How to reset Siri?

Hi, recently I had a problem with my dear siri assistant.

When I order him to "call MOM", then what does she call to myself.

However, in my family info that everything is OK, but when I so that it does something completely unexpected.

How can I reset all siri


Hi, I think that the way in which it can be given is this: open settings, tap General, tap to Siri, turn it off, then back on again.

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    I buy a powered OfficeJet 4620 in Germany in February 2013.

    NOWHERE in the documentation of the product he mentions the ink cartridges are regionalised (defeats the purpose of even making a 110-220v device! But I digress).

    I moved to Florida in June and yesterday my black ink starts to run out.

    The needs of the 'regionalisation' Reset printer that cannot be performed by HP support, as indicated by their own Web page:

    Another description of him here:

    I call HP support and waste an hour and a half with a girl in the Philippines until finally, she tells me that I need a complete set of USA ink cartridges in order to perfom the procedure (which seems to be not true, you do not need to reset the printer, but rather, it seems, you need simply if you want to print anything after the reset was carried out) (, if for no other reason but to check that the reset was successful). She claims the HP support call me this morning at 23:00 they did not.

    I call HP "Support" at 1130 EST and go through the wickets with them again. This time the girl does not know what to do and is clearly completely ignorant about the fuzzy product less how to solve, and instead she's just following a script. Another wasted hour. After having been put on hold for the 4th or 5th time 15 minutes, I just hang up. (Realization later that it is a deliberate strategy).

    I give the floor again. Now I am taking the floor to a guy in India. He doesn't know what he's done and tries to guide me in the menu of support on the printer itself, but his scenario does not match the list of printer options. Back at intervals of 15 minutes waiting interrupted by him by saying: "one minute Please Sir while I check some information." Another hour lost, until I'm finally starting to realize that none of these people know what to do.

    I always call back and get another guy who leads me on the Help menu (press the button back 4 times to access this menu). I have go to the reports Menu and select the 'mech button tape printing' option, which prints a page 2 print "printer hardware. He asks me to "give him the numbers on the document, but the document has all kinds of numbers on that of serial numbers for the product numbers to other numbers with labels that are simply abbreviations. I ask him what are the numbers he needs of the two pages full of numbers and return pending I'm going for 20 minutes. He comes back and says "the long number, there should be a long number. Well the long number on the document is the serial number that I have already given during questioning initial information he did and if I ask him if he needs it again. Return pending, I go for another 20 minutes. Now the 15-20 minute hold cycle resumes, with him "check something" and he "will be immediately. Eventually he clicks just to see if I'm still on the line and immediately puts me on hold without saying anything. I put my phone on speaker, and I him wait outside, having already lost an entire morning and half my afternoon.

    However, it was the best part... HE BEGINS to PRETEND LIKE THERE IS of HAVING of PROBLEMS of MICROPHONE AND CANNOT HEAR ME (yes I know, must it do with hear me his microphone, I had the same thought). It is obvious that he has just taken his helmet on his head or moved away the microphone to his mouth and pretended that he does not hear me and he'll call me back and ask for my number to. I ask him how he's going to hear me tell him my number (which incidentally, happened already at the beginning of the conversation) and he continues his ruse. So I hang up. It is obvious that he doesn't know what to do and won't there else to help me.

    Now I remember tonight about 930 hours EST, and I get the Philippines again. I'm hollow any phase of questioning with the girl and explain to him that I need the regionalization reset performed, and all that I need is to know what are the numbers of my printer to give HP support so that they can give me the code that I have to reset this device. I have him politely say I understand if she knows not what to do or understand this procedure and that I won't be angry with him, if she is simply honest and said so, but I want her to tell me if there is someone there where she works who will certainly know how to reset a supervisor or a real technical adviser, everyone. She is friendly and honest and said it's time frst that she has heard of this, and she wondered what to do. Return pending for 5 or 10 minutes. She claims she's looking for in its 'resources' for the way to do it. Nothing. I ask him to please stop and get her supervisor, she claims she is to check with her supervisor and that they "check the resources" for the procedure reset regionalization. Stupidly, I think we are making progress.

    After 20 minutes of his constantly telling me that it checks its resources, even after I repeat what the procedure involved and that all she needs to do is find the procedure and tell me what are the numbers he will ask to the device itself to provide the reset code, I tell him to stop what she is doing and to his supervisor on the phone. She stalls. She says she's sorry, but they have never heard of this procedure before and that it will set me a reminder for tomorrow. YES RIGHT. I ask her WHO's going to call me tomorrow? She responds that it will be them, and they will have the answer. I tell him that I already heard of them before and I don't have another day to be wasted. I tell him to put his supervisor on the phone and I want the name of the one who is responsible for his office. She tries to ignore me and continues to ask for my phone number (which it already has). I press him for the name of who is in charge, and finally, she says "Peter" is the prime contractor. I tell him to "Peter" on the phone. 10 minutes waiting and later a guy takes over the line, says it is "Peter" and asks how I'm doing. I politely say I feel good and I ask him his surname. He asked why I need her family name. I repeat my question, "what is your last name Peter?"... his response? "Hello, Mr President? I can't hear you, can you hear me? "He starts playing with the microphone and put me on hold. Whenever he picks up and asks if I'm here I immediately have him ask his last name, to which he returned the ruse that he can't hear me. I stay on the line. At this point, it seems that HP should have some sort of policy where their 'Support' staff is not allowed to hang up the phone first, maybe, it is even followed as half-assed programs method internal 'Quality assurance', and these people not know and so they leave you on hold forever and wait until you hang up. So I expect Peter out for about 10 minutes, I'm not waiting because there is no music, the microphone is cut simply. I tell him that I know he's there and you can hear me, and I know that he can't hang up first, and then he hangs up quickly.

    SO, my question...


    How to get anything out of hand at HP when their 'support' overseas does not know what to do?

    I live in Miami and there there a headquarters in Latin America for HP. I think to walk right into the lobby and find a person in authority thatcan put me in contact with a person with an ounce of skill in the business (assuming they have one), but in all honesty, I want just the printer region d * reset if I can use these ink cartridges, I already bought and opened.


    UPDATE *.

    Someone at HP, to the United States, got wind of my post here and tried to contact me by phone and sent me a letter. On the letter, he gave a phone number and the extension to the person trying to communicate with me, apparently "in charge of my case."

    I tried to contact this person after his return from a trip outside the United States, and instead, I was connected to a woman named Ashley. Bottom line: Ashley has been very useful, direct, courteous without coming off as gushy (aka professional) and addressed this issue permanently. She had a new American market 4620 spent the NIGHT at my house in Miami.

    While I thought that the problem would be solved, this was beyond what I would have ever expected. I asked why not just perform the reset, than to go through the obvious expense of a brand new unit more for overnight shipping? She replied that she wanted to be sure that I had no future problems to the ink to 100% and that it is too possible to subsequent topics with units that have the regionalization reset the procedure being executed.

    When I asked why bother manufacturing, a dual voltage unit if the regionalization of the cartridges prevent the it in other markets without performing a procedure that HP even know is problematic? She said that HP made away with cartridges regionalized in the futre for this same reason. This information, combined with the fact that Ashley has gone far beyond what I ever would have asked that the resolution has come a long way to get HP back on my list of good... HOWEVER, HP must address than their call centers overseas. Support should be like Ashley, competent, good product knowledge and empowered to solve problems. I don't personally like if it's a Filipino or Indian, I understand business is harder to do in the United States, but if you can't get these people to meet the minimum standards, or minimum standards must be low, then they do much more harm than good and you might as well have no technical support.

    Again, the support in the USA should be the norm. The customer should not have to raise hell and let the horror stories on the internet public forums in order to get in touch with the weeks of good people more later.

  • How to reset the computer to start the boot minimum troubleshooting.

    I posted this screenshot because I have no idea what can be the maximum size of a question and I thought I have copy paste this but I to Sir's life saw the question so I did this. Additional information that could help. This is my task manager open resource monitor and windows firewall not wanting to tk starts. And I have windows updates where I chose to update (I try to deny each update.) And so far I've checked that I have 482,5 MB of updates of windows that say I should put to date. (apperently 130 important and 10 optional) in addition apperently my computer don't think that I am administrator I do not understand when I'm the only profile on the computer.


    In response to the information provided by you, please try to follow the methods and check them off below if this can help,

    Step 1: Scan of Sfc.

    System File Checker is a Windows utility that allows users to find corruptions in Windows system files and restore the damaged files.

    Follow the steps below to perform a scan of the SFC.

    1. press the Windows key + X key.

    2. Select prompt (admin).

    3 type the following command:


    Step 2: Clean boot.

    Make your systemclean boot State helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem. You must follow the steps in the article mentioned below to perform a clean boot.


    WARNING: After troubleshooting, refer to the section «How to reset the computer to start normally after a boot minimum troubleshooting»

    Please let us know if the problem is resolved or you need additional assistance.

    Thank you.

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    How to reset AirPort Extreme 10.11.6 OS? How to work with this pinhole? I'm trying to get rid of this flashing yellow light, which began after I installed a new modem from Comcast.

    How to work with this pinhole?

    Usually a paperclip or toothpick or ball pen.

    Stick it in the hole and reset for about 10 seconds until the front led flashes quickly.

    How to reset AirPort Extreme 10.11.6 OS?

    The software method... Unlike the above material method... is to open airport utility and select restore default settings.

    Both methods take you to the same place.

    You can also read the manual...

    Reset to a base station AirPort FAQ - Apple Support

  • How to reset the lost password admin

    How to reset the password for the admin on my mac?

    Restart your mac and hold ⌘R immediately. Keep until the Apple Logo appears. This may take some time for your mac start. Once this is the case, select Terminal in utilities > Terminal to the Menu bar above. Once the terminal appears, type


    A password reset Wizard will appear. Select the appropriate account, and enter the new password. Then tap Save. Then, click the apple logo in the corner, and tap on choose Startup disk. Click on Macintosh HD and press ENTER.

    You should now be able to use your new admin password.

    Good luck.

  • How to reset the time to 0:0 seconds to 1 Bar?

    I don't know what I did in my project, but somehow my scale of time lag between my rule of measure.

    The time remains just 0:0 until the playhead reaches 20 Bar of the project then starts counting from 0 there.

    Can someone please tell me how this happens and how to reset so the time progressive count between 0 seconds starting at 1 Bar (instead of starting at 20 Bar as shown)?

    Thanks in advance!

    See below... This should solve your problem...

  • How to reset a password backup encrypted you?

    How to reset a password backup encrypted you? I thought it was the same as my regular password Apple ID.

    You can not.  You must delete this backup and create new backups with a new password encryption or not encrypted backups.

  • How to reset my ipad disable

    My apple ipad is disable, how to reset it?

    I need to reset my ipad disable.

  • I checked automatically do this and now my email pdf files are automatically save. How to reset it

    I checked automatically do this and now my email pdf files are automatically save. How to reset it


    You can change this setting in:

    • Tools (or

      ) > Options > Applications

    • Look for 'Portable Document Format (PDF)' and modify however you want the file to process.
  • How to reset the ' do automatically for files like this frome now on "when you save a file, how to reset that?

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    Thank you.

    If you can't do this in "tools > Options > Applications" then you can rename (or delete) the file mimeTypes.rdf in the profile folder of Firefox to reset all the actions file.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

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    When I send an e-mail message, the timestamp is an hour before the actual time.

    How to reset the time?

    You need to reset the time zone of your email account by going to the settings... option or you must be selected your country, city and code postal correctlly... & that is the question of the email provider... For more information I suggest you the e-mail provider is better, th...
    You can check in comparison with any other provider of messaging (e.g. Gmail or yahoo mail)... If your email provider is not helpful, you can always write it here...

  • How to reset a Mac to delivery status?

    How to reset a Mac to delivery status?

    First of all, to save all the files you want to keep (photos, documents, etc.) on a separate drive or in the cloud. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. After that, follow these steps:

    1. Restart your Mac. Once it restarts and the gray screen appears, press and hold the command and R keys.
    2. Select disk utility, then click on continue.
    3. Select your boot on the left drive and click Delete.
    4. Choose Mac OS extended (journaled) from the Format menu, enter a name, and then click clear.
    5. Select reinstall OS X, click on continue and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • How to reset meter reading in iTunes 12.4?

    After the update, I am unable to reset the account play someone knows a work around or how to reset the meter reading?

    Here's a short AppleScript to replace the missing functionality of time reset. In addition, it erases all jumps, or position of bookmark and the last played and jumped dates.

    Copy and paste into the script editor, save it as LastPlayedNever in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts. Select one or more tracks and call the script in the scripts menu in iTunes.

    -LastPlayedNever - v1. 0 - © Steve Maguire - 2016-05-18

    say application "iTunes."

    If the selection is not {} then

    set mySelection to selection

    Repeat with aTrack in mySelection

    the value played County of aTrack to 0

    the value played date of aTrack to missing value

    the value ignored County of aTrack to 0

    the value ignored date of aTrack to missing value

    If aTrack is bookmarkable then set bookmark of aTrack to 0

    end Repeat

    end if

    end say


  • How activate you Siri when you use a Smart keyboard?

    How activate you Siri when you use a Smart keyboard?

    Using the SmartKeyboard changes nothing on how to activate Siri. You press on and hold the Home button or say, '' Hey, Siri"(assuming that you have enabled).

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