How to reset a regulator to behind the scenes at the stop of the VI

Hello world

Hope someone can help me with this (very new to LabView I m) issue:

I have a loop to control speed (exactly the moment of rotation) of an engine. Just an analog output to a data acquisition device is connected to the motor controller. If I run the VI and to define for example a speed of 50% (= 5 V Analog out) and I close the VI, the DAQ hardware still holds this value for time without end. How can I reset the cursor to '0' when the stop/closure of the VI that my engine stop?

By the way a "stupid" question: what is the common way to stop a VI? Should be a button 'Cancel' which stops all loops or what to do with the Labview menu "stop"?

Thank you very much for your answers!



You must control your data flow.

You could do something like the example attached - is this solved your problem?

(You must configure your DAQ assistant once again, as I changed it)

We have a lot of free online training in LabVIEW.

3-hour course:

course of 6 hours:

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    Sorry, I missed your point. To undo this damage, try this:

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    I tried netsh reset, but nothing happened.

    greetings and thanks in advance

    PS: I use win 7 Home Basic. x 64

    Lenovo laptop

    To reset the cache of MAC addresses: netsh interface ip delete arpcache

    To reset the DNS: ipconfig/flushdns

    Edit: remember to do as an administrator. It also can not solve the problem, but it is worth it.
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    Kind regards



    Certainly, you can restart a FI of the CLI.

    Of the UCSM CLI:

    to connect a local management


    Also, when change UCSM in the CLI you can noticed that your guest will add an astericks ' * ' at the end.  This means that you have orders waiting to be committed to the system.  If you want to 'save' / 'commit' your changes, you just enter:

    buffer validation


    Stamp throw


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    UCS - Has/org/service-profile # create boot-definition
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    Kind regards


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    Press the down arrow repeatedly until the LCD lights:

    See if you can do throughout your adjustment menu reset at this time. Otherwise remove your battery and hold the power switch for at least 30 seconds and then insert the battery and try again.

    Also, try the reset all when in Auto mode of shooting first and make sure that you have not selected the WiFi reset all.

  • How do reset you security settings in the command-line recovery console?

    Windows XP Home Edition.   "Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM"

    Here are the steps I took:

    Boot from the CD:
    Blue screen "Windows Setup"
    where the bar downstairs tasks would be "loading files" and a bunch of different files are listed.

    Wallpaper then says:
    "The Setup starts Windows.
    then the screen of configuration of Windows XP Professional support

    Welcome to the Setup program:
    -to set up Windows XP press on enter
    -fix Windows XP install using the recovery console and then press 'r '.
    d ' stop smoking...

    I pressed "r".
    "Please wait...". "down
    "Examine the disk configuration...". »
    "Examining 476938 Mo disk to disk

    Black screen "Microsoft Windows XP Recovery Console"
    The Recovery Console provides repair and system restore features. Type EXIT to quit the Recovery Console
    C:\ >

    I do not have access to the operating system and my access to what is always denied. He doesn't want a password to start Recovery console. I ran chkdsk c: /r and showed no errors. I need help resetting my security from a command prompt settings. Everything I've read this is as if the operating system is running.

    Thanks for any help!


    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard of Windows XP Home Edition 64-bit. The only 64-bit Xp version I've ever seen is Pro. Even not Xp Media Center is available in 64 bits I know.

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    I have my code like below. The main function is called whenever the event occurs. The event occurs when I created a timer which occupies 10 seconds for display purposes.

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    The problem I had met with this code is that the message does not last for 10 seconds when the Main() is called consecutively. For example; when its name for the second time within 10 seconds, the display will show for 6 seconds and maintain the reduction.

    Can someone help me with this problem and tell me what to do to reset the timer each time the Main() is called. I also used FeatureState_Timer.reset (), but it did not work.

    / * Declarations of global variables * /.

    public var FeatureState_Timer : timer = new Timer (10000);

    / * Global function * /.

    function Feature_Timer_Function(timerEvent:TimerEvent): void


    Message.Visible = false;

    Feature_Timer. stop();


    function Main(event:Event):void


    FeatureState_Timer .addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, Feature_Timer_Function);

    FeatureState_Timer . Start();

    Message.Visible = true;


    Thank you!!

    Try to reset the timer first:

    function Main(event:Event):void


    FeatureState_Timer . Reset();

    FeatureState_Timer.start ();

    Message.Visible = true;


    If this does not work, use the following code:

    function Main(event:Event):void


    FeatureState_Timer = new Timer (10000);

    FeatureState_Timer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, Feature_Timer_Function);

    FeatureState_Timer.start ();

    Message.Visible = true;


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    Hello George,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for your query details.

    I also appreciate the fact that you want change or find the security key for your network.

    You may not reset the network security key.

    I suggest you to refer to this article and check if it helps.
    How to find your wireless network password

    Additional information:
    Set up a security key for a wireless network

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • How do reset you the statistics for a game in Windows 8?

    Game original title statistics

    How do reset you the statistics for Windows8 game?

    I finally found the answer on how to reset game statistics

    Use the menu button

    then click on options

    then click Reset statistics

    then answer Yes

    It works every time, well, at least on apple computer and its operating system

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