How to remove the keyboard on Satellite M70

I want to remove the keyboard of an M70, but I don't know how.

does anyone have a manual where it is explained? (the assistance service said that it was mentioned in it, but I can't find)



1. open the display panel.
2 insert a thin tool into the gap between coverage of the band and the keyboard to the lever of the band to conceal and then release the cover of the band.
3. remove the two screw M2x3 black keyboard.
4. unplug the keyboard cable FPC and remove the keyboard.

It may be useful

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  • How to remove the keyboard on Satellite L850?

    Nobody here knows how to remove the keyboard on a L850 or can point me in the direction of the repair?
    Older models had a band at the top that does this is very simple, but this model seems to be sealed in.


    Fix locks around the keyboard. So to remove it, you will need to insert your finger into the left hold of lid and push keyboard corner, so let corner keyboard appears.
    As far as I know there are 14 latches on the lid of the keyboard:
    -6 down,
    -1 lock on the right and 1 bolt left side
    -6 latches in front.

  • Need a guide how to remove the keyboard on Satellite L40

    Someone at - it a guide to remove the keyboard on the L40?

    Thank you

    To remove the keyboard, remove the 2 screws in the bottom of the keyboard on the bottom of the case.
    And turn the computer over and open the display.

    Open the three latches securing the keyboard:
    All three locks shall be driven strongly enough to allow the keyboard to transcend the locks, but careful not to destroy the locks when pressed it.

    Then you can lift the keyboard a little and turn it face down on the palmrest. Then disconnect the keyboard cable from the on the motherboard and remove the keyboard.

    But note; Be always careful and don't use force!

  • Satellite L745 - how to remove the keyboard safely?

    Hello, people!

    I need help please. As the topic says, how to remove the keyboard?
    It's because I shared tea on my keyboard and, fortunately, no key was damaged. However, now it is sticky, and it is quite annoying!

    Can someone please help me with the entrance keys, Shift, back space * and other small keys at home.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sticky Keys?
    I really put t know if you will be able to clean the little mechanism under the CAP.

    OK you can try it. What you need to do is remove the key cap first. Pull it gently on the floor. It is set with small farmers in plastic. When the CAP is removed, you can check the situation and try to clean it up.

    When finished put the CAP in place and push it all smoothly. You will hear clicking noise and everything should be OK again. Do it for all the keys.

    Please take it very easy. If you damage this small mechanism you can immediately order new lkeyboard.

  • Satellite Pro L100 - how to remove the keyboard

    I have a L100 which has been "sprayed"... don't ask...

    How to remove the keyboard... ideas please

    see you soon


    Hello Bob

    The keyboard replacement procedure is almost on all Toshiba laptops. At, first of all it must remove the cover above the keyboard (where the buttons are placed).

    After doing this to remove the keyboard is very easy.

    BTW: is your laptop under warranty? Please be careful about this.

  • Instructions to remove the keyboard of Satellite S855

    My friend poured water over his S855 keyboard and the computer does not work. As this voids the warranty, I wanted to remove the keyboard, dry the unit and inspect/test for damage. I have worked on many laptops, but am not able to understand how to remove the keyboard of this particular model.

    Can anyone provide detailed instructions as how to remove the keyboard? It would be much appreciated!

    Thank you

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Satellite C855 - 2 EV: how to remove the keyboard to replace the WLan

    Recently, I bought a Toshiba Satellite C855 - 2 EV.
    As the performance of the wireless network card is a little disappointing, I bought a replacement NIC.

    However when I tried to change the map, I was unable to open the laptop.
    There are a few screws under the keyboard that must be unscrewed before being opened.

    Unfortunately I could not remove the keyboard.
    Does anyone know how the keyboard can be removed?

    Thank you!

    I hope you know that replacement of a card WLAN or upgrade is not supported for doing something like that will void you the warranty. Another thing is the compatibility. Toshiba doesn't offer information on compatible WLAN cards so I m asking you already bought the new wireless network card.

    Are you sure that it will properly work 100%?
    Please think twice before you do anything. In my opinion, it is not good idea to cancel the warranty for the new laptop.

  • How to remove the keyboard on my Satellite Pro C850 - 14 c

    Hey, quick question.

    How can I remove the keyboard of the laptop inside to give a cleaning?

    Thank you.


    I read that it is not very easy
    You will need to remove the CD/DVD drive first.
    Then, you will need to use a plastic stick to push the back of the keyboard of the ODD housing slot. The keyboard should be pushed until it lifts the corner on the upper surface of the case.
    Then using the same slice of plastic lever to insert between the keyboard and top box, then gently lift the edges of the keyboard until all locks are unlocked.

    By the way: this would be the warranty

  • Equium P200 1IR - how to remove the keyboard internal?

    This portable soup spilled on the keyboard and now will not start, even with a wired USB keyboard. I want to disconnect the internal keyboard, because it seems that is what causes the problem. (I have experience). But I don't see how.

    I did some research on the web and looked at (mentioned in another thread), but not found anything that seems applicable to this model.


    You should know that these disassembly guides not available in Internet so it s just good luck if you find guides or photos how to disassemble a laptop. These manuals are available for the service providers allowed according to me

    Anyway, normally it s not difficult to swap the keyboard. As far as I know, so you must remove the door-keyboard. You can do this with a thin tool
    After that, you should a few screws that attach the keyboard you have to remove and that s all

    On the Web site that you posted, you can find more instructions for Satellite P200. Perhaps this model P200 is similar to your check it!

    But to be honest, I doubt that your laptop would start after removing the keyboard, but you can try it. In the worst cases, you need professional help. An authorized service provider can check all hardware components. :)

  • How to remove the keyboard in a m6 desire?


    It's all in the title really. My 'f' key does not work and I would remove it to check I have here something is poorly located below. How should I proceed?

    Thanks in advance.

    The keyboard is not a collection of parts that can be repaired or replaced individually. It is a unit. If you don't know what's down there, so there no reason to delete a key. What is that a flat area in metal. The wheels are on circuit inside the keyboard where you can't reach. I've seen too many people is back in a corner by removing the keys that are pretty darn almost impossible to replace. They stand in a easier way that they return. It is not uncommon that keyboard problems appear as a simple failure or keys just a couple defective.

    The only thing you can do is to reset the computer. Remove the battery and the AC adapter / CC. Press and hold the power for 30 seconds. Replace AC and power. Go into the BIOS and reset the default settings to the output. When it does start, go into the Device Manager and remove the keyboard as a device, restart again and let the driver to reload. This means maybe 5% chance of restoring function.

  • How to remove the keyboard of the palmrest? (VN7 - 571G)

    Hi all

    I'm new to this site. After a long time using VN7 - 571 computer G laptop I press 'r' problem does not work (I use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V with the letter 'r').

    I disassembled the whole palmrest and for my can keyboard is connected (without screws) to the palm rest.

    I want to remove the keyboard to the palm rest, because I want to replace only the keyboard and any Palm. Is this possible?

    Note: My version is with backlight.

    I thank very you much in advance!


    Here is the part number of your original keyboard + uppercase:

  • Pavilion 15-p107TX: how to remove the keyboard on a HP Pavilion 15-p107TX

    I need to remove the keyboard for cleaning on my HP Pavilion p107TX 15.

    Pavilion 15-P107TX repair - Page 74

  • Satellite 1730, how to remove the keyboard?

    The keyboard of my laptop is not working properly, so I have to use an external keyboard. This works well, but one of the keys on the internal keyboard is pressed, and the situation is therefore onworkable. Somehow disable the internal keyboard? Or does anyone know how to disconnect inside?

    Hi Jan,

    As much as I know there is no disable for keyboard function. If you want you can try to uninstall it, but I'm sure that after the reboot it will be recognized again.

    If you have any success to disable the keyboard please let me know.

    Good bye

  • How to replace the keyboard on Satellite P300 - 20H


    I just bought a replacemant for my Toshiba Satellite P300 - 20H keyboard and I was wondering how to actually replace it?

    Any response would be greatly apreciated,

    Thank you, Sophie x

    Video on [] (2mins in) you "lever" off the coast of the plastic band that runs across the top of the keyboard and remove the 2 screws. I expect that the connector of the ribbon cable must be of the type where a hinged band (diff color to the body of the connector) holds the cable in place. It appears if the cable is fired and you push it when the cable is inserted. There is normally a line on the cable to show that you have completely inserted the cable and the cable is inserted instead. -Examine the original cable until you remove

  • How to replace the keyboard on Satellite A30?

    I have a replacement for the Satellite A30 keyboard layout, but I have no idea how to start replacing and removing the broken one.
    Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    You mean, you have a keyboard with keys that are broken and you have purchased a new ob controls and you want to replace it?


    Welcome them

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