How to respond to a thread in the section (read-only)? R6025 run-time error

Hello community of adobe photoshop

I have a solution to an unanswered question in one of the Photoshop (ready Only) article.

any way I could drop off my answer in here?

Re: Photoshop CS5 MS Visual C ++ R6025 run-time error

in any case, I met the same problem.

in my case, the error occurs when I use the copy and paste the shortcut (ctrl + x / c and ctrl + v)

because of the jdownloader app that detects copy info and causing the crash

Disabling the links copy jdownloader solved the runtime error detection function.

If it does not work. then this is probably a different problem.

in any case, this solution was posted by someone else, I met a long time ago.

I hope this helps.



Good suggestion!

I do now.

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    What do you mean by 'read only '?
    If you don't want to store any subsequent end-user, do not save this return to the database after you display.


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    DAQmxSetTimingAttribute (gtaskhandle0, DAQmx_SampClk_Rate, 1000/looptime);
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    From the code, we cannot see how many samples do you expect to write but there are two aspects to consider.

    DAQmxWriteAnalogF64 expects to receive the number of samples per channel to write; in other words, your "2 *" in the function call is probably wrong. See here for the function. This can cause the error you receive, because the length of the array does not match the settings (you probably want to write 5 million samples per channel).

    Second aspect, it seems to me that your function is the production of the final table with samples interleaved (i.e. array1 [0], array2 [0], array array1 [1], array2 [1]... [n-1] array1, array2 [n-1]). If this is true, you must pass the DAQmx_Val_GroupByScanNumber in the function call.

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    I just plug a Toshiba USB 250g external hard drive to replace all the sticks of memory, I've been using.

    I'll use this external hard drive to copy files to other computers and I would like to know how to make the drive read-only.

    Moreover, all the other tips to protect the disc would be extremely welcome.

    I use a Dell with Windows 7 laptop.

    Thank you very much


    I don't know what HARD drive you have exactly, but I know that Toshiba offers a software protection with external hard drives.
    Did you check manuals? Is something like that provided with your HARD drive?

    Maybe you need to use some third party software part for the protection of files on the HARD drive. Google all over the place.

  • CVI 2013 ' FATAL RUN - TIME ERROR: pointer to free memory passed to the function of library "when you access a struct of struct

    typedef struct StringsStruct
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      char AA[10];
      char B[10];
      char BB[10];
      char C[10];
      char CC[10];
    } StringsStructType;
    StringsStructType Strings = {0};
    char *const SelectedStrings[3] =
    int __stdcall WinMain (HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
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      if (InitCVIRTE (hInstance, 0, 0) == 0)
        return -1;    /* out of memory */
      strcpy( SelectedStrings[1], "TEXT" );
      /*** FATAL RUN-TIME ERROR:   "main.c", line 32, col 11, thread id 0xXXXXXXXX:   Pointer to free memory passed to library function. ***/
      return 0;

    Any chance to get this working in 2013 CVI?

    "& Strings.A [0]" does not work either.

    Hello CVI - User!

    Thank you for reporting the issue. I filed the bug report # 423491.

    I did have a chance to get rid of the error by changing the definition of the structure, but I was able to get the program running by disabling execution checking when the fields in the structure are initialized:

    strcpy( (char*)(uintptr_t)SelectedStrings[1], "TEXT" );

    Or perhaps a more descriptive workaround solution:

    #define UNCHECKED(x) ((void*)(uintptr_t)(x))
    strcpy( UNCHECKED(SelectedStrings[1]), "TEXT" );

    Thank you


  • Cannot open cash book complete due to the run-time error 429.

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    original title: try opening a program called FULL of CASH book and an error is displayed in Run Time error 429 active x component cannot create object

    Connect with the people who wrote, distributed or support the program FULL of the CASH book.

  • Run the run-time error '339': 'mscomct2.ocx' or one of its dependenceies component is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

    As I upgraded fom Win 7Pro to Win 8 Pro I can't get one of my software programs work correctly, it worked fine on Win 7 Pro, I tried all sorts of internet remedys, but nothing works, I get the message following run-time error '339': 'mscomct2.ocx' or one of its dependenceies component is not properly registered : a file is missing or invalid.i have tried to get that it is running in compatibility mode, but the same error message keeps comeing. The software installs fine, can someone give me that any ideas how I can stop this error message and get my software to work, it's the only piece of software I use every day, but during the last three weeks, I have been unable to use frustrating it.very. Thanks You.Robert

    A quick and simple solution to this problem.

    Simply follow the instructions below, download the file, install it and bingo, you have sorted.

    This will save you having to reinstall interactive Raceform, but you can do before a new installation if you wish.

    Click on the link below (or copy and paste it into a browser address bar):

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    Double-click this and you should now see this-
    Choose to run
    Now, you will see this-
    And it should now be as easy as just after the other, agree questions etc after clicking this first suite.
    This will allow you to install drivers for Visual FoxPro that will hopefully Raceform Interactive must be installed after that he completed.
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    This code should do the trick:

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    Hi carolanns81914351,

    You require the Acrobat application for this, see this KB document for the parameters to restrict modification of a PDF Acrobat help. Securing PDF files with passwords.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Kind regards


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    I am a newbie to the ADF. I wonder how to do that? -I want a form where the user can see certain values of data read-only in a table but be able to add new lines and commit / save.

    I used an editable table, an entity based view object object and operation of createinsert. If I leave the editable table as-is (all cells are editable) add new using createinsert line works well. But if I change the cell in design view read-only, even the new line added is created in read-only, so essentially the user cannot enter any values in there.

    How can I separate the property read-only so that the table looks like read-only, but they can add new lines?

    Thank you!


    the way forward on this issue is to show a table reading and when the user clicks a command to create a new line, open a pop-up dialog box with an entry form to create the new row. After that. refresh the tabel to show change


  • Select the property read only question to cross the field validation

    I've created two elements on a page and they are named P47_REQUEST_SOURCE_KEY (RSK) and P47_REQUEST_SOURCE_OTHER (RSO). I want to do SAR conditionally read-only based on the value of the RSK. BSR, here is a list of selection based on a LOV and RSO is a text field. I want RSO read-only unless the Serbian Republic of Krajina is equal to 'other '. I've experimented with read-only Condition Type value of ' expression element 1 is! exepression2 =', P47_REQUEST_SOURCE_KEY and expression expression1 two "other". (The value of the key stored in the LOV is 'OTHER' but the display value is 'Other'). I also tried the ' text in expression1. = to exepression2 with various permutations of expression1 and expression2.

    How do RSOcolumn condition that the content in the Serbian Republic of Krajina? No matter what I put the values in the properties read-only which is always read-only even when the value of the RSK is "other". Any ideas what I am doing wrong

    Thank you, Ned


    You can try to javascript
    Place it in the HTML page header


    This page HTML Body


    And then point the Form HTML P47_REQUEST_SOURCE_KEY element attributes


    Hope this helps

    BR, Jari

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