the HP support team, as they could help you to reinstall the HP game console and then uninstall it with success.
    To get in touch with HP support team, click Contact HP
    To post your query, click Forums of Support
    Kind regards
    Syed - Microsoft technical support.
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  • How to remove pre-installed Windows XP and install my own OS on Satellite A100?

    It s all in the question.
    I bought my laptop in the Germany and also bought an English version of XP because the German is not my favorite and I'd like to customize my system - partitions etc. -.

    How can I do? I have a 100 GB hard drive and a partition only. Already 11 GB are used by German xp so it's a waste of space.
    I burned a cd of drivers with the Toshiba tools Wizard.

    Do I have to format my whole hard drive and if so, how should I proceed?

    How can I reinstall my Windows English after that?
    If I then run the issues with drivers, how to? Should I just insert my cd of drivers up during all up?
    Or is there a certain order in which I should reinstall the drivers?
    Im a little scared that the graphics card may not be recognized by the system I will not reinstall xp from the ghost of manufacturers image, and then the screen could be all blue or black?

    Thank you


    Hi Julien

    I assume that you have an original CD of Microsoft Windows and not a Toshiba restore CD.
    Well, if you want to use two Windows OS (German & English) then you must create a second partition and install second OS Win English on this partition.

    But if you want to have only the operating system English, so you can install the original windows on your HARD drive with a partition.
    To install the OS, just boot from the CD. The installation procedure will ask you if you want to format the HARD drive, etc.

    After installation, you can download and install the drivers of Toshiba of Toshiba driver page, because you need an English driver:

    And Yes, you must install the drivers of Tosh in the right order.
    Driver Chipset 1.)
    2.) common modules (if exists)
    Graphic driver 3).
    4.) etc.

    But on the recommended driver page, you will find the installation instructions. Check it out.

  • I want to remove pre-installed windows 8 and want to install windows xp in hp 6 but idont know how to install

    I want to remove pre-installed windows 8 and want to install windows xp in hp 6 but idont know how to install


    First thing to do is to go to the HP website and see if the XP drivers are available for your model of HP.

    If there is no XP drivers, XP does not work for you.

    If the XP drivers are available, looking for a place to buy XP, which is a terrible thing to do as Microsoft did not sell XP for many years.

    You run the very serious risk of buying pirated XP software from anywhere on the Net.

    Stay with your preinstalled Windows 8.

    See you soon.

  • MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, end of 2013): how to remove or install the battery

    Hi all...

    I would like to ask how to remove and install new battery making DIY and I need to prepare?

    Thank you

    Harles, great source for repairs you * can * easily *, as well as the repairs that you * can * with difficulty * also * void your warranty *. y + replacement/27316

    Note that a microwave oven is involved... NO I'm not kidding!  RRSP global is 'Difficult' for the operation.

    If you have left any AppleCare, let Apple do that same removal DIY case-low gives Apple a an excuse to deny any service.

  • Tecra M9 (PTM91E) how to remove the installed software / how to stop HARD drive

    Just having a play with the new "beastie" and it seems to be exactly what I want. However, some problems are annoying me.

    1. the installed bloatware!

    2. the disk drive continually ticks away when the machine is at rest. Investigation with a sniffer package/program indicates that the service of AMT is continually send and receive data packets of bytes 70 to the client on the computer. Every second or two. Using about 2-3% of cpu resources in the process.

    Basically, I use the laptop as a stand-alone work station and see no need to have a service that constantly questions the chipset for so-called mistakes and supposed to be written to the log of sysevent. He feels the potential of surveillance unsolicited - which I suspect that someone made.

    The question is... do I need to have the AMT (lms & ums) software on the system - and if not, can I uninstall stop the activity continuous disc shatter tocking without adversely affecting the operation of the equipment?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    I am somewhat concerned by the AMT of documentation I've read - purely a question of 'private life '. I don't relish the idea of having someone with intelligence to write external programs that can enter into the bowels of the machine to interrogate harware/bios/sysevents, etc. (even when he is off!)

    I can understand it to a company, IT control aspects, but as a user of the singular that occasionall uses the internet.

    Thank you!

    Hi Ron

    (1) I don't know what bloatware do you mean exactly, but to be honest, there is no installed bloarware.
    Is that Toshiba laptops support different features and different functions that must be controlled by a software/driver. If you would remove such software then you would not be able to use the FN keys for example
    Anyway, if you want to remove some pre-installed applications then you can do this in Control Panel-> programs & features control

    (2) sorry but AMT software does not know me basically there s nothing unusual you HDD ticks from time to time. The same thing happens on my laptop even though that I don t use the laptop. I think that it s a Windows operating system.

  • I want to REMOVE pre-installed Dell program Sync Up.


    I never used and do not always hear using the Sync software on my Dell laptop. I want to know if there is anyone with enough know-how to REMOVE it completely from my system. Key word: DELETE. I don't want it to exist on my computer at all. I want to REMOVE it. I don't want to turn it off I want to REMOVE it. If you can not tell me how to REMOVE it then don't post because you are not answering my question either. I have read and felt the frustration of many others trying to get this resolved and they only got shit 'answers' (they were not answers if they offer something that the user did not like to turn it off). If you are trying to suggest / tell me something that is not completely REMOVE the crapware from my system, I'll probably do panic.

    Thank you


    Hi Gabe,

    Please share the system model and the installed operating system. Assuming that you are running Windows 7, you can follow the below mentioned steps to remove it:

    • Click on Start -> Control Panel -> programs -> programs and features -> uninstall a program.
    • Select the application you want to uninstall and click Uninstall.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the application.

    If the step above does not work, you can install Revo Uninstaller Pro from the link Install it on your system, and use it to uninstall the app Sync Up. The operating instructions are shared under the section How To manuals and videos. This should completely remove it from the application of the system.

    Note: It is a third party application, Dell cannot support or sponsor this application.

    Answer please if you have any questions. I'll be happy to help you.

  • Remove pre-installed software

    Computers HP are equipped with software pre-installed that I will probably never use and is promotional only.  The following removable without denying Windows 7?

    1 HP Media Smart Touch - smart Netflix

    2 film theme Pad for HP Media Smart video

    3 DVD Menu Pack for HP Media Smart Video

    4 HP Media Smart DVD, music, Photo, Menu, video, smart, Smart video, Touch Smart Netflex

    5 HP Setup

    6 photo now

    7 photo Mover

    8 power Director

    9. press on drive

    10 Shockwave

    11 ask Toolbar

    12. ATT - RC car tool Support

    Seems a number of these programs preinstalled for cameras and video.  I edit photos using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and does not expect to use my computer as a TV. I'd appreciate your experience to remove the elements of learning.  To facilitate response, number instance with the name of the software of reference only.

    Thank you


    You can uninstall everything but.

    Article 10 - Shockwave is Adobe and used for rendering videos etc. in some Web pages.

    The only other software you can consider keeping is HP MediaSmart DVD - depends on if your PC has a Blu ray player, if it doesn't you will need this software to play Blu ray.  If you don't have a Blu ray drive, you can delete it fortunately.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to remove permanently free game players out of my control panel Windows XP computer?

    I would like to know how do I permanently remove/add free game players out of my control panel (Windows XP).  I tried to get this game but it remove it from my control panel.  Your help is appreciated.  Thank you.

    I'm not familiar with the subject, what you write about, but I have a few
    thoughts anyway:

    Control Panel items are special files with the .cpl suffix, in

    I don't know how to identify the name of the file of the control icon
    Group of experts, but you can try glancing all objects in \windows\system32,
    Sort by type, and then look at the dates - most of them will be the same
    -those that are unchanged in relation to the date of the operating system has been issued. See if you
    spot which could be crime may file and consider renaming - if she
    is currently game.cpl, try game.cpl.bad for example.

    See if you have found the right method. If this isn't the case, rename it back and try another.

    Once you have the correct file, you can just leave it alone, or remove

    "redrunningintothewaterclan" wrote in message
    News: a8a016fc-9e33-4782-b302-e95417ae618b...
    I would like to know how do I permanently remove/add free off game players
    My Control Panel (Windows XP). I tried to get this game off, but
    He remove it from my control panel. Your help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Bill Sanderson

  • How to remove wild tangent games

    I tried to uninstall wild tangent games and he repeats to me runtime error can you tell us how to solve this problem and get them removed from my computer

    I found how to uninstall the games I went to the files of the user, and he has removed all the games so I could reinstall ones I wanted to thank you guys!

  • How to remove a project in application designer

    in 8.49, how to delete a project in application designer? In Enterprise PeopleTools 8.49 PeopleBook: PeopleSoft application designer he speaks only:
    Working With Projects
    This chapter provides an overview of projects and discusses how to:
    View projects.
    Create and save projects.
    Set project properties.
    Insert definitions into a project.
    Remove definitions from a project.
    Merge projects.
    Use change projects.
    Set project options.
    Validate projects.
    Set system IDs.
    but do not delete a project.
    Thank you.

    Open AppDesigner file/delete..., choose the project as object type, enter your project name, search, and then click Remove.


  • How backup windows pre-installed on HP Pavilion G6 laptop computer 2302ax 8?

    Hi, I have a laptop HP Pavilion G6. The laptop came with a copy of pre installed Windows 8. I need to create a backup of the operating system so that I can re - install when the current operating system breaks down one day. Is it possible to find the product key so that I can install windows from a disc using this product key?  If one can provide any useful information please help.


    The product key is embedded in the BIOS. You won't need to write to reinstall W8 OEM.

    Here is a link that should help you about making a recovery media.

  • Dv6-7020us, B4T90UA #ABA: without a prescription a recovery disc how to download pre installed windows 7 Home premium OA 64-bit?


    I have a backside product key for my laptop and I want to download the pre installed windows 7 Home premium OA 64-bit. I'm now using windows 10.

    Model: dv6-7020us

    Product: B4T90UA #ABA

    [Personal information]

    A few minutes earlier teacher replied I order a recovery dvd or contact service support Hp customer. He also told me that they can not be downloaded.

    But I want to know, without order recovery dvd media is possible to download and install windows with my serial key?

    Thank you.




    I have already responded to your other thread - so why are asking you the same question over and over?

    You will continue to get the same answer: it can NOT be downloaded!  You need to order recovery HP media.


  • no pre installed games

    games like spider and other


    As a general rule, to appreciate the features of game, that we have pre-selected games under turn on or off Windows features. To ensure that all games have a check against them. To check that:
    * Click Start > Type Optionalfeatures.exe in start search > press the Enter button.
    * Under enable or disable Windows features, place a check next to games.
    * Restart the computer and see if you have games on the computer.

    Turn on or off Windows features

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards
    Clement Kumar.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to uninstall the pre-installed games xbox on windows 8?

    Got a new laptop recently with Windows 8 on it. Only really use it for homework and social networks. I can't understand how to uninstall the games that came to this topic. I don't mind them being there but windows store guard invites me to update. There is no uninstall option when I right click on them and they are not one of the available options to uninstall in the menu "Uninstall a program" accessed from the control panel. The games are: Adera, collection Tap tiles Solitaire and a word game that is not named in the icon, the icon is like a word search puzzle. All these have a little xbox live the banner at the top of their tiles.

    This has been fixed with the update windows just prompted me to install.

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  • Satellite P300 - Toshiba DVD player does not play DVD

    "I have a Toshiba Satellite P300 1Ci and when I play a DVD with a Toshiba DVD player, I get an error saying:" kan niet naar een extern uitvoeren expensive video. Page External uitgang nagaoui u would beeindigd toepassing van El' or in my best English

  • Satellite R630 - difference between 13V and 14 days

    Hello I think to buy a Satellite R630, but I'm confused on the different versions. I've narrowed down to these two, 13V or 14 days.13V is less expensive (150-200), a larger HARD drive (500 GB compared to 320 GB) and weighs about 200 g. the battery of

  • I can't add a .txt file to the project if he recognized in the executable

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    Hello I have a pc with firewire port, can I use it to acquire image without the use of PCI8255. What software (driver) should I buy, knowing that I have tne generator of vision.

  • Hibernation and standby options disappeared.

    Hello I use Windows XP and use Hibernate quite frequently. However, the options to Hibernate and the day before have suddenly started appearing in gray when I click Start => stop the computer. In the Power Options, it hibernates tab also. Tried the s