How to restore a pc with the recovery disk?

my pc crashed, wouldn't boot up.pressed f10 it restored until I knew it .i could kick myself for that, because I lost all my pix and my pc seems to be missing something, because I can't get some of my programs to work.i think my recovery disk is corrupted and I need to recover my pc using the disc.can install someone shed some light on this for me?


a recovery of the system is the same as the factory restore.  If your computer is shipped with the OS pre-installed, then it is likely, that you have the opportunity to do a factory restore, which will wipe the drive clean of all data and restore the default OS and programs with which the computer originally provided.

However, if you can borrow a cd of win xp, you can try to repair your current installation via the recovery console.  There are some commands that you can run that can fix and adjust some things in order to stabilize the operating system.

either said by the way, don't be a system restore confused with a system recovery or factory restore.   I know it seems a little confused.

However, a system restore is the feature offered by the built in windows system restore feature, and it is not the same as a system recovery or factory restore.

just some info.

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    I have a black screen and can not restart with the restore disc but it seems to be.

    I find this odd, I can't ask Toshiba direct on my problem, but I have to wait for one nature in the heart of my problem or give me a helping hand


    This means that you can see anything on the screen of the laptop or only if you try to start with the recovery disk?
    You can start Windows or access the BIOS?
    You must post a few more details, otherwise we can t help you :(

    Furthermore, Toshiba is not your first contact, you should ask an authorized service provider. They can help you too! :)

  • Re: Satellite L300D comes with the recovery disk?


    I don't get a recovery disk when I bought my Satellite L300D.
    Does anyone know if Satellite L300D is provided with the recovery disk?

    As much I know computers made from the middle of 2007 aren't provided with the operating system recovery disks. How can I find out what year my satellite is made?

    Thank you very much

    All new models of laptops including your are delivered without the recovery DVDs.
    Recovery image is saved in the folder called HDDRecovery on the second partition.

    Akuma is right. "You need to create a recovery media using preinstalled" Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator. The shortcut that you can find on the desktop. Please do so and for the creation of recovery media I recommend you to use media high quality as TDK or Verbatim DVD-R.

    You can install OS using the F8 key at startup to the top. The guideline how to proceed you will find under
    Note please. This can be done if this recovery image is not modified or if you install another operating system on the first partition. the second partition can be in original condition, but this F8 option will be gone.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.

  • my hp presario says 'boot mrg is missing' and only load windows 7 can correct with the recovery disk

    my hp presario says 'boot mrg is missing' and only load windows 7 can correct with the recovery disk


    Here is the vista forums

    Try the repost in Forum windows 7 the link below

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  • How to reformat DV2500 HP without the recovery disk? my recovery disk went please help me thank you

    How to reformat DV2500 HP without the recovery disk? my recovery disk went T_T PLEASE help me thank you

    jamboy16 wrote

    How to reformat DV2500 HP without the recovery disk? my recovery disk went T_T PLEASE help me thank you

    If your goal is to reinstall the operating system there are ways to achieve

    We need to tap the F11 key immediately after presswing the laptop power button. Who will call the Recovery Manager unless you have deleted the recovery partition or have done something to the original disk partition scheme. In the Recovery Manager simply choose to recover your PC for the original operating system

    Alternatively, you can order a set of HP recovery disks.

    Best regards


  • Satellite Pro A210 - how to retrieve it with the recovery disk lost?

    I had some problems with my individual Pro A210 (AMD Athlon 64 x 2, Vista, 120 GB of HDD, 2 GB of RAM), and it seems that I did the recovery disks when new and you have misplaced them.

    What can I do?

    The hard disk should have a recovery Partition.

    Try holding down the zero (0) key when you turn on the laptop, this should start the recovery process.

    If this does not work, press F8 rapidly after the Toshiba start screen to enter in the Windows Start menu, where you can choose to run the recovery/restore.

  • Can I restore all settings using the recovery disk?

    I was wondering:
    Is it possible to restore the factory settings & software after formatting all incl.
    The recovery partition? with the recovery of course disks.

    BTW: How I format all? Cheers.


    If you would read a little here in this forum on this theme, then you will find the info this recovery disk format the whole drive HARD while the recovery procedure and defines the laptop back to factory settings. This means that you will get the same State as at the first day of the purchase.


  • Satellite U400 cannot create DVDs of recovery with the recovery disk creator


    I have a Satellite U400 (a few years), and I never created the recovery DVDs.
    Now I want to do, but for some reason, when I run creator of Toshiba Recovery disk, nothing happens...
    The partition containing the files of recovery is there, as well as the folder HDDRecovery. I have add a few files on this partition, this could be the problem?

    Thanks for your help.

    > I have some files on this partition, this could be the problem?
    N ° if you didn t change the partition structure should not be the problem.

    It is: does this Toshiba recovery disc creator market or not? If you can not star this tool has nothing to do with the recovery files.
    You will find this file - C:\Program Toshiba Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator\TRORDCLauncher.exe?

  • How to recover files before using the recovery disk?


    I have a Toshiba Equium and when I turn it on it loads the screen where you log does not appear, it has a black screen with a mouse, and I need to use the recovery disk to get back to normal, but I don't want to format the hard drive that I have a lot of files so it is anyway to recover the files?


    In my opinion the easiest way is you remove the laptop HARD drive and put it in a box external HARD disk. Then, you can connect this external HARD disk to a different computer now and have access to the files on your HARD drive and you can perform a backup.

    An alternative you can boot from a Linux Live CD and back up your files on a different USB devices.

  • Two problems with the recovery disk


    It's my PC Toshiba laptop 3rd and for the first time I have this problem:
    I just struggle and it come with C:233 GB and D 233 GB * or some. I try to divide the disk HARD C, D and E, but when I try to use the recovery disk disk resize my HARD drive for the factory with C and D only setting
    Is it possible to use the recovery disk, but to choose the partition that I want to be to install the operating system?

    Second problem is:
    before * begin to do something with * my HARD drive I did the USB recovery using the toshiba software
    but * when I say in the menu for starting a startup USB form comes only a black screen with white line in top left corner and so still why this is happening
    It's the information Satenv.ini are there is something wrong

    Packer = ImageX
    InstallCMD = \inst.cmd
    FactoryInstallCMD = \facinst.cmd
    PartitionSizeGB =-1
    MinPartitionSizeGB = 15
    DefaultGUILang = English
    NumLang = 1
    Hnum = R11460EN
    Lang = FRA
    OS = Windows Win 7
    ImageName = 10185XSP.swm
    ImageIndex = 2
    WinREIndex = 1
    FS = NTFS
    StartMedium = 1


    In the past, you probably had old laptop models shipped without recovery disc option HARD and recovery facility old ghost. Now it works a little different.
    Here is my little explanation:

    Question n ° 1
    > Is it possible to use the recovery disk, but to choose the partition that I want to be to install the operating system?
    N ° before installation of HARD drive recovery image will be erased completely and create new partitions (factory State).

    2nd edition
    It will not work. Installation of recovery work as installation DVD or HARD drive recovery procedure.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - what I can reinstall Vista with the recovery disk?


    I dual-boot (running Windows Vista & Win7) and if I delete Windows Vista can I reinstall Windows Vista with my recovery CD?
    And I have another drive on my computer for recovery Partition so I can use my recovery CD to reinstall Windows vista if I want once I got rid of him and would it erase my win7 disk or remove the duel boot?

    My specs are:
    Intel Pentium
    2 GB OF RAM
    Hard drive 160 GB

    > if I delete Windows Vista can I reinstall Windows Vista with my recovery CD?
    You can use the recovery disk to reinstall Vista on your laptop but as Luke mentioned, the recovery disk would format the whole HARD drive. It would erase all partitions on the HARD drive and you will lose also the installed Win 7!

  • I reformatted my T520 with the recovery disk, but Windows cannot start

    I reformatted my T520 with my recovery disk. When the computer restarts, it says that Windows cannot start properly. Help, please.

    I finally solved the problem; Here is my solution:

    I have determined that the backup image has been bad, and this is perhaps why the recovery disks have been as bad. I tried to use both to reformat the C:\drive several times without success. Fortunately, I had a Windows 7 disc from another computer that I no longer use. However, the T520 would not be updated to Windows 7 using this disk, so I run Diskpart to reformat all (this removes everything, including the image.) Then, I was able to reinstall Windows 7.

    With this new facility, would not any responsible drivers, including LAN and wireless drivers. I went on the Lenovo Web site: to download the driver for "Intel Wireless LAN (11abgn, abg, bg). This provided wireless access to the computer. (Downloaded the driver on another computer, saved on a USB stick to transfer to the T520.) Restarted the computer in case where. Then, I went to to download ThinkVantage System Update 5.0. After you have installed this software and reboot, all the necessary drivers would be so loaded.

    Unfortunately, if you don't have any Windows disk, you will need to pay 50 dollars to get one from Lenovo. Lesson learned? Next time I buy a new computer, the first thing I would do is to reformat and reload the computer by using the image while still under warranty. I did several times with my other Lenovo laptops without fail. I have to do this once every 3 years each time my computer seems to slow down. This is the first time, it didn't work.

    I hope this help anyone who is in the same situation.

    (Boy, I have miss the good old days when I could fix everything from the DOS command prompt.)

  • How to uninstall Windows 7 from the recovery disk?

    By mistake, I installed Windows 7 on the recovery disk. I have only windows 7 installed on my Dell Inspiron. However, it is now a multi-boot, as Windows 7 is stored on the operating system and the recovery drive. How delete/uninstall Windows 7 from the recovery drive (more free space on it is exhausted). I already tried to 'Format' and 'Remove the Volume' in the disk management page, but the options are grayed out and I can't access it.

    It's probably that you managed to install on the Dell recovery disk victory because it would be too small.

    Open the recovery partition in Explorer to view the files.

    Use msconfig to remove incorrect boot entry

  • How can I restore my data with the recovery firefox key?

    So, my laptop was recently reimagee. I was able to get a recovery key Firefox before everything has been removed. When I downloaded Firefox on the recreated machine, asked me to connect. After several resets the password, I have been in. None of my data came down from the cloud "firefox". It does give me an option to enter the recovery key. Is it possible to recover all my stuff?

    Firefox sync was never to be a backup service, you should always have a printed copy of your data.

    You can do it, although there is no guarantee that it will work.

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