How to restart more on my new iPad

I had a second iPad and I need to start this topic, so I can get a new email for I could use to invest thanks


Restore the unit to the factory and activate it from there. Do not use a backup from an older device, and add your new e-mail account on the device.

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  • How to kill encrypted backups? (new iPad)

    Years, I lost my password to my encrypted iPad backup. Apple says that "so much worse so sad' and so I can't get/encrypted backup control for the iPad. So, what should I do when I get a new iPad? Please don't tell me that the poisoned atmosphere is postponed to a new device! I'll be able to restore what does get saved without screwing things up?

    Without the password, you cannot restore the encrypted backup, so will have to put in place the new device as new from scratch anyway.  Do not enable backups on this new device and you'll be fine.

    The requirement for encryption would only "carried on" for the new device if you know the password and where to restore the backup encrypted on the new device.

  • How and when AIR support the new iPad?

    I believe that the following will be required:

    -New placeholders in xml application for new iPad retina icons

    -a mode which will allow content made in 'non-retine' iPad to be consulted on the new IPad (as the label that makes the iPhone 4 to fill 4 pixels and serve the iPhone 3)

    -a simulator for all environments AIR, which allows the visualization of the iPad retina display (I guess that he must have scrollbars for the first time in a mobile phone Simulator, since the height will be 2048 pixels:-O)

    -anything left on the list?

    To avoid interrupting the applications that are not designed to screen new retina of the iPad, apple don't allow resolution full retina on applications built with iOS SDK 5.1 or a later version. Thus, to allow the higher resolution on your air application, you must use this version of the SDK when compiling your application. So you can it on a Mac with Air is 3.1 or later version. Use the compiler to platformsdk - point affecting the iOS SDK 5.1 and requestedDisplayResolution the high value. Then, you will get a higher resolution.

  • How to move mail on my mac to my new iPad pro

    How to move mail from my new iPad pro macbook

    If this is the iCloud mail, you simply connect to iCloud on your iPad is that make sure that Mail is enabled in iCloud and voila, the mail comes. May need a little time to get there, though.

  • Can I restore my new iPad with an old backup? I got a new mini Christmas 4

    I received the new iPad mini 4 for Christmas. Went up to the back of the iPad configuration older but only available for backup option was 5 Dec because new iPad was iOS 9.0 & older had already been upgraded to 9.2.

    so I set up new Ipad with the Dec 5 backup... can I now go back & restore with a more up-to-date, since both are upgraded to iOS 9.2? If so, how?

    Update on the new iPad iOS 9.2 then back up to the fact that the system should be available.

  • Get a new ipad, questions

    currently I have an ipad2 but now get an ipad all the air.  I don't want everything from the first to go on the other.

    How can I transfer some games of mine and other applications without any?  The original has many applications for my granddaughter and who will be his

    to use.

    SO basically, keep his on his and my stuff on the new.

    Thank you

    It depends on how you want to implement the new iPad, which means that you use iTunes for backup and synchronization or do you use iCloud only?

    In my humble OPINION, the best thing to do would be to transfer the contents of the old iPad to the new, then delete what you do not want on the new iPad. You can't selectively remove items from a backup, restore all and and then deleting what you don't want would be the approach I would take.

    Transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

  • AppStore crashes on my brand new ipad 9.7 pro, how to fix

    AppStore crashes immediately on my brand new ipad 9.7 pro, how can I solve this problem?

    That have you tried so far for example have you tried

    -closing of the application via the taskbar of the iPad ( force an app to close on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support)

    -do a soft-reset/reboot of the iPad ("force restart" on this page: restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support)

    If they don't fix it you tried:

    -backup (purchases by copying on to your computer's iTunes library: file > devices > transfer purchases) and restoring the backup

    -l'iPad resetting to the factory settings (after copy purchases through your computer's iTunes library and the print out of documents and photos) and sync just the content back

  • How to deploy the new app in 70 new iPad

    We have created an app DPS that my client wants to install locally on 70 new iPads. Can someone tell me how this can be done. We have the DPS Enterprise license and license of the company Apple.

    We would prefer not to have to go through every iPad and install via their UDIDs. OS he a better method may publish with private somehow link?

    Cheers, Tony

    A company-signed application does not need to enumerate the UDIDs for devices, it's one of the benefits of the certificates of the company. For more information on the process, take a look at the article on: Ewer - apps.html

    -He describes the process and includes sample files to see how to set up a system to distribute an iOS for corporate clients DPS application. The end result is that a user can enter a URL in Safari on their iOS device and the application will download and install. No cable, no synchronization.


  • I hate the new iPad update. How do I fix if I can open my playlist without seeing the entire library?

    I hate the new iPad

    Update. How can I fix it so I can see just my playlists not the entire library?

    Follow the instructions, If you do not your entire library after you update iTunes on your Mac or PC - Apple Support

  • How to restore all the data stored on my Time Capsule airport to my new iPAD Pro

    I have a Macbook air with a backup at a time Capsule from the airport.  The MacBook Air is dead (blue screen).  Now, I have a new iPad Pro and want to restore all the photos that have been saved on the Time Capsule airport to my iPad.  How can I do this?

    Connect the iPad Pro to your computer and sync photos to the iPad Pro.

  • How to create (or delete) a new tag for a Web site, so that his tag appears (or does not appear) whenever I restart Firefox?

    How to create (or delete) a new tag for a Web site, so that his tag appears (or does not appear) whenever I restart Firefox?

    See this -

  • Is it possible to plug a USB to my new iPad Pro, to transfer PDF files and some Jpeg files from the USB key with an adapter of lightning? If there is NO adapter, how can I get these files on the USB key and my iPad pro?

    Is it possible to plug a USB to my new iPad Pro, to transfer PDF files and some Jpeg files from the USB key with an adapter of lightning? If there is NO adapter, how can I get these files on the USB key and my iPad pro? I need these PDF files transferred my I touch pro. Any suggestions?  Please

    Thank you

    Mike Tingey

    The iPad does not support USB keys. There are some wireless flash drives that can be used, but not the classical records. I suggest you transfer files to a computer and their synchronization then back to the iPad via iTunes.

  • How to create a photo album already on my new iPad Pro?

    How to create a photo album on my new iPad Pro with photos already imported to film?

    Hmm...  How the pictures came to the film?

    Try to open your Photos App, select Albums at the bottom, if you see the film, then press the sign in the top left + album name and then copy photos from film. The pictures in the album will not copies, they are only pointers, photos will still be Q.C.

  • How can you transfer all data and software form old iPad new iPad?

    Hello: I have an iPad 9.7 "display of 2012 with 16 GB of storage. I'm about to storage now and are considering buying an iPad 2 Air. My question is, how can you transfer all the info from my old iPad to the new without starting from scratch?

    Thank you, Gilbert.

    < email published by host >

    Whence the content come of for example you have the music on the iPad, and if so is sometimes copied from CDs? You can copy purchases on iTunes from your computer via file > devices > transfer purchases, make a backup of the iPad, and restore this backup on the new iPad (music, videos, etc. is copied from the iTunes library, not the actual backup, so you will need these items in the iTunes library).

    Transfer to a new device: transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

    (Because these are user forums I asked guests to remove your e-mail address of your post, it is not a good idea to post it on any public forum.)

  • It has no lock/unlock option in setting/General in my new iPad 9.7 pro. How to get it?

    My new Ipad 9.7 pro has no "lock/unlock" option in Settings / General of the uptodate 9.3.1 iOS.

    How can I solve this problem?


    You have coverage chip on your iPad?

Maybe you are looking for

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