How to restore a replaced file

I think I had 2 open files and somehow managed on the base to replace a file of content with each other.

His thesis, I can restore it?

Hi Joann,

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After the description of the question, I understand that you want to restore a file or folder to the previous version. I'll be happy to help you on this question.

What is the format of the file you want to restore?

Let us try the steps from the following link:

Previous versions of files: frequently asked questions (how do I access previous versions of a file and folder?)

After trying the steps above suggested, giving us additional troubleshooting results.

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  • does anyone know how to restore a single file (my windows 8 buy, reception with my product codes) backup

    does anyone know how to restore a single file (my windows 8 buy, reception with my product codes) backup any help would be appreciated


    If you do not have access to windows and you used the built in backup, you will have a problem.  There is a way pretty cludgy to get home if you know where it is.  You can download Acronis true image home and convert the backup Windows a one acronis > find the file > convert a windows backup.  Not pretty but doable

  • Lightroom - how to restore backed up files (not the Lightroom Catalog) from one external drive to another?

    How to restore backed up files (not the lightroom catalog) from one external drive to another.

    I've recently saved my photo files to one external drive to another. The backup (carbon copy clone) pointed out some files corrupt on the original drive.

    I deleted these files and find good copies of Time Machine backups.

    I want to get rid of the original external drive; use the recent backup as my main outside and then save it to a new disc.

    I'm not sure how everything is point lightroom for backups so he knows look on the new drive instead of the old drive and all points of exclamation and question marks go away.

    There are close to 60 000 images in several files with a 'parent folder."

    My best guess is Lightroom Help - create and manage folders - locate missing files

    Can I point to the folder of one of their parents, and all of the subfolders will return?

    This is the process for recovering files in lightroom and there will be a problem with so many photos?

  • How to restore the bar «File, Edit, View, history...» » ? Gary

    I use Ref Desk as my page home of Firefox and removed somehow my 'tool' (?) bar with File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, and help at the top of the Ref Desk page. I want to restore it.

    For more information about how to restore, see the what happened to the file, edit and view menus? article.

  • How to restore a deleted file

    original title: restore a deleted file

    I deleted a file from a flash drive. It does not appear in the Recycle Bin. How can I restore it?

    Windows XP does not create a basket for removable flash drives or any other "device with removable media" (for example, a floppy drive).

    If you look at my computer with a flash drive and a hard drive connected by USB, you will see that the flash player is listed with CD and DVD readers "Devices with removable storage", but the external drive is listed with internal as «Hard drives» discs

    If this is an important issue, immediately stop using the flash drive, then download Recuva, which should be able to get it back.

  • How to restore the signature files?

    I had to change my ID to connect to my PC.  When I go to sign documents (Place Signatures) the signing of files is more displayed.  I know that they are always on the PC because nothing has changed other then that I am logged in as.  How to restore the existing signatures without recreating them from scratch?  I have variations depending on what sort of documents HTML I sign and they took a lot of work to get right.

    Connect with the old ID.

  • How to restore a pdf file

    How to recover a pdf file

    Accidentally deleted, corrupt, can't find it on your Mac? Be more descriptive of your particular problem. We are not mind readers.

  • How to restore the backup files of XP to Windows 8?

    I have all my XP data backed up using the backup/restore in XP.

    How to restore for Windows 8.

    (Microsoft: you told me to back up my XP data before the upgrade.) Fact!   You not me is not to use your own installation of backup.  Let programmers design the code yet?)

    There is a downloadable utility for windows 7 that will read and extract archives of backup of xp. I don't know if it will work in Win8, but even if it isn't, it may be easier to find a Win7 machine...

    Here is the tool and the info from Microsoft:

  • during an update lots of my profile folder has been put in a folder on the desktop marked the old data. How to restore this data file

    During a bet to update, automatic update of windows has started and some how much my profile data has been removed and stored in a file on the desktop. There is a simple and easy way to restore this folder from the current firefox?

    You can use the contents of the Old Firefox Data folder to "roll back" the refresh, but this involves several steps. It's probably even faster than the recovery of individual files and load those into your new profile.

    Check in the folder 'Old data Firefox' update adds a folder with a random semi name on your desktop. If there is only one, that probably has your old settings and Add-ons. If there is more than one, you'll want to work with one who has been updated recently.

    Once you have identified the profile folder, that you want to restore, here is my "old profile resurrection suggested procedure:


    Here are the steps described in more detail below:

    1. Create a new Firefox profile
    2. Delete all of this profile folder
    3. Copy in all of the old profile folder

    Create a new profile for Firefox (Windows)

    Exit Firefox completely and start up in the Profile Manager by pasting the following in the Windows search, or the Run dialog box by pressing ENTER:

    firefox.exe -P

    Note: any time want to switch profiles, exit Firefox and return to this dialog box.

    Click on the button create a profile, give it a name like OldSettings and skip the option to change the location of the folder. Select the new profile from the dialog box, and then start Firefox.

    Open the new profile folder in Windows Explorer

    Firefox in the new profile should look like a new installation of the plant. Open the troubleshooting information page by using either:

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • Menu help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    In the first table, click on the view file"" button. Firefox will launch your new profile folder in Windows Explorer.

    This folder open, switch back to Firefox and get out by using either:

    • "3-bar" menu button > button "power".
    • (menu bar) File > Exit

    Firefox is closed, the profile folder must be front and Center, or you can activate it by using the taskbar.

    Copy old data instead of new

    In this new profile folder you just popped open - NOT the one on your desktop - select all content (you can use Ctrl + a) and delete (you can press Delete on the keyboard).

    Leave this window open, open or switch to your folder of old data of Firefox. Consult your old profile folder. At this level, you should see a folder named bookmarkbackups among other things.

    Select all (Ctrl + a) and copy (or right-click > copy or Ctrl + c).

    Switch to the empty profile folder in another window and paste (or right-click > paste or Ctrl + v). This may take a few minutes because some files are large.

    Launch Firefox

    Firefox should start in this 'new' profile with the old resurrected profile data. Success?

  • I deleted some of my documents folder undeletable file, and after reboot, I see that lost my desktop icon, how can restore my icon file and office

    How can I solve this problem?

    Original title: with a peogram I deleted some of my documents folder undeletable file and after reboot I see who lost the icon on my desktop, how can I restor my file and desktop icon?

    Have you tried a System Restore yet?  Restore to a previous State could solve your problem.

    For Windows 7 and Vista: [link]
    For Windows XP: [link] (scroll down to restore from a Restore Point)

    Also, could you please tell us what do you delete?

    Thank you

  • How to restore the PSD file accidentally crushed by preview after the closing?


    I recently registered and closed a file psd with many layers, and now when I opened it again it is a flattened image.  According to me, which may occur in the East after closing photoshop, I wanted to take the last look at the image and opened it in preview.  After saw closing and stop of my laptop, I have opened the image this morning and now it is flattened but still a psd.  Usually an excerpt asking you if you want to make changes to the images, but I never got a notification (recently updated to Yosemite, then maybe this feature is no longer available)

    Is it possible to restore the psd for the last time that I saved it in photoshop?  I heard that there is a way to read your story/brush strokes in your last session (scripts?) but I'm not entirely sure of how this works.  Help, please!

    Thank you ~.

    Problem solved!

    It turns out that Preview has the opportunity to restore the images to what they were before the changes have been made.  By doing this I revenue the psd file flattened (flattened during the rotation of the image) to the original with layers.  For the future I will make sure that all of my images are locked in the window.

    Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!

  • How to restore all my files has been deleted.

    If Microsoft Security Essentials said that my computer has been infected. I clicked on the cleaning of my computer button, then a minute later all on my computer has been deleted. Please tell me how to recover my business. I need an answer as soon as POSSIBLE...


    Your files have probably been infected and therefore has been removed.

    Check if this article helps to recover your lost files.

    Recover lost or deleted files

  • How to restore deleted Excel file?

    * Original title: remove the Excel file

    Hello world

    Can someone get out me a hole. I deleted by mistake an Excel file (also emptied the deleted items folder). I heard that there is a way to resume. Someone at - it ideas?

    Thank you very much.



    I have never done this, but it might be useful.

    To bring back a deleted file (or folder) using shadow copies / previous versions, right-click the folder used to hold the file (or folder), then choose restore previous Versions. Then click on the version of the file you want to resurrect and drag it to the desktop. At this point, you can open the file and search around inside - your deleted files (and folders) are still there.


  • How to restore XP .bkf files to Windows 7

    I did a complete backup of my laptop, running XP, file from external hard drive (.bkf) WD a few months back.  My computer since 'projected blue' and bought a Windows7 running a new one, but I can't restore the backup on the external drive WD for the new computer laptop.  What program can I download/purchase of internet to restore and view my backup files to the new laptop?

    You need

    Also read

  • How to restore the default file for .lnk for unknown Application

    I used the setting of the control panel and tried to change the default program for the .lnk file. The default for .lnk originally was "unknown Application". Bad I clicked and changed the default to "Notepad". Now, most of desktop icons is appearin in the form of notebook. I can't restore the defect of unknown Application.

    Go to this page:

    To half way down this page is a download link for LNK.  Which will restore your association.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have a laptop DV2000 and although the DVD Player reads and plays CD and DVD it doesn't burn a data DVD.  The properties of the driver are so-called "working properly", but I lost many DVDs trying to burn playlists to itunes.