How to remove the old backup RMAN

Hello Experts,

Please English me to remove my old backups RMAN. We act in RMAN backup on a daily basis on the disc. you want to delete the previous day from the disk backup.

Any help?

Ideally if your backup is automatic, you need to add a line "delete noprompt obsolete device type disk;" at the end of backup scripts based on your retention policy clean the old not required for backups.


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    I will be grateful for the help.


    Looking first for similar discussions in this forum? I guess that you didn t ;)
    The advanced search option is very useful and you can search for single yarn that could help you.

    I found this:

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    It seems that the hard drive on your A30 is in the optical drive, and you must remove all first the STRANGE before you get access to the HARD drive.

    Best regards

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    Thank you


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    How to remove the old key wifi Windows 7? It is automatically to connect to the old key... If I delete also the same old key is coming.

    Here you go:

    1. Control Panel
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    Also note that since there is a network problem, a Forum that focuses on networking would be a better place to ask this question. This forum addresses issues of Windows security.
  • Remove the old backup in iCLOUD

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    Appreciate any suggestions.  I traded in my old iPhone for 1 year 6s MORE and got a new 6 s more on 3 June 2016. I deleted also removed the old iphone in my Apple devices. TKS a lot

    Have you tried to remove it from your computer.

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    You can't just reset everything?

    You could just reformat the drive under the system settings?  This will clear all user content, but note that this includes your music or audio books - transfer you want to save on your PC first.

  • How to remove the old version of QuickTime

    How can I remove the old version of Quick Time?

    How can I remove the old version of Quick Time?

    Hey wagmalik

    use the apple link information for instructions on how to remove quicktime below

    Removal of QuickTime

    1. Quit QuickTime Player.
    2. On the Start menu, select Control Panel.
    3. In Control Panel, click on uninstall a program. Control Panel programs and features opens.
      Alternately, in classic Panel, Control Panel, click programs and features.
    4. Select QuickTime in the list of currently installed programs, and then click on uninstall.
    5. When asked if you want to remove QuickTime, click Yes.
    6. Once the uninstall is complete, do not restart your computer if you are prompted to.
    7. If other program entries were listed for QuickTime programs and features remove those institutions.

    Walter, the time zone traveller

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    vRealize Automation 6.2.1

    It is not possible to remove a trust strategy in any version 6.x of vRA. You can set it as inactive if you no longer want to use it.

  • How to remove the old timemachine/backup files from an old hard drive

    I did not use a hard disk for time machine for several years (replaced by the 3 TB model). I had a few back normal of the files on it and everything just deleted the folder backups.backupdb. All but 7 mb removed. I then filled the hard disk with the other files. Now, I want to remove these 7 MB.

    I said my mac to remove all the locked files, no luck. I changed the permissions of the main folder, open and said the mac to do the same to inclusive all files, no luck. I did the same thing to each folder in the folder backupdb, no luck.

    I even dug deep into the HD/system/library/coreservices records and released the boot.efl and bootx files and no removal of chance.

    A secure boot has not helped.

    Reformatting the drive is not an option that I have thousands of files on that drive.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you

    Trash - can not empty or move files to the Recycle Bin

    Garbage FAQS

  • How to remove the iPhone backup is the mac book...

    I recently had to back up my phone to my mac book I was away and the phone was damaged. As I have a mac mini at home that I use for backups, I would like to delete the backup that is on my mac book.

    Any advice on how to do that would be great.

    in iTunes-> Preferences-> devices, click on the name of your iPhone, then the option 'Remove the backup' below.

    Find and manage your backups iTunes - Apple Support

  • How to remove the iphone backup 5

    I don't want to keep iPhone 5 backups. I set myself now iCloud not to backup my iphone when I plug in, but how do I delete an old backup, I created which can be on my computer rather than iCloud? I don't know, actually. I think that my iPhone has been saved just once before. And the backup actually on iCloud and on my computer as it would have been in the past?

    Is always a good idea to keep a backup copy

    That being said - you can have backups in iCloud and iTunes

    The iCloud maximum return can be deleted by  - system preferences - iCloud - backup management

    What about iTunes - if you're bent on deleting of backup - you can google for where the backup is stored on your computer and delete it

  • How to remove the old Hello msi file

    make the misstake of trying to download the new itunes to message delete old Hello computer msi keep can someone help? PS also tried using itunes help they say that I'm not on the internet

    It really helps to have the full error message.  It's not like if you pay by the letter questions posted in these forums.

    Based on the almost total absence of information in your message, my guess is that your old iTunes installation has become corrupted, or partially deleted, and as a result, you cannot install the new version.

    The simplest thing to do is just clean things, and then try again.

    Used to have a tool just to do this, called the Windows Installer Microsoft Cleanup utility.  Apparently, however, when this tool has been used (I think with MS Office), removes sometimes more he was supposed to, and that's why Microsoft has removed the tool of its download servers.

    The Windows Installer Cleanup utility is always available from , or you can use the free Revo Uninstaller.  Before using or the other of these tools, create a restore point from the system, backup the registry with C:\WINDOWS\ERUNT, or (if you can afford) creates a full disk image or a clone - just in case.

    Here are the usual directions to perform a "clean installation" of iTunes, based on Support of Apple HT1926 article.

    Go to control panel > Add/Remove programs
    Remove these applications:
    1 Apple Software Update
    2. Apple Mobile Device Support
    3 Hello
    4 iPod for Windows (this may or may not exist, be it, it is not necessary, then we can remove it)
    5 iTunes
    6 QuickTime

    Open my computer > C: > Program Files
    Delete this files (if present)
    1 iPod
    2 iTunes
    3 QuickTime

    Empty your temp directory:
    Open my computer > C: > Documents & Settings > username > Local Settings and delete the contents of the folder called "Temp".

    If you don't see the local settings, enable hidden files:
    Tools > Folder Options > view tab
    Select Show Hidden Files & folder, and then click OK

    Once this file is empty, restart the computer

    [See note above regarding cleanup utility]
    Download & install the Windows Installer Cleanup utility:
    Launch the utility: start > programs > Windows Installer Clean Up
    Select one of the applications mentioned above and click on remove

    Restart the computer
    Download & reinstall iTunes from here:

  • How to remove the old google browser displays the start menu in the internet drop-down list box?

    Original title: Start menu

    When I go to the taskbar and start menu properties I go in Start menu, and then click Customize. then at the bottom where it says see the start menu in the box, it shows an old browser I don't have how to remove it is the browser drop-down list internet google ch

    Hi OliveBrook,

    You can try to uninstall entries of Google chrome under programs and features and check if it appears in the start option of Internet link menu.

    See the link below to uninstall a program.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • There is no option to remove the old backup files to my Windows 7 Professional

    I want to delete my previous backup and create a new. But my Windows 7 Professional Panel-> Backup and Restore options for: 1) Se tup 2 backup) select another backup to restore files from 3) recover system settings or your computer.

    When I go to the backup game - it does not show an option to delete the previous backup while he complains that there is not enough space for the back upward.

    But it shows the backups of my previous 2 occupying about 220 GB - I want to remove at least one of them and create a new.

    How can I do?

    Thanks in advance.

    Your problem is that the backup thinks that it has never been used.  There's a picture of what your snapshot should look like article 4 of the

    If you look further down the page, you will see a list of related tutorials - you might find useful for your current situation guidance in How to reset the Configuration of backup in Windows 7 files

Maybe you are looking for