How to reset the default settings for the adjustment brush presets. for example, dodge, burn, etc. ?

Is there a way to reset the brush setting to factory settings? If I put a PIN on a photo using "burn", for example, it has a default value of negative exposure which is supposed to be there, and then I can change this value to get the effect I want on photography. If I want to then go back to the factory setting and put another pin on a different part of the picture and can't remember what the correct value has been set at the factory, how can I reset it?

Thank you



Select the brush and click twice on the effect of the speech. Or you can double-click any pointer cursor to reset an individual slider.

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    I have done something to remove the markers of points normally placed on the application of any adjustments with the adjustment brush. Now if I want to go back and change a previously set, the ability to go to the dot, click on it, then change is not available. How can I get the brush to start marking these points?

    Hi JohnnyPhoto,

    Please press the 'H' key on the keyboard and you should be able to see the markers.

    Kind regards


  • Help: How do reset you default values for the session and the time-out at the admin level


    The DBA was trying to save the settings of time-out value by following the instructions and it kept him setting a default off 28800 timeout of Session Timeout and Idle of 3600.

    He saved the value 1, and now we cannot get to change.

    How do reset you the default preferences?


    Sorry, I missed your point. To undo this damage, try this:

    Connect as SYS

    ALTER session set current_schema = apex_030200
    wwv_flow_platform.set_preference (p_preference_name-online 'MAX_SESSION_IDLE_SEC', p_preference_value-online 3600)
    wwv_flow_platform.set_preference (p_preference_name-online 'MAX_SESSION_LENGTH_SEC', p_preference_value-online 28800)

    Adjust 3600 and 28800 as you like.


  • How to reset the computer defaults settings?

    I DON'T WANT NO SO RESET MY COMPUTER WHOLE! I would that all ready, I want to be able to reset the conrol Panel so instead of take me to aperance clasic settings it takes me too the color sceme option default value. I can do it on a mac on linux computer but I can not find the reset value button default settings for the control panel in vista.

    fact that nothing happened that the problem is when I click on the color palette of change happening with the appearance settings classic instead of the vista color changer

    Read the above about the themes of Vista.

    How to turn on Aero in Windows Vista at the link above.

    If you still have problems of re-download drivers graphics:

    Go to the website of the manufacturer of your computer/laptop > drivers and downloads Section > key in your model number > look for the latest Vista drivers > download/install them.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to reset the default values for the import of images

    With the help of Windows 8. file import settings have been changed for a tag, which was a mistake.  I can't change the import settings because the import happens too fast for me to get click on that link the import settings.  Is there a way to reset the default values to their original settings, so I can get things organized again?

    If it isn't a recent phenomenon then try to fix things via the system restore.

    How to repair the operating system and how to restore the configuration of the operating system to an earlier point in time in Windows Vista (7 or 8).

    See, control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery\ Open System Restore

    Change the settings for importing pictures and videos

    See control Panel\All Control Panel Items\AutoPlay, maybe you can click on 'Reset all default settings'?

  • How to reset the windows media player 12 default settings

    Original title: how to reset the windows media player 12 default settings

    My Windows media Player 12 has stopped play all the sounds (Win 7 HP 64 bit) - I can play sounds with Windows media Center, DIVX, etc. of Winamp, but not with Win Media Player. I would like to reset Windows Media Player 12 to its default state, either by doing a reset or reinstall. Can someone tell me how to do what you please?

    Do these two steps [they are the closest thing possible to uninstall then reinstall WMP & will actually provide a new installation of WMP]

    1 unload WMP - Panel, programs and features, [left] turn on or off has Windows, multimedia features, clear box Windows Media Player, Yes, OK, restart the PC.

    2 reload WMP - Panel, programs and features, [left] turn Windows features on or off, multimedia features, set the Windows Media Player box, Yes, OK, restart the PC.

  • How to reset the permission for application settings after installation?


    One of my clients just sent me and she accidentally disabled (this refusal) "Geolocation" permission when you run the application for the first time.  She tried to uninstall and reinstall the app, but she says that the permissions screen is then short-circuited.  Does anyone know how to reset the settings for authorization for an application on the Playbook?

    see you soon


    Unfortunately I still haven't a tablet to test this on, but looking at the screenshots of settings menu on the website, it seems that permissions can be managed in the Security tab.

  • Can someone tell me the default settings for the internal speakers (Realtek HD Audio Manager) on HP G62 454TU laptop pls?

    I had problems with IE11 and Outlook, both kept gel (not answer) more and more each day.  Outlook is still difficult sign in, I have to sign at least two times and once I got to sign on 7 times.  The drafting of emails, I'd get msg "cannot connect to Outlook - try again later. IE11 is also unstable permanently "unresponsive" my sound stopped working also and I found that he lacked Realtek HD Audio Manager.  It took nearly a week trying to figure out how to reinstall.  (I am 60 years old and not informed techno) Finally, I downloaded and installed (with no help from HP) but speakers still does not.  I approached then Microsoft Help Desk who suggested that reset IE11.  I did it yesterday and now all seems ok with IE11 and Outlook but I have still no sound.   Where to find the default settings for programs that use audio ie itunes, youtube, etc?

    I have only a couple of theories left to isolate the problem, but have no idea how to go on this issue.

    1. I received a msg when I lit the notebook from HP saying storage battery was low and the battery can be replaced.  I've never used this notebook on sector so I ignored msg but with freezes and random low cut that I removed the battery which seems to solve that problem, but I wonder if firm random downs could have damaged files, software or anything.

    2. Windows updates put things here that seem to be more for Windows 8 for example. Touch screen program.   Can we update caused problems for the sound on my laptop?

    I have run virus/malware programs with no threat found.  I also installed Glary to find and fix registry problems, but still no sound.

    Can someone help me please?


    I'm sorry for the delay in response and for the inconvenience this problem did you. According to the description of the problem, you can't access your account and receive the error message "unable to connect to Outlook - try again later.

    I suggest you check the service state on

    Note: you must identify yourself on the site to find out the exact state of the server, your account may be placed on

    I also suggest you to optimize your browser and check if it helps.

    How to optimize Internet Explorer

    Hope this solves the problem. If the problem persists, you can write to us and we will be happy to help you further.

  • I have a MN700 router for my wireless. How to reset the password?

    I have a MN700 router for my wireless. How to reset the password?

    I contacted Microsoft via the phone, but because they no longer carry this point they couldn't help me.


    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?
    2 did you change your computer, after which the issue started?

    Here is the manual for the device...

    Reset the router and set it up as if it was the first time. Then, you can simply choose a new password and security settings.

  • How to reset the default mail program? When I click to send e-mail to a box of 'Contact us' site web or excel sheet spread with addresses e-mail, a new msn email opens.

    How to reset the default mail program? Got Now, I went to When I click to send e-mail to a box of 'Contact us' site web or excel sheet spread with addresses e-mail, a new msn email opens. Now, I get an error message: rundll32.exe - bad Image, followed by a message the the appklication or the DLL C:\Program FIles\MSN\MSNSharedFIles\MAILMAPI. DLL is not a valid Windows image. Please check against oyur installatiion diskette. I have msn unisnstalled.

    I can access my e-mail through hotmail msn, but no linger to subscribe to msn premium.

    original title: default e-mail program


    This function is not supported natively in Windows. You may may find a third of the program that will change the default to

    Microsoft provides no assurance or warranty, implied or otherwise and is not responsible for the download you receive from the sites of third parties or support related to the download or the downloaded technology. If you need assistance dealing with third party technology, please contact directly the manufacturer.

  • (1) how to reset the task in view/default Access Manager? __2) how could it have been modified?-my firewall is off, too. I am concerned about safety.

    When I open the window (in Windows Vista) Task Manager, it shows that the "Applications" tab  I can access is more 'Processes', tab 'Performance' and 'Network'... this just started recently.
    (1) how to reset the task in view/default Access Manager?
    (2) how could it have been modified?-my firewall is off, too. I am concerned about safety.

    Double-click inside the border/edge to bring it back to the default view for Task Manager.

    Malware scan:

    Download, install, upgrade and scan with Malwarebytes to check / remove Malware/spyware.

    If necessary, do all of the above work Safe Mode with network.


    To get into Safe Mode with network, press F8 at the Power On / boot and use key arrow upward to get into SafeMode with networking from the list of options, and then press ENTER.



    Malwarebytes is as its name suggests, a Malware Remover!

    Download the free Version from the link above.

    Download, install, upgrade and scan once a fortnight

    How to use Malwarebytes once it is installed and updated:

    1. open Malwarebytes > click the update tab at the top > get the latest updates.

    2. on the Scanner tab, make sure that the Perform quick scan option is selected and then click on the Scan button to start scanning your computer

    3 MBAM will now start to scan your computer for malware. This process can take some time.

    4. when the scan is complete, a message box will appear

    5. you must click on the OK button to close the message box and continue the process of Malwareremoval.

    6. you will now be at the main scanner screen. At this point, you must click on the button to view the result .

    7. a screen showing all of the malware displayed the program that is

    8. you must now click remove selection button to remove all the listed malware. MBAM will now delete all of the files and registry keys and add them to the programs quarantine. When you remove files, MBAM may require a restart in order to eliminate some of them. If it displays a message stating that it needs to restart, please let him do. Once your computer has rebooted, and logged in, please continue with the remaining steps.

    9. when MBAM has finished remove the malware, it will open the scan log and display it in Notepad. See the log as desired, and then close the Notepad window.

    10. you can now exit the MBAM program.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to reset the color scheme to the default level in Windows 7?

    I changed the default color of Windows 7 (32-bit version x) system palette, using the personalize > Windows color > link appearance and the dialog that results.   But she did background colors of controls like buttons, drop-down lists etc. in the dialogs implemented by applications, being identical to the forefront of the font of text on them.  This makes the information unreadable text.   I want to restore the default color palette, so that this information can be read.   I want to know how to reset the color scheme, since other changes in results window customization in unpredictable and unreadable color on other components of the application windows.
    As this resulted in almost total ease of use of my computer, I would be very grateful to anyone who can guide me to reset the color scheme for my computer to its normal state by default as soon as possible.   Thanks in advance.

    Defects of appearance and personalization,

  • How to reset the password forgotten for the Airport express

    I hid says on my airport express and I don't remember the password for it. How to reset the password

    If you have the version 2 ports of the AirPort Express, connect your computer directly to the LAN <>- Express port to see if you can access this way AirPort Utility.

    AirPort utility is as follows on your Mac: Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility.

    If you can 'see' the AirPort Express in this way... click on the image of the AirPort Express

    Click Edit in the window that appears

    Click on the menu on the Basic Station ... to the top of the screen, where you see the icon Apple, file menu, edit the menu, Menu Help window menu, etc.

    Click Show passwords and you will see your forgotten password

    If you are unable to access the AirPort Express Terminal using wired Ethernet, you can reset the password using one of the methods described in this excellent forum Tesserax an expert user tip.

    Airport - access to forgotten passwords

  • How to reset the password for administrator on windows server 2008 datacenter eddition before the login in vmware

    How to reset the password for administrator on windows server 2008 datacenter eddition before the login in vmware

    Post in the Windows Server Forums:

  • How to restore the default permissions (for example, the users folder) in windows 7?

    Dear windows users,

    Recently, I messed up the permissions of the files. What happened is that I took my laptop hard drive (win 7 64 bit system) in a USB external hard drive case. Then I get the USB into another windows office 7. I went through the users (perhaps of other files) folder in the hard disk of laptop on the desktop via a USB connection. It is very likely that the Office has changed the permissions of the files.
    I put the hard drive to my laptop, but some applications gives error like access denied messages.
    Is there a safe way to fix them? How to reset the default permissions?
    Thank you.
    BTW, have you worked with permissions of folders? Do you know what happens if permission to c:\users is messed up?

    When permissions in a subfolder in the users folder are confused so the user will not be able to run some programs, to create, modify or delete some files. The folder property affected, followed by assigning appropriate permissions, is usually sufficient to solve the problem.

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    I met the odd error in my career of LV: in BT 7.1 and 8.0 on XP and Win7 on Intel and AMD chips: 300 * 0.0001! = 0.03 This is the case for 3, 6, 9, 18... 300, 600,... but not 30, 60, 3000 or 6000. The numbers in question seem to be more multiples of

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      1. product name and number: A7K05UT    2. installed OS: Windows 7     3. error message: after loading files is bluescreen appear and doesn't detect any hard drive   kindly solve my problem please... DJanoon