How to reset a contextual input fields


This question is asked repeatedly, but the solution that does not work.

I have a dialog box in a popup defined as:

< af:popup childCreation = 'deferred' id = 'updatePopup' contentDelivery = "lazyUncached" binding = "#{components ['updatePopup']} ' autoCancel ="disabled ".
resetEditableValues = "whenCanceled" >
< af:dialog id = "dc_d1".
title = "#{"CREATE"eq Bindings.action1.inputValue? viewcontrollerBundle.SERIAL_RIGHTS_MASS_CREATE_TITLE: SERIAL_RIGHTS_MASS_UPDATE_TITLE}" "
type = 'none' closeIconVisible = 'false' contentWidth = '800' contentHeight = "100" >

The popup is set with lazyUncached contentDelivery and whenCanceled resetEditableValues. I am it would be enough to reset the fields, but apparently not. In the dialog box (type none is on purpose), I have a Cancel button calling an actionListener:

Popup RichPopup = (RichPopup) JSFUtils.resolveExpression("#{components['updatePopup']}");

Popup.Cancel ();

I also tried popup.hide () the same problem.

The purpose of components is a card component of link as a scope of the request:

< managed-bean >
< description > holder of all component links. < / description >
components of < managed-bean-name > < / managed-bean-name >
java.util.HashMap < managed-bean-class > < / managed-bean-class >
application of < managed-bean-scope > < / managed-bean-scope >
< / managed-bean >

So how do reset you the popup/dialog input fields?

Thank you


PS: on a side note, why when I copy paste my code, the editor of the forum will create tables.



Tried with

ADF RichClient API - af:resetListener


Tags: Java

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    On record everything works fine but when I add once again a record then the last file update still shows in inputFile (its not reset).

    After save if I set the binding of the null input file then do partial trigger for the component by using its page load Binder takes a huge time to save so I can't use it.

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    required = "#{bindings." Filename.hints.Mandatory}.

    columns = "#{bindings." Filename.hints.displayWidth}.

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    < af:button text = "Upload" id = "b353" action = "#{ContractDocumentUploadDwn.uploadPortfolioDoc}" / >

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    < / af:panelFormLayout >

    Java code:

    {} public void savePortfolioDoc (ActionEvent actionEvent)

    Add the code in the event here...

    DCIteratorBinding iter = getDCIteratorBinding ("portfolioDocument1Iterator");

    UploadedFile myfile = this.getInputFileBinding () .getValue () (UploadedFile);

    String link = "Commit1";

    String popUpId = "p2";

    genericSaveDocuments (actionEvent, iter, myfile, lie, popUpId, "Portfolio"); Saves the document

    iter.executeQuery ();

    ITER. Refresh (1);

    setInputFileBinding (null);

    ResetUtils.reset (actionEvent.getComponent ());


    Please help me

    See this line in your code

    You use a variable as the inputFile value so you must set its value to null

    Write like this-

    this.setFile (null);

    Reset the inputFile component after download

    ResetUtils.reset (inputFileBinding);


  • How to check if an input field is empty or without signs

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    You can test the length of its text property.

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    You can exit without cast a string, [if(tField.text.length > 0)...]  but I show for the sake of form.

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    998765 wrote:

    You are right

    Please pass by the database 2 day + Application Express Developer's Guide

    Check this code example

    1 create a text field element I say P1_INPUT_FIELD

    2. create a button

    Name of the button: search

    Action: Send the page

    3. change your report query and where clause to your query below

    It will search on ename and empno, in this way, you can add more columns

               , ENAME
               , SAL
               , MGR
               , COMM
      FROM EMP
           OR TRIM(UPPER(EMPNO)) like '%' || TRIM(UPPER(:P1_INPUT_FIELD)) || '%'

    4. we find the source of the region-> page article to submit-> P1_INPUT_FIELD

    Hope this helps you,

    Kind regards


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    When this field loses focus, I need to trigger a function UpdateAnnual(). How can I do this? I tried so many different options of the sample codes listed here: onblur events

    Try instead to use the. JQuery blur().

    {.blur (function ($(«#annual_input»))

      alert( "Handler for .blur() called." );


  • How to convert a string of text input field data I already.

    I have a string search API of Twitter for keywords, for example:

    var url:String = "";

    I also have a dynamically created textfield input:

    var inputField:TextField = new TextField();
    inputField.border = true;
    inputField.width = 200;
    inputField.height = 150;
    inputField.x = 75;
    inputField.y = 50;
    inputField.type = "input";
    inputField.multiline = true;
    inputField.restrict = "A-Za-z0-9";
    stage.focus = inputField;

    But how to take data from the text input field and append it to the string, be sure the input data must go to the part of the string keyword. In this example, the keyword is "Robin".

    It should be implemented as shown below...

    URL = url.replace (regexp, '? ") q = "" + yourTextField.text + "&"); "

    There are other ways to do this methods involving chains, where you can first split the string on the '? q =", and then divide the second element of this result on the '&', then replace the first element of this second split with your text textfield and then sew the pieces back together as a single string.

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    But how to reset the required field if someone clicks on Jan by mistake, he let fly and clicks Feb instead?

    Thank you

    It seems that it should function in the mouse event to the top of the boxes in the left column:

    // Make the radio button group required if this check box is selected
    getField("JanCorrespondence").required = !== "Off";
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    What step am I missing to make entry filed use this font when running?



    OK it solved.

    When I looked at the properties of the input field police noticed he was referring to my incorporate the police as bliss_light *, but he had the brackets around it. This normally means that Flash can't find the police and is using one of its default settings. So first I deleted my library and police then re-inserted format, but I still have the media. Then I closed flash and it has reopened and the media. So, it looks like somewhere along the line, the police was not embedded correctly or opening on a machine that didn't have the police somebody assigned the police to Roman times!

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    I change the settings of firefox and accidentally closed on the display tab, which displays the files, settings, and tools. I can't see how to reset it back to default where I can see those?

    You can hide the menu bar in Firefox 3.6 on Windows, on "view > toolbars" or via the contextual right click menu on a toolbar.
    Press in and hold the Alt key to display the menu bar.
    Go to "view > toolbars", right click on the menu bar, or press Alt + V T to select the toolbars to show or hide.

    See also what happened to the file, edit and view menus?

  • How the resets are generated in LabVIEW for FlexRIO


    My background is VHDL and Verilog for FPGA and ASIC implementations.  I guess LabVIEW has a point, an only synchronous reset to all of its logic.  I create a design that is going to be sections of VHDL IP, through IP integration node is instantiated. When writing to the top of my spec, I need to describe how a reset is spread to all the flops in the design that will be peer-reviewed of accuracy of the results. I need to understand exactly how LabVIEW handles resets to other areas of the clock.

    A simple case is the following: I have a 50 MHz external source synchronous data interface and will be a limited treatment of data in this area of 50 MHz using an IP integration node. This IP is designed to have the flops to reset synchronous on the 50 MHz clock.

    Separately, I have my most of my treatment and storage to the host (via DMA FIFO) in a field of 100 MHz clock, derived from the clock of 40 MHz I base I must transfer data from 50 MHz to 100 MHz using a FIFO.  This treatment at 100 MHz contains a floating-point operations that are reset to zero synchronously to the field of 100 MHz.

    In this scenario, you see I have two areas of clock with synchronous resets.  I need to understand how LabVIEW FPGA create reset signals which are entries to my integration IP nodes, in order to understand if I need to incorporate any reset synchronization within my VHDL circuits.

    Thanks for any help and if you need further details or context, please let me know and I find out additional details.


    Hey Jim,.

    So, option 2 then... in this case, you are looking at a signal of asynchronous reset and must realize in your VHDL similar to the following to ensure that your resets are say synchronously.

  • Validation of input field in the OPA for the optional input fields

    Hi all

    OPM, I have a text input field. To do this, I wrote an entry of Validation Using Regular Expressions to allow the alphabets and numbers.

    Also, I did the same field as "optional-always.

    Then in debugging, it is always check for the Input Validation and displaying the error message when I do not enter any value.

    How can I request an entry for an optional input field Validation.

    Thank you


    I'm not an expert on regular expressions, but my guess here is that your regular expression must change. If an empty string is an acceptable entry, then you should allow for her in the regular expression. I don't know the regex code for this on the top of my head, but I hope that you will find quite easily with a few searches on Google.

  • Model of input field

    Apex 4.2.6.


    I am developing a custom theme, and I have a problem.

    I need to create a model for input fields. (I want to add some custom classes for input fields).

    But I can't understand how do. Closest I found was the model label, but of course its only for labels.

    Para wrote:

    Basically, there is no element templates. Develop a plugin point would be an alternative that you would include classes in the extra point, but would not be a component of theme.

    HM, I thought plugin might be an option but I wanted to avoid that if possible for the same reason you mentioned.


    I am trying to import MDL as a new theme.

    Relevant part currently

    Especially this part

    class = 'mdl-textfield__label' for 'sample1' = > text...

    Interesting. The issue of not having a complete control of all the HTML generated by the APEX has concerned me since I started working with her in 2005. There are of course certain attributes that must be defined on the form for internal purposes of APEX controls in order for things to work, but a little more flexibility is however necessary. The possibility of including in the world the values of class on the control form elements generated by the APEX motor would be very useful and must be triggered for a feature request.

    In regards to your immediate needs, I agree that the itinerary of plug-in is really not desirable that required components are not included in the theme. Because you can generate labels with their required class, the best solution would be to add a script containing a polyfill jQuery for the theme that applies to the entry class at the entrance of the controls that are adjacent siblings labels with the classes of MDL text fields:


    If a future version of APEX provides the possibility to include the class in a generic way, then this hack can easily be removed from the theme simply by removing the reference to the script.

  • Convert records for input fields


    I wonder if there is a way to convert documents created in a BP to be fields of seizure in another PB.

    Let's say that I entered 4 records in the BP source:

    -Registration has

    -Record B

    -Record C

    -Record D

    These records will be the master data.

    The next thing I want to do is to enter a value for each of these main files through another BP. When I insert this BP, I need all 4 records is available in the form of input fields. Thus, when a new record E entered source BP, which E record will automatically be added as a field.

    -The value of the A record is 30

    -The record value of B is 40

    -The record value of C is 50

    -Record the D value is 20

    -Value of the e-record is 60

    I have created the BP source as a simple type BP. But I have no idea on how to create the other PB that sets the value. Later, I expect to enter several values for each of the files, so that at the end of the day, I can make a cumulative values for each of these files. Is it possible to do this thing in unifying? If this isn't the case, you guys have ideas about this kind of solutions to fix this problem?

    Thank you.

    Thanks for your reply, George.

    The problem is that I have a lot of records is going to appear as the master; It's going to be more than 30. I'll take issue if I load up with a selector. I think my main list to be a line item BP and place them as line items. The other PB who defined their values will be a line of billing BP as well, so I can use consolidate the line items to load the main list. This method would be appropriate?

    Thank you.

  • Bind the time range slider to input fields

    I went through a bunch of tutorials and can't seem to find the answer to this. I'm trying to implement a cursor of the chronological range for entry into a database. I started with the example

    I have two input fields IDs StartTimeEntry and EndTimeEntry . How can I get the values of the scabbard for updating the values of these two fields of entry form?

    Thank you.

    Locate the following line in the script jQuery on CodePen:

    $('.slider-time').html (hours1 + ':' + minutes1);

    Replace it with this:

    $('#startTimeEntry').val (hours1 + ';' + minutes1);

    Similarly, replace this:

    $('.slider-time2').html (hours2 + ':' + minutes2);

    with this:

    $('#endTimeEntry').val (hours2 + ':' + minutes2);

  • Table created from a text input fields for loop

    I am new to AS3 and animate CC. I'm not a programmer. I learn how the code I want (from YouTube and various web sources). I put the next set of various web tutorial. What I'm trying to do is create a user input field and input variable which will set the number of new text fields created by a loop for. Then store the text fields in a table to access their values to use elsewhere. The problem is, I don't know how to access the values of the input fields created in the table.  The loop for works to create the new text entry fields, I do not know how to retrieve their values.  In fact, I don't know even if the text that I entered new fields is currently stored in the table. I think that the text field itself, as an object, is stored but not the text I enter the text field (which is what I want).  I hope someone can help me...

    to import flash.display.SimpleButton;


    import flash.text.TextField;

    import flash.text.TextFormat;

    import flash.text.TextFieldType;

    var captureText: Array = new Array();               meant to be the text of "aTextFields" of the "aTextFields" table values

    var text3: String;                                               variable as containing "captureText [0]"

    var aTextFieldsText = new TextField();             dynamic text field called 'TextFieldsText '.

    aTextFieldsText.border = true;

    aTextFieldsText.width = 100;

    aTextFieldsText.height = 25;

    aTextFieldsText.x = 300;

    aTextFieldsText.y = 55;

    addChild (aTextFieldsText);                              Add "TextFields" to the value of the scene and the variable "Text3" poster

    var nTextFields: number = 2;                          creates the number of input fields, and would be attached to an entry on the scene.

    var aTextFields: Array = new Array();              array that contains ""input TextFields text fields " "

    for (var int i; i < nTextFields; i ++) {/ / loop for who created him ""text fields of seizure of TextFields " based on the "nTextFields" value"}

    aTextFields [i] = new TextField();

    aTextFields [i] .Guy = "entry";

    aTextFields [i] .width = 100;

    aTextFields [i] .height = 25;

    aTextFields [i] .border = true;

    aTextFields [i] .text = "";

    aTextFields [i] .x = 150;

    aTextFields [i] there = 15 + i * aTextFields [i] .height + i 5;

    captureText.push (aTextFields [i]);                 Push the table 'captureText '.

    addChild (aTextFields [i]);


    var MyButton: SimpleButton = new Button;

    myButton.x = 339;

    myButton.y = 268;

    addChild (myButton);

    myButton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, test1, false, 0, true);  "Text3" variable on captureText set button [0]

    function test1(event: MouseEvent): void {}

    Text3 = captureText [0];                                "Text3" variable to captureText [0]

    aTextFieldsText.text = text3.toString ();       displayed in the text field "[TextField object]" instead of the text value of the entry at index [0]

    trace ("aTextFields =" + aTextFields);

    trace ("captureText =" + captureText);

    trace ("Text3 =" + Text3);


    captureText is an array of textfields and not a textfield. This line:

    Text3 = captureText [0];

    Maybe should be:

    Text3 = captureText [0] .text;

Maybe you are looking for

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