How to remove the network profile

Original title: Double Internet access

I have reproduced the internet access points. My network is one, it is not named or protected, and the other is called another network without any protection. Other users in households show only one when they go to access, but it's the bad access. They show only internet access. There are seven in our region, but only 3 see the same info and signal excellent. How can I remove the 2 bad ones?  Don't know what Internet number I use.


This problem can occur if the wireless network is available in your particular range or coverage area.

Please see the following link on how to remove the network not searched profile:

To remove a wireless network connection (v = ws.10) .aspx

You can also check the suggestions provided in the following link:

Important: the above article contains steps that tell you how to change the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.

For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, follow these steps from the following link:

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    Color fail not in this Document: option to load Photoshop to remove an existing integrated profile but when I save the file, close and open it I always see a color profile in the embedded image.

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    Use the ColorSync scripting found here /Library/Scripts/

    Just drag your image to the script.

  • How to remove the mail profile in windows 7

    I am trying to remove a mail profile in my new system windows 7. I know how to do it on Vista (as below), but this does not work in windows 7 and can't find the info anywhere.  Can anyone help please?

    How to remove the profile under XP or Vista. (1) open the control panel. 2) click on user accounts, and then click surCourrier. (3) the email configuration dialog box opens and you can delete email profile as you wish.

    Hi vanziggy,

    In the Panel, it has a link to "Add or remove user accounts". This is not the place (in Windows 7).

    In Control Panel, in category view - a small drop-down menu at the top right, there is a section "user accounts and Family Safety", which is a link.

    In the dialog box accounts users and family security, there is a box option, where you can add or remove profiles (e-mail). -Bob

  • How to remove the network limitation all?

    Workstation using 11, on a host Windows 8.1, with two computers Windows 8.1 invited.

    The two guests use NAT for networking.

    My network provider claims to be provide me with the 50 M and 10 M in height.  On my host, depending on how I measure, I think I can constantly raise between 40 and 45 M down and (oddly) between 9 and 12 M.

    On my two guests, stuck between 8 and 11 M high, which seems fine.

    However, also on both my guests, I get between 23 and 27 M down, even if only a prompt is open, and even though I take great care to ensure that the host itself uses no bandwidth.

    This would mean to me that there is some sort of current limitation.

    However, if I go to VM-> settings-> network card-> advanced, the dialog shows that both box transfer incoming and outgoing are unlimited.  For me there is nothing weird about some overhead in the NAT translation, but a third of my network gnawed for this flow seems a little excessive...

    Any ideas out there?

    Thanks in advance.

    Try to set the power to 'high performance' management and raise the speedtest. I found speedtest in VMs are sensitive to the State of the processor power management.

  • How to remove the unwanted profile of CS5?

    I want to delete some old unused profiles of CS5. How do you do that? Thank you!

    Learn about the library/ColorSync/Profiles folder on your system drive and in your user/s folder.

  • How to remove the user profiles/how do to remove user accounts

    I want to delete three user accounts, but I'm unable to do so.  I would appreciate if you send me the information within three days.  I expect to get a new computer, and I want to get these three deleted accounts until I get a new computer.

    I look forward to receiving a response from you


    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to return the item and check if it helps:

    Delete a user account

    The article also applies to the Windows Vista operating system.

    To remove a user account

  • my laptop is divided into 2 profiles. How can I remove the 2 profiles without deleting the programs in profiles

    I want to remove the 2 profiles that divides my laptop. I wish well for my laptop one without loseing computer programs that have been added. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2650


    Here is an answer from another forum posted by Rick Rogers:

    "There is no method of merging the accounts, simply choose one or.
    others and save the data of the impeachment.

    Start and connect to one you want to keep. Open Windows Explorer as
    Administrator (click right/run as admin) and take ownership of files in
    the other profile that you want to save (under your registered profile). You may need to go to start / Control Panel / folder
    Options/display/and check the box to see hidden and system files to do (if you do not, you will not miss important information - in particular about your programs). Move the
    files you want to put on your user profile. »

    There are some files that you should not move - they are documented in the following article: (which is very close to what do you except that you are not from a user account fresh but one that already exists).

    NOTE: Before removing the old profile, I would make absolutely sure all your data are moved and accessible, and that all your programs work correctly.  The time to solve a problem, if there is while you still have available data - not after it has been deleted.  Frankly, I'd let the old profile sitting there for a few weeks or more, just to be on the right side (if you have the space, and I suspect you do).

    Here is more information about the permissions you need permissions in its own right and to take ownership of:

    To view your permissions, right-click on the file/folder, click Properties, and check the Security tab.  Check the permissions you have by clicking on your user name (or group of users).  Here are the types of permissions, you may have:  You must be an administrator or owner to change the permissions (and sometimes, being an administrator or even an owner is not sufficient - there are ways to block access (even if a smart administrator knows these ways and can move them - but usually should not because they did not have access, usually for a very good reason).)  Here's how to change the permissions of folder under Vista:  To add take and the issuance of right of permissions and ownership in the right click menu (which will make it faster to get once it is configured), see the following article:

    To resolve this problem with folders, appropriating the files or the drive (as an administrator) and give you all the rights.  Right-click on the folder/drive, click Properties, click the Security tab and click on advanced and then click the owner tab.  Click on edit, and then click the name of the person you want to give to the property (you may need to add if it is not there--or maybe yourself). If you want that it applies to subfolders and files in this folder/drive, then check the box to replace the owner of subcontainers and objects, and click OK.  Back and now there is a new owner for files and folders/player who can change the required permissions.  You can change now switched to read-only (even if the main folder indicates that they are always read-only - you can access yourself as the owner).  You can keep them in read-only to other users, customers and administrators even (although they can support themselves and access, if they wish, and it is really not that you can do to stop it except protect the file with a password by using a 3rd party product.)  Here is more information on the ownership of a file or a folder:  To add take ownership in the menu of the right click (which will make it faster to get once it is configured), see the following article:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • How to remove or delete profiles redundant network (names) of my office and laptops running Windows 7?

    With Verizon DSL modem in bridge and as a router Linksys WRT 160N, my desktop and laptop computers have been in a network.  Laptop computer and printer via wireless and desktop wired.  The name of the network used to be the same for all connected devices.  However, when my Linksys gave the soul about a week ago, I reconnected it via the Verizon Actiontec WRT704G modem/router combination and since I could not print from the laptop, and it takes about 5 minutes to print 2 pages of my office.  The network name on my desktop by default automatically to the network 4, and on the laptop, there '2' after the former name of network.  With different network names, I couldn't set up my home group.  But I have access to the internet on both computers.  The network name (SSID) on the site config the router and the printer is the same: the former name of the network without the '2'.

    I need help or advice on how to clear or remove these other network names and have just 1 network name for all connected devices.  I know that in Vista, you can merge or remove network profiles but can't seem to find a way to do this under Windows 7.  Also, my laptop is Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit and the Office on Home Premiun 64 bit.

    Thank you

    Hi pejuson,

    To remove profiles redundant network from your computer, you can follow the steps mentioned below and check.

    1. open manage wireless networks by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type Wireless, and then click manage wireless networks.

    2 right-click the network profile you want to change, and then click on Properties.

    3 make the desired changes, then click on OK.

    For more information, see create or modify network profiles.

    Hope this information helps you.


    Arona - Microsoft technical support engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • How can I remove a network profile

    Hi please tell me that how to remove a network from my pc profile, windows 8



    Did you try option 2 and remove the network using the command prompt?

    If it doesn't, you get an error when executing the command?

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to remove the icon network connections of office, as well as the administration of Office Tools icon?

    original title: Hi Rami, how are you? can you help me to tell me how to remove the icon for network connection of office, as well as the administration of Office Tools icon?

    Hi Rami how are you? can you help me to tell me how to remove the icon for network connection of office, as well as the administration of Office Tools icon?

    Hi TristanRamizi,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forum. Are you logged on as administrator on the computer? Try to start the computer in Safe Mode , and then remove the icons.

  • How to remove a network of organization using the vCloud API?


    I try to delete a network of internal organisation, using the java sdk:

    AdminOrgNetwork orgNetwork = getOrgNetwork("myNetwork"); // This will query vCloud and return a valid object
    orgNetwork.delete(); // This failes with: "com.vmware.vcloud.sdk.VCloudException: HTTP method not allowed"

    For some reason it isn't working and I get ""HTTP method not allowed ". "

    I also check the xml object returned by vCloud and I noticed that missing the link delete:

    <OrgNetwork xmlns="" name="myNetwork" id="...">
        <Link rel="up" type="application/" href="..."/>
        <Link rel="down" type="application/vnd.vmware.vcloud.metadata+xml" href="..."/>
        <!-- Onetwork details -->

    Removal of network does not enjoy using the API? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    No matter what support in how to actually remove the network (which btw is also created using the API) would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    I think you are trying to delete a view of the user of the org network.

    You should try to suppress the display of the admin of the org network.

    What do you do under the getOrgNetwork ("myNetwork"). How do you get the org network. I think you found the network org user here.

    Get it from the VcloudAdmin-> AdminOrganization-> networks.

    Kind regards

    Rajesh Kamal.

  • password on HP pavilion home pc used I'll start PC how to remove the password of owner he ask to log

    I bought a pc at a yard sale and the guy gave me a password, but it does not work what can make the password on HP pavilion windows xp home edition and it won't let me boot pc how to remove the owner password it asks to connect to windows? is there a jumper to remove the old?


    Welcome to the Microsoft Community and thanks for posting the question. I understand that you want to remove the password on computer xp. Let me help you with the issue.

    1. were you able to get to the desktop screen earlier?

    2. what security software is installed?

    3. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    4. have you SP 3 installed update?

    To resolve this issue, let us try these methods:

    Method 1.

    Start the computer in safe mode and try to connect to the admin user account.

    To start the computer in safe mode:

    Method 2.

    You can create a new admin user account and check the status.

    You can create a new user account and check. Once the new user account works fine, then copy the data from the old user account for the user account.

    How to copy data from a user profile damaged to a new profile in Windows XP:

    I hope this helps. If you need further assistance on this particular issue or any other related issue Windows let us know and we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • How to remove the virus once safty scan

    How to remove the virus once safty scan


    You do not say what program you use

    There should be an option in any security program you are using to delete, remove, clean or quarantine (depending on how it is formulated).


    If by other means, you have download and installed a fake security program, which is in fact malware. follow these steps:

    Scan of Malware in Safe Mode with network.

    Windows XP

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the machine starts first, yet once it will list usually some equipment that is installed on your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a menu of Advanced Options in Windows XP.
    3. Select the Safe Mode with networking option using the arrow keys.
    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start safe mode.
    5. Make all the necessary tasks and when finished restart to start in normal mode.

    Once in Safe Mode with network, download and run RKill.

    RKill does NOT remove the malware; It stops the Malware process that gives you a chance to remove it with your security programs.

    Then, download, install, update and scan your system with the free version of Malwarebytes AntiMalware in Mode safe mode with networking:

    See you soon.

  • How to remove the default for a limited only account gateway (with static ip address)

    I have 1 pc with 4 accounts 1 account administrator and user the rest is limited accounts. I use a static ip address and the question is how to remove the default gateway on these limited account so that they cannot access the internet

    The entry door is fixed to the adapter and selectively cannot set properties of the different adapter for different users, all users use the same adapter.

    With Internet Explorer (does not work with other browsers), you can configure a proxy server with a fake address, you can do this through Group Policy, or you can do it manually for each individual user through the Internet Options settings.  You can set the proxy server address map of loopback ( or you can set it to a bogus address of your private address range (usually the range

    If you are using other browsers, you can use NTFS permissions to deny access to the Explorer or the program directory or you can use software restriction policies to deny access to specific programs.

    Alternatively, you can use a logon script to activate the network connection service when you open a session and the other to turn it off when you log, but if you do this you will disable the entire network for limited users if it cannot be a solution for them.  The script can be a simple two-line script:

    Logon script:

    SC config Netman start = demand
    net start netman

    Logoff script:

    net stop netman
    SC config Netman start = disabled

    These can be useful:


  • difficulty to remove the network wireless to my laptop

    Hi - I'm unable to remove the network my laptop wireless. I have windows Vista Home premium on a Dell Inspiron 1525. I need to delete the list of wireless network in order to re - install (due to changes to the security settings). When I try to remove it, it disappears, but then within 5 seconds it appears again, like a ghost in my computer. Help, please

    Perhaps, he keeps coming back because you're connected to the Internet.

    I assume you mean: network and sharing Center, manage wireless networks, one of the networks on this list, your right you click on the network and clicked on delete network.

    Well, if you click Properties, you can change the security settings.

    If you were logged on to the disconnected from the Internet and then you can remove it and if it works you will see it come back.

    But he will always be there even if you don't see it.

    To remove it completely connect to the Internet with another connection, not one you want to delete.

    Open the network and sharing Center click on customize, click on merge or delete network connections, select the connection that you want to remove and click on delete. This removes the registry.

    If you are unable to connect to the Internet to do this follow these steps:

    Press the Windows Logo key and the R key to open the run.

    type: regedit, click OK

    Navigate to: HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT / CurrentVersion / NetworkList / profiles

    Click on one of the profiles below to view on the right side. Look at the name of the profile to make sure it is the right one.

    When you see one you want to remove a right click the highlighted one on the left side and click on delete.

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    Hi allI have created a form that has fields of text that I encouraged overflow the default text box provided. When I'm in creator mode, any field that has overflow text is indicated by a sign "+" in a box, what is optimal. Is there a way to show this