How to reset the graph of mixed signals automatically?

How do you resets a graph of mixed signals automatically?

My idea is like that - I'm drawing a chart throughout the day... Then, at 19:00, I want the chart to erase. There will be a break until 06:00. It will therefore start a new graph at 06:00. How can I do this? It seems easy, but I can't find the solution. Thanks in advance!

redhotsneakers wrote:

Why local variables are useless?

It's a missquote, I'm afraid: I didn't say local variables are unnecessary, even if some would align themselves with this statement. I said that they are in your case. In VI you have published everything first, you are passing data from local variable that can be better spent by wire sind, the variables are literally next to each other. While you might get lucky in a program of this size, it can cause a world of problems in a larger application.

Back to your problem: after watching your new VI, I'd say you're almost there. Separate features in the two loops does not seem necessary. Instead of the value property, you can try the method reinitialize I mentioned earlier, that should do it.

Then you can add a feature that reinitilizes only once by comparing the range in the previous iteration.

BTW: this select function is code of rube goldberg. Why not use the Boolean result of the node equal to the cases.

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    It seems that it is a known problem. You can change the size of the legend by using a property node for waveform graphs, but not for a graph of mixed signals.  A good work-around would be to right-click the gray bar between the legend and the plot area until your pointer changes to the resize tool.  You can then size it is large enough to show the whole legend.  It is a question that is configured to be resolved in future versions of LabVIEW.

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    Hi mzhlb,

    I complained only the expressVIs.

    Why not use simple IndexArray function to get bots waveforms of your waveform table? (I faked it your DAQmxRead with functions SigGen).

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    Yes, you're probably writing a table 1 d somewhere that is causing to accept only 1 d. To address your problem above, just put a table node build in whenever you have a 1 d table and it will be just a 2D array with a single line of data.

    To add a field to your current locations, your screenshot above should work once the plot knows that he has to accept the 2D tables.

    Reading from a local variable, change something and then write about it once again can lead to a lot of issues down the line. Race conditions are a pain in the butt, so get rid of that sort of thing is good to do from the start. I didn't know the rest of your code, so I don't know how you treat it, but just keep in mind that you add to your software.

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