How to reset BIOS Satellite L30 - 11 d

Try to repair the laptop of pals and the need to get into the bios, he forgot the password someone help with the location of the cmos reset jumper? Thank you

Unfortunately I can't find out how to clear the CMOS, but you can request a certified partner to remove the BIOS password. But I don't know if they will be fresh for the deletion, the greater part of the ASP´s that so get ready this basic need to pay something for it.

Click [HERE: 000000871] to find the nearest ASP in your country.

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  • How to reset CMOS/BIOS Satellite L30-134?

    Portable satellite L30-134

    Did a stupid thing earlier and started putting my supervisor for the BIOS password when my 8 month old was sitting on the couch next to me... Well, the next thing I know his hands where all over the keyboard, then press the ENTER key was pushed, aaaahhhhh! The password is now set and I ain't got a clue what it is.

    So my question: How to reset the CMOS/BIOS to lose the password or is there another way around him?

    Would like to thank all appreciated help/remedies.



    It is not possible.
    The entire passwords must be removed before you start with the update of the BIOS.
    Sorry, but if you don t know the password you cannot delete it and the BIOS update procedure will not work!

    ASP in your country is a last chance for the removal of the password. Guys are able to remove the password. It shouldn't be very expensive.

  • Re: How to recover the Satellite L30-10s?

    How can - I make my satellite L30-10 s to exit the restore box settings?


    I think that HDD recovery isn't possible since this is a very old notebook and I guess for this series, HARD drive recovery were not available.

    So you have only one option to retrieve the computer laptop back to factory settings: you need the recovery disc.
    If you n t have this disk, you will not be able to put the computer laptop back to factory settings. I think that its no longer possible to order the recovery disk because of the age of the laptop.

    So what to do?
    You can use only a clean installation of Microsoft disk in order to install the system.
    The essential drivers or tolls are available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver.

  • How to install on Satellite L30 SM bus controller?


    I have a Satellite L30-134. When I bought it, they only gave me the CD of drivers... I take the drivers from the site Web of Toshiba... But I have a problem... I can't find the driver for SM bus controller then please let me know what I need to do?

    Thank you for your quick response.


    Drivers CD is not supplied with this model of laptop and everyone can create this single CD using shortcut placed in Toshiba Assist under options Protect & Fix.

    This CD should be created for every installation of additional operating system. The drivers, tools, and utilities are the same for WXP Home and Pro. If you do not have it please check the Toshiba download page. You will find everything you need. Please note that you can also download the Instructions of facilities. It is very important to install all the drivers in the order of good facilities. When you do this avoid any problem.

  • How to recover the Satellite L30-140 - I lost the recovery disk


    I have a Satellite L30-140 and I want to recover the windows on that.
    I lost the dvd recovery-. -.
    Is there a method to recover? as acers Alt + f10 recover menu?

    Thanks for your help :)


    You need the recovery disc, either the clean Microsoft Windows disk in order to install the operating system gain.
    L30 being a little older, I doubt that you can order the recovery disk
    That's why you need a Microsoft Windows CD!
    You will need to buy this CD if you are not the owner of the Microsoft Windows CD.

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  • How to enter BIOS Satellite Pro A120

    I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A 120

    And I can not open the installer

    How can I open the Bios Setup

    What is the keyboard shortcut

    By using the ESC key at the beginning you can enter the BIOS settings. Please after turning on the laptop press the ESC button and hold down for a few seconds. Just follow the menu on the screen.

  • Presario CQ61: Locked in Bios Boot Virus - how to reset Bios password

    Hi my father fell fault in the crooks of the phone and his laptop computer was locked to start upward.

    After pressing the power he gets a black screen and a blue box asking for a password (I guess that it is a Bios password as it is almost immediately after power on...) Windows is not loaded).

    After that three attempts the system becomes invalid with an error code of 61066100

    I tried to remove the CMOS battery and the problem persists.

    Anyone out there know how to work around this problem, or totally reset the Bios to work around / reset the password?

    Your help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you



    Enter 74944126

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Update BIOS Satellite L30 - 10V died after unsucsessful

    We couldn't get the L30-10 s to accept the 2 GB of RAM and advises him to upgrade the BIOS.

    We went on the Toshiba site and followed the instructions using the software, they have provided, we started upgrading the L30 - 10 locked up and sat there for the night, now he's dead.
    I have been informed that he needs a new motherboard and I find it hard to believe that it may be that the BIOS that has lost its data.

    Can anyone help, we have been quoted £300 to fix?


    You can try this workaround:
    Remove the AC adapter and the battery and wait an hour. After that reconnect the adapter AC/DC and battery. Try to start the laptop and see what happens.

    If it doesn t work you need assistance from an authorized service provider. Technicians can try to reflash the ROM module and in the worst cases, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

    Sorry but there is no other solution for a BIOS update has failed. :(

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  • Low graphics performance after the setting of the default BIOS satellite L30 - 10W

    In a first time - im not English so my language is wrong.
    Half a year ago and windows vista showed 3.8 also efficient graphics card, I bought Toshiba L30 - 10W. Then, I played without any problems on windows xp (call of duty 2, flatout 2, fifa 07). But lately, I supported at the default bios and now I can not play on windows on this game because I have about 5 frames per second. I tried to reinstall modded, latest drivers, old drivers, windows drivers - nothing works.

    I installed vista rescue dvd I got with the computer and now the effective partition of the graphics card is 2.3! That means when I bought computer graphics card was overlock? I have phoenix bios, buy, that I do not see here all functions related to the graphics card.
    Help, please!


    I ve got a L30 with Vista and checked the BIOS values.
    I must say that the value of the memory is not editable in the Phoenix BIOS!
    It s assigned automatically!

    In my opinion, you should check if it is possible to change some values in the ATI catalyst graphics.
    Otherwise, reinstall the OS using the Toshiba Recovery CD

  • Update of BIOS Satellite L30 - 10s - error code 1072


    I am trying to update my BIOS using the download from the Toshiba Page but just open the program causing the error 1072... ?

    "Unable to load driver.
    C:\Users\...\temp\WZSE2. TMP\PHLASHNT. SYS.
    Please check your accounts... (I am administrator)
    The specified service has been marked for deletion
    Error 1072 "code

    Any help would be great

    Thank you very much


    I had the same question that I've updated couldn t of the BIOS. The solution to my problem was very easy: you need to extract all files from zip archive, and then start the update. So extract all files to a new directory and try to start the update.

    I hope that helps! ;)

  • How to Satellite C855-1MF reset BIOS password


    How to reset bios for Toshiba Satellite C855 1MF password please!

    BIOS password can be reset only by authorized maker Toshiba.
    Contact the ASP available in your country and ask to remove password.

  • Satellite L30 does not start after the BIOS update


    I upgraded my BIOS Satellite L30 and now the laptop will not boot. When I turn on the fan starts and that's it. I think I have updated the book with the bad BIOS... The laptop is only 1 day old... Is it possible to reset the machine to the default BIOS.

    Help, please...

    Hi Scott,.

    Unfortunately there is no easy way for you to go to your BIOS to its previous level. You need to entrust your laptop to a Service approved partner who has the necessary equipment to Flash the BIOS to the previous level.

    Kind regards

  • How to enable the WLAN on Satellite L30?

    I don't know how to activate my Satellite L30 (PSL33A-00800F) to work on a WI - FI connection. Windows XP - Home page.

    On the basis of the computer, he said, 'Wireless LAN withoutW/L'

    Toshiba tell me that it is able to receive a WI - FI connection but not set up to do.
    Toshiba tell me to download one of the two pilots of a European site Toshiba or use a dongle.

    I can't find the drivers for this system on Toshiba Europe sites.

    Anyone know what to do?


    What L30 you exactly (L30 - xxx)?
    PSL33A is probably not European cell phone model and I can not find on European support page to see what WLAN card is inside.

    Anyway, WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN Portal under

  • Disassembly of the specifications for the Satellite L30-113?


    where can I find the complete specifications on how to disassemble toshiba satellite L30-113? !!

    Thank you.


    Disassembly of the laptop is not easy and should be done only if you have a technical background.
    The risks are too high you might damage something on the map. You know, the motherboard is the most expensive part of the laptop.

    But don t worry buddy, I cleaned my laptop fans without removing anything.
    I used the hose of vacuum cleaner against the vents and it worked

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