How to replace "Withdrawal on the right tab" character?

Hi all

I want to replace "Tab" and "Withdrawal right tab" text "< TAB >". Replace 'Tab' works very well. How to replace "Withdrawal on the right tab"? Here is my Code.

var myParaContents = app.selection [0] .paragraphs [0] .silence;

myParaContents = myParaContents.replace ("\t" ","< TAB >"");     This code replaces '\t' to '< TAB > ". Like that, I want to change the withdrawal right tab character.

Alert (myParaContents);

Thank you and best regards,

Robert S


Try this,

var myParaContents=app.selection[0].paragraphs[0].contents;
myParaContents = myParaContents.replace(/\u0008/g, "");

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