How to rename channel in VI

Could someone explain to me in a fundamental way. How to rename channel merged in the attached VI names.

By default, they read without title, Untitled_1 and so on. I want giving them a logical name as coil Temp, Temp of the battery etc...

Thank you


Why put another image when you already have one, a VI, posted in a response.

If you insist on using to write into the file of measures and insist on having the names of channel, you must use the procedure that I linked to. At least give it a try before posting back.

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    To have the "MIDlet-Name" of the renowned JAD property, you will need to rename the project. Output file names can be changed via the BlackBerry_App_Descriptor.xml > Build (tab) > name of the output file (field).

    Kind regards

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    It can't be renamed directly, but if you export the task at any place, then re-import, it can be renamed during the import process.

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    Unfortunately, you cannot rename a form online.

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    See you soon,.


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    Hi nns.

    You work on the file in Acrobat or Reader? If so, it is an easy by choosing File > save as and give the file a new name. Then, you will have two copies of the file: one with the old name and the other with the new. (The same principle contains true is pretty much all applications).



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    How to rename the button "Give FInal notes" in the assessment. (Assessment Manager the manager finally click 'Give Final notes'. "I want to rename this button).

    I tried through customization, but impossible to find the name of the button in the customization structure, so that I can rename it.


    Published by: Maya on 24 November 2012 23:23

    Hi Maya,

    In customization, find the point jacquard simiilar Word. For example: "Ranking Final %" or something like that.
    You will get the item as well as block the name.

    According to my understanding, if you want to change the label of the button, and then set the property: LABEL for this element.
    Apply and save the customization.

    Switch the responsibility and test again the case.


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