How to remove programs from the system tray without removing them from the startup?

How to remove programs from the system tray without removing them from the startup on Windows XP folder?


The first step is to identify the program that represents the icon and decide whether it should be in the system tray (most are not necessary). Hold the cursor of the mouse on the icon to see the name of the program that launches the icon.

The best bet is to click the icon to see if this opens the box of the program options. If so, look for a selection similar to "remove from the system tray.

Alternatively, you can hide the icons in the system tray.

Here's how:

1. right click on the taskbar and select "Properties".

2. in the "Notification area" click "Hide inactive icons" if she already unchecked and then click on the button "Customize".

3. click on the ' column next to each of your current behavior and choose one of the three behaviors for each program icon that appears in the system tray: "Hide when it is idle," "Always hide", or "always show".»

If you hide an icon, but then see it again the next time that you log on to Windows, you may need to uninstall the program to permanently remove the icon. Uninstall the program permanently removes the program from your computer. For more information, see Uninstall or change a program.

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