How to remove Toshiba HDD backup of external files

I use a HD Toshiba external (593400-E, 320 GB, 3/11) to back up my files, which I did for years. Kept of each of them. Recently it has emerged that the last of them is needed, so I tried to delete the file on which appear the most historic and it will not allow me to do.
Is there a way? Or I have to format the drive, I prefer not?
Thank you


Posted by nolden7
to back up my files, which I did for years. Kept of each of them.

How will you do these backups? What software do you use?

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    What are video instructions do you mean? I have a Qosmio also but I've never seen this instructional video. This program begins that shows the video instruction?

    And are you sure that this video is Toshiba?
    Maybe you should check the programs in msconfig > startup. There you can disable applications Toshiba you don't need.

    Good bye

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    Kind regards


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    Best regards and thanks for the help!

    So far I didn't test these actions, but if you have administrative rights, maybe it's possible to delete certain partition and without changing the ability to create a new.
    Try to do this, use the option of disk management in computer management.

    Of course before trying to do this backup all other important data stored on that partition.

    Please let me know if it will work.

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    (I'm sorry for my bad English)

    You can t remove a HARD drive password. No one can do that.

    I put t understand why this happened, but check the HARD drive in a laptop or in an external enclosure.

    Maybe the drive is defective and must be replaced.

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    in iTunes-> Preferences-> devices, click on the name of your iPhone, then the option 'Remove the backup' below.

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    Is always a good idea to keep a backup copy

    That being said - you can have backups in iCloud and iTunes

    The iCloud maximum return can be deleted by  - system preferences - iCloud - backup management

    What about iTunes - if you're bent on deleting of backup - you can google for where the backup is stored on your computer and delete it

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    I can't remove the \data\home\Backup on the admin page. I can't find this file on the mac Finder

    The file has now been eliminated.

    Once the balance, I'm finished running please run another UI, accessing the system > Volumes, selecting the volume and choosing the balance.

    Once this is done, I would like to run a Defrag.

    It is better not to fill the volume to more than 80-85%.

    I recommend you to plan a balance every few weeks or more. I also plan a defragmentation.

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    I checked the screenshot, and it seems that you are using the Windows XP Start menu and not the start menu classic.
    Please, right click the Green Start button and select Properties.
    Then, the taskbar window and the properties of the Start Menu should appear.
    Then switch on the start tab menu and press the Customize button.

    There, you can try to clean the list of programs
    Also, check the Advanced Options tab and the list of start menu items.

  • How to remove a corrupt backup?

    The system tells me it can not save, because my current backup is damaged.  But I can't know where to delete the bad ones.

    Thank you.

    iCloud or iTunes?

    If the backup is to iCloud see: manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

    If it was to your computer via iTunes see: find and manage your backups iTunes - Apple Support

  • How to remove the dialog box "print to file".

    Initially up to and subsequently, I get a dialog box titled 'Print to File' and invites me to enter a "output file name" How can I get rid of this box? No matter what I do, I keep coming back!

    Hi cups WI,

    ·         Since when are you facing this problem?

    ·         Have you checked the problem in safe mode?

    Check if the following might help.

    Step 1: Start the computer in safe mode and check the number.

    Step 2: In safe mode, delete the printer and spool driver files. To do this,

    a. Click Start, click my computer.

    b. navigate to the following locations and then delete all files and folders in the following two folders (where C: is the drive where Windows XP is installed):

    • C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers
    • C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Drivers\w32x86

    Report of the results.

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