How to restore a folder I deleted lots of important bookmarks?

Help! I accidentally deleted a folder full of important bookmarks. How can I get it back?

Restoring from a prior day fix this? When I go to restore, it keeps giving me messages of script is unresponsive. Any ideas?

Where are the bookmark and folder names stored on my computer? I use OS X.

Favorites are stored in the Firefox profile in the user's library.
The path is < user name > /Users//Library/Application Support / Firefox/Profiles/< randomname > .default

The best way to find the profile is to use the help > troubleshooting information, and then click Show in Finder button.

I found it appropriate to keep backup copies of the profile, as well as a separate copy of the bookmarks as well.
You must have 10 copies available to restore bookmarks. Surely one of them is intact?

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