How to reproduce a series of images and effects

I'm learning to work with keyframes, creating an icon of simple rotation. I also have two adjacent images that have a variety of effects applied to them.

Is there a way to copy an image and all its effects, or even a group of images and effects and paste them into another place on the timeline?

I thought that the keyword to search for "sequences", but I'm confused. I watched the tutorial @ How to create a new sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. School online - YouTube video, but I do not understand the difference between a project and a sequence. I visualize a sequence as a part of a video - an episode or segment. But this tutorial seems to describe the creation of a separate project.

Yet you can import footage - projects How to import a sequence in Premiere Pro to another project - YouTube

So I am confused. For now, I want to just copy a group of images and effects and paste them to another location on the timeline. Is this something I would do with a sequence, or something else?

Thank you.


If you want to copy clips and effects just drag your mouse to select all the clips, copy them using control c. move the selection of instant to where you want and then simply paste, control V.

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    No, you can add them at any time.

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    If you need a program with more options... the
    Freeware PhotoScape can be worth a try:

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    (the download is: PhotoScape_V3.6.1.exe)

    PhotoScape? (tutorials)

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    Open PhotoScape and select... Editor in Chief.

    Click on the Viewer and find the picture you want to
    Ed. Left click of the photo to highlight and click on the left...
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    Left click the + button to zoom in and get a good
    view of the teeth of the subject.

    Reach... Tools tab / effect brush / brighten up...

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    Left click / drag the toothbrush to reach...
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    It is best to save as and give your modified version, a new name...

    See you soon

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    Too bad!

    I use FreeVideoToJPGConverter (software) to convert my videos in jpg files.

    Then, I use to convert them into a single image.

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    You can retrieve only data files has not be erased. Normally, you will have to pay for software such as Getdata or service to retrieve data/files, but there are some free products:

    Good luck.

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    See if this video tutorial helps you to: using the Modes of merger with video Clips - lesson

    Thank you


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    And you need to resize the photo so it will be good within the margins of papers, that's all you can do in wlpg.

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    I have three general issues (ID CS4):

    • I haveMagi are placed inside the text block. How could I place them in any other place easily? If I try with the holding of the left button of the mouse, which is not possible. I have to cut it and paste it again. What is this possible.
    • How to create captions for the images and tables? I get Word of text style with a description. Maybe I need to number the pictures and tables. The common question is: is it necessary to number of images and tables in the SW user manual? I've seen a lot of documentations and there were not counted. There are common rules, when it is necessary to dial it and when not? If yes how can I do such a legend in InDesign? I tried it and I am so far, I can do it in a separate text frame for counter with text. It is the only way?
    • Import of untied the size table and the table is placed off the page. I didn't understand why ID has not regained the same size in Word 2007

    Please see my file:

    I answered this question, and we had a lively discussion. Yes, you

    create a separate text for captions. You can use automatic

    numbers, or type numbers in itself. If you do not understand the

    words in the discussion, or if you need more "hand holding" Guide

    through, I suggest that you look for some tutorials online.


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    Thank you very much


    How about using Max comparison IMAQ operation?

  • I am running windows XP. Just Atarted work with images and it seems every time I select a photo it is copied. How can I stop this

    I was doing some photo editing and to my surprise some of my images are copied into the file of hundreds of times.  How should I do

    I was doing some photo editing and to my surprise some of my images are copied into the file of hundreds of times.  How should I do

    Unwanted copies have file names with
    copy "prefix of"?

    Example: Copy of IMG_1455.JPG

    If_yes_maybe the following tutorial, I wrote
    for XP offers a few ideas:

    Also... There is a link to another method
    at the end of this tutorial.

    Here's how to reproduce the unwanted
    copy of...

    Hold down your CTRL key and select multiple files...

    Place your pointer over the selected group
    (holding the key ctrl) and left click / drag
    the group even just the slightest bit... now
    release the mouse button.

    Oooops... multiple copies...

    Maybe the following will help:

    Sometimes most of the person who
    trying to select multiple by holding the CTRL
    or the SHIFT key down while clicking on the left to select the
    image files.

    Copies are created when you are unable to
    completely release the mouse button before
    you move the pointer to another file. When a group
    the selected file is dragged... even the slightest
    release the mouse button will produce a bit...
    copies of all the files previously highlighted.

    It's a little easier if you have your folder
    Options set at single click... that way you can
    select/deselect a file with just a mouse more
    and you don't have to click. For multiples you
    I have to keep... CTRL or Shift.

    Do not click on... no slip... no copy... maybe that of
    your solution. To adjust the click...
    Open a folder and go... Tools / folder
    Options / General tab... Check... 'single click '.
    To open an item"/ apply / OK.

    If you want to delete all the files in a folder
    You can try the following:

    Reach... Edition / select all... or type... CTRL / has...

    With all of the files selected... go... Drop / delete...
    or press your delete key... or... click on the
    Group and choose 'delete '.

    How do I find and remove unwanted 'copies '.
    of your image files.

    Open the folder that the images are saved in and
    on the left, click on the button 'Search' in your toolbar.

    (If you view the files from a montage
    program and do not know where the record is... right
    Click on one of the image files and the menu...
    choose... Properties. The path to the folder will be
    in the tab 'General' to 'Place').

    In the research pane select... "All files and folders".

    In the "All or part of the file name" field. Come in...

    a copy of

    Now... on the left, click on the search"" button.

    When the search is complete... go to... Edition / select all...

    Then go to... Remove / delete.

    You will see a dialog box asking if you are sure
    you want to delete the files, click Yes.

    Now... on the left, click on the 'Back' button in your toolbar.

    Now the remaining files should be your originals.

    If you delete the wrong files... recover from
    your basket now.

    Also see the following article:

    Trouble fixing: stop Windows copy
    Files accidentally when Ctrl-click selecting

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