How to replace the hard drive with an SSD on a model of end 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch, A1286


I would like to replace the hard drive on my model of end 2011 MacBook Pro 15 inch, A1286 with a disk solid state drive (SSD). First of all, I would like to know if this is possible. Second, what is the best way to do it? I'm under the Yosemite OS if that makes a difference.

Here are some technical details of my current system:

-MacBook Pro 15 inch, late 2011 model A1286

-OS yosemite

-16 GB of memory/RAM

-Currently using stock HD

All instructions step by step would be helpful with what software should I use to make backups of my current operating system (e.g., SuperDuper). I would also like to know what tools or material I need like type of screwdriver, cables to transfer data to the SSD, etc.. My goal is to not have to reinstall each app one by one on the SSD, but if that's the only way to do it then it's okay.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You can see instructions OWC here. Tools are mentioned in the discussion (I used a plastic knife picnic with the stronger edge somewhat blunt for nylon pry tool). I suggest you invest in one of these external fences. Install the SSD in who and clone internally externally with CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper. Then move the external drive of the internal drive after the start of the SSD in the external to confirm the operation.

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    Yes.  There are several alternatives.  I found a way relatively inexpensive, using a map of mSATA (very small SSD) and an adapter to connect it to the connector IDE 44 pin internal of my PowerBook.  It works very well.  Rather than repeat what I posted previously, you can watch these two topics (which also has good info, other users)

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    SATA SSD have the same footprint than conventional hard drives (some may be thinner than 2 mm, but the closing screws are adjusted for difference) Although adapters can be provided, you must not use in your MBP.  I installed three SSD in my Mac without adapters.


  • Replace old hard drive with an SSD.  Nowsome keys on the keyboard no longer works.  Ex 'e' and 'b' keys no longer work?  Any idea what could take place in the disc replacement?

    Replace old hard drive with an SSD.  Now some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working.  Ex 'e' and 'b' keys no longer work?  Any idea what could take place in the disc replacement?

    Probably nothing, it's probably a fluke. Try resetting the SMC and the PRAM by iMac Intel SCM and reset the PRAM. If this does not work, try a USB keyboard to test, if it works then your original keyboard has failed and must be replaced.

  • Re: Tecra A9 - 11M - replace the HARD drive with a larger

    I have a Tecra A9 - 11 M with Windows XP Professional installed. I would like to replace the hard drive with a larger drive and install Windows 7 Professional.

    Any suggestions on recommended records say 500 MB?

    Difficulties to install Windows 7 on this model?


    > Any suggestions on recommended records say 500 MB?
    I assume you mean 500 GB and not 500MB, right? ;)

    Well, the Tecra A9 already supports SATA interface and there is no limit of capacity on SATA interface, so you can install a 500 GB HARD drive or more (750 GB, etc.). Just make sure that it s 2.5 SATA HDD.

    You can choose each brand of HARD drive because each model will not work. You can buy a Toshiba HDD, Western Digital HARD drive or another. No problem ;)

  • Qosmio X 500 - 10W - can I replace the HARD drive with another?


    I have a Qosmio X 500 - 10W with two drive HARD Toshiba MK5055GSX 500 GB 5400 RPM 8 MB? SATA II but is one of the hs so I'm wondering if I can be replaced by a more powerful style, drive HARD 750 GB 7200 RPM / min 16 MB Toshiba courses?

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    Your question is a bit hard to understand, but I think you want to replace the HARD drive with another (faster) model, right?

    Well, that s no problem. 7200 RPM hard drives works, they are a little stronger, but they're faster so if you need more performance without problem.
    750 GB or more are also no problem because the SATA interface is not the limited capacity. Theoretically 1 TB or more should also work.

    Anyway, you can buy the 750Go you mentioned that it will work. :)

  • Equium - how to replace the HARD drive?


    I need to replace the hard drive on my Toshiba Equium.
    Can someone tell me the procedure? I changed it once before, and I remember having to press one of the function keys when I turned on the laptop with the new hard drive installed.
    Should I have the recovery disk when the laptop is turned on with the new hard drive installed?

    Thank you very much



    You should take a look in your user manual. Sometimes you will find a detailed how instruction replace the HARD disk, but it according to your laptop model.

    If you swapped the HARD drive, you need to reinstall Windows. Therefore, you can take the Toshiba Recovery disk that will restore the initial setup in a few minutes with all the drivers and tools. You only have to boot from that drive and that s all! :)

  • Replaced the optical drive with an SSD, but how do we install Lenovo Windows 8.1 on it?

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    Ive recently replaced my optical drive with an SSD, but the problem is now how to clean install a lenovo legit 8.1 on windows?

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    RedKoi wrote:

    Hey guys,.

    Ive recently replaced my optical drive with an SSD, but the problem is now how to clean install a lenovo legit 8.1 on windows?

    Thanks in advance!

    For clean installation try to download Microsoft Media creation tool first. Using the tool, you can download a copy of the Win 8.1 installer. Save 8.1 only and not the PRO. During installation, the installation program does not the product key but it detect automatically your bios.

    You will need to place the ssd instead of the original location of the hard drive to boot successfully.

  • HP sleekbook 15-b005el: replace the hard drive with SDS

    Hi I have a Sleekbook and I wanted to change the hard drive in a SSD(128Gb)

    HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-b005el

    Product number: C5R40EA #ABZ

    REV:1900 - 100

    What is the best upgrade kit? Thank you

    See the following list of videos for removal and replacement of the hard disk. (hard disk set)

    You'll need is a mobile SATA 2.5 "SSD to replace the wisk hard legacy spinner with. I highly recommend that replace you it with the current disk cloning to the new.  This is the simplest method. See the sticky that I created in this section of the forum for more details on how it's done.

    An SSD of 256 GB or higher capacity is recommended as a replacement for the disk hard legacy currently installed. An SSD of 256 GB or higher capacity will allow to use the recovery media that you created with the HP Recovery Media Creator utility.

    See the following links to to see what will work. You can use SATA, SATAII and SATAIII interface SSDS. None of the other types of interfaces are compatible with the motherboard and the BIOS of your laptop!

  • HARD drive gone bad. How to replace the HARD drive and reinstall operating system without a recovery disk?

    I have a HP with Windows 7 Home Premium TouchSmart tm2.  The HARD drive is clicking and will not start.  Error: Device not found Boot.  I guess I have to replace the HARD drive, but how can I restore/reinstall operating system without a recovery disk?  Windows was preinstalled, and I have the product key.  Thank you.


    You can order a recovery disc defined by following the instructions on the link below.


    You can download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of windows 7 Home Premium ISO on the link below and use your product key to activate the installation.

    You need a program that will be able to burn ISO files so that the DVD is bootable DVD burning. Burn at the slowest possible speed for best results.

    Then install all the drivers you need for your PC support and driver page.


  • Satellite L300-A13 - how to replace the HARD drive?

    I need to replace my drive hard because I got a disc error and I could hear noises from him. Someone knows the size of the current hard drive replace (either 3.5 SATA or whatever it is)?

    No space memory but actual size, so it can fit inside my computer and someone know a tutorial to replace by yourself?


    To replace the HARD drive, you need a 2.5 HARD drive SATA interface. These 3.5 HARD drive you want to say are only for desktop PC s peut t used in laptops to buy a 2.5 so one.

    But it makes no difference which manufacturing you buy the HARD drive or the size. Just look for a 2.5 HARD drive SATA interface.

    Replace the drive is pretty easy: just remove the two screws on the underside of the cover of the HARD drive. You can exchange it.
    I know because I have the same laptop. ;)

  • Re: Satellite P200-178 - how to replace the HARD drive?

    Is it really possible to replace the HARD drive on this model? I have another satellite & which was 2 screws & pulling on one leg, job done.

    The P200 has an opening apparently get actually on the HARD drive but it gets you on the underside of the car, so I think that you will have to pass the upper part by means of the keyboard.

    Can anyone help? I lost 70 pounds on a HARD disk that cannot be mounted?

    Thanks in advance


    As far as I know on all models, it of possible to swap the HARD drive.

    According to the user manual on the underside of the laptop it is a case of HDD for HDD1 and HDD2. This coverage is provided by one or two screws, I think that should be deleted. After that, you are able to exchange the HARD drive.

    Take a look on the underside. HARD drive swap is not complicated and can be done in a few minutes. :)

  • Portege R200 - how to replace the HARD drive

    Fundamental questions about the Toshiba Portege R200 (purchased model birthday Thailand August 2005) are:
    (1) Please provide instructions to remove the hard drive (non-functional) (illustrations if possible)
    (2) model has enough space inside for hard drive 2.5 inch? (Impossible to locate 1.8 inches and below, to get the results of [expensive] calls to Toshiba - of interest only)

    (1) while 3 years warranty in force I trecked (expensive) of Malaysia in Bangok (where to buy) at the headquarters of Toshiba (if you know Bangkok taxi drivers, you'll know what a test or going around in circles and the nonsense in the fire that was)... Toshiba agreed HD vibrating but reported would take 3 to 10 weeks to get the HD replacement (!?)
    (2) I was a few weeks later to the r - u (to tie)... They told me they couldn't help; I "should contact my provider...". This is an Asian model, in Europe, we cannot... etc etc.
    (3) a week later the HD has no
    (4) I contacted Toshiba but they told me the warranty expired 7 days before...
    (5) since this time I phoned and was put on hold for Toshiba in the region of London (several times), Singapore (3 times), Thailand (well, if you know how it goes, say-no more, shots of elbow-boost)...

    I got nowhere. But were invited by the media to bring it to the headquarters of Thai (yet)... It's all right, I'll book a flight and hotel etc now, shouldn't cost all that much more than the computer cost me initially...

    Oh, another thing, not very important: to help out me, I bought a lighter machine at Toys R us... 300 quid... for the love of antiquity I always want to get the old dog to this shiny Silver Anniversary edition slim R200 works again...
    I have a 2.5 "HD available (recond and costs all 9 quid in Brummagem) but before I destroy the old R200 dog by ineptitude... (and lost to carefree annoyance no assistance of Toshiba)... and/or on how to remove HD, please?


    I have seen words about your question.
    AFAIK the R200 was equipped with the utility of the HARD disk protection. It is a feature to reduce the risk of damage to the HARD disk.
    Using the acceleration sensor built into the computer drive HARD protection detect vibrations, shocks and sings in the computer and automatically moves the HDD Head somewhere course, in order to reduce the risk of damage.
    But this function does not ensure that the HARD drive will not damage! It reduces the risk of damage!

    However, the HARD drive can be removed very easily.
    At the bottom of the unit, you will find the HARD drive Bay. It s close to the battery (on the left).
    You need to remove two screws to get access to the HARD disk 1.8.

    PS: You can use disks hard only 1.8. The 2.5 hard drives are not compatible.
    I discovered that you can use a TOSHIBA 60GB 4,200 rpm 1.8 HDD HDD1544BZK01

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A200 - how to replace the HARD drive?

    Hey, I recently some strange problems with my laptop. I installed a new copy of Windows Vista and also tried with Windows 7 a few times. But eveytime I get problems. The installation of the operating system right. But after I installed some Windows updates my computer becomes very slow and at some point, I am unable to install any application, because it crashes just when installing... This happends with all the big software products such as Visual Studio, 3d Max, After Effects... etc.

    So I think that my HARD drive has a large number of bad sectors. I also tried to erase everything on my drive with KillDisk, but it hangs at 16%. Once again something that seems to be my HARD drive.

    But before you buy a new, I'd like to hear your opinions on my problem and I would also like to know how I have to replace my HDD on a Toshiba Satellite a200. I don't know where it is placed and what parts I need to unscrew.

    Thanks for any help.


    The HARD drive is placed on the underside of the laptop.

    The HARD drive on the underside Bay is fixed by two screws. Remove the screws and the HARD drive. Then you can swap the HARD drive.
    But unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery before doing this.

    The new HARD disk must have the SATA interface.

    Good bye

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