How to restore applications that have been removed during refresh?

How to restore applications that have been removed during refresh?


There should be a crease on your desktop that lists what has been deleted. You will need to reinstall them using the original source. Hope this helps and if you need another post to help and we will be happy to help you.

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  • How to restore pictures that have been deleted from Lightroom, but not removed from the 'drive '?

    How to restore pictures that have been deleted from Lightroom, but not removed from the 'drive '? Also, how can I restore photos after saving Lightroom. I started to remove some files and it removed ALL of them! I chose the option "cancel delete files" and them brought back, she says they are all "missing or offline. I tried to 'find' a different folder and it deleted the folder all together and now I don't know where he is. Help, please!

    How to restore pictures that have been deleted from Lightroom, but not removed from the 'drive '?

    You need a backup of your Lightroom catalog file before deleting the photos made. You have such a backup? If so, find the backup catalog, open it (double click on it) and then search for the photos you want and select them and then file-> export catalogue; Then go to your original catalog file, open it and select file-> import from another catalog and points to the catalog that you just exported.

    If you do not have a backup of your catalog file, then the only thing you can do is to import the photos again, and Lightroom will treat them as totally new photos with no editing and no metadata provided by the user.

    Moreover, the idea of importing photos into Lightroom and then later removing them to Lightroom should is limited to photos you will EVER want such a photos that are so overexposed or underexposed or blurred that they are essentially useless. The photos that you care enough to run a task on (including editing) should never be removed from Lightroom.

    Also, how can I restore photos after saving Lightroom.

    Is this the same problem as above, or another?

    I chose the option "cancel delete files" and them brought back, she says they are all "missing or offline.

    Is it possible that you actually deleted pictures from the hard disk, as well as from Lightroom? Anyway, Lightroom cannot find the photos and you first need to find photos on your hard drives and then direct Lightroom to the location of the photo on your hard drive, using these instructions Adobe Lightroom - find folders and files moved or missing

  • How to restore files that have been backed up for a recovery of the system on WIndows 8?

    My Windows 8 would not start due to a corrupted boot critical file. I had to do a system recovery, but he asked if I wanted to back up the files, I did. Now how to recover these backed up files?

    Hi Jeffry,

    1. How did you perform the system recovery?

    2. have you used the options provided by the manufacturer of the computer or the recovery partition?

    3. What is the brand and model of the system?

    We can refer to the article and try the steps to restore your files.

    How to use the file history

    If you have used the system recovery options provided by the manufacturer of the computer, then you can also get in touch with the manufacturer of the computer to restore the backup files.

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • How to restore files that have been ransacked and then emptied trash?

    My brother accidentally trashed a folder he need, then empty the trash.  The folder contains mostly or entirely Word docs.

    Here's what the computer is currently in mode 'sleep' and I don't want to do anything until I have a plan in place

    Serial ID indicates the computer that I work with is as follows:

    Intro. October 22, 2013 Disc. July 29, 2014
    Order ME864LL / A *. Model A1502 (EMC 2678)
    Family Retina end 2013 13 " ID MacBookPro11, 1
    RAM 4 GO, 8 GB VRAM 1.5 GB *.
    Storage 128 GB, 256 GB SSD Optics None *.
    All MacBook Pro "Core i5" 2.4 plug 13 '' end 2013

    As far as I know that sounds right.  I do not want to open the computer and turn it on before you know what I do to minimize the loss.

    Can someone tell me which software is best to use and anything else that I might need to know? The data is quite important.  We have a second mac, a Flash DRIVE and an external hard drive.

    It has already found: is good?

    I think that the computer executes Yosemite and was not yet upgraded to El Capitan.  Not sure if it would make a difference anyway.

    Thank you.

    Try to use a waste product of data, such as those listed here. Do not write on the disc until the files are recovered or you choose not to recover them. For best results, close it, connect your two Macs via FireWire/Thunderbolt and start the MacBook Pro with the key T.

    If utilities do not work, you can contact a professional data recovery service, but these can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars.


  • How to restore pictures that have been cleared in my computer about a month ago?

    I had over 3000 photos deleted from my computer around a month ago

    I had over 3000 photos deleted from my computer around a month ago

    Get back them from the backups that you did on a regular basis.

  • How to restore documents that have been in the trash

    the document has been on my desktop, then move in the trash

    hot I get it back?

    Please H E L P!


    Recover files from the Recycle Bin

  • How to recover instances that have been human intervented after retriy

    How to recover instances that have been human intervented after retriy fail

    use like this in your fault, and after further attempts strategy fails, you can see the instance activity tab that you can grab from here


  • Have been removed during a Windows Update yesterday Windows programs?

    Somehow the programs calculator and games have been removed from my laptop and I can't find my CD-ROM professional XP that I had with my Lenova. What should I do?


    I suggest you to restore the computer and check if it helps:

    It will be useful.

  • How to delete songs that have been transferred by bluetooth?

    I transfer me some photos and songs from my powerbook to my new Crush. I don't have a microSD card, so the songs and images simply went in various places on the phone. For example, the images went in the pictures folder, and song I transferred went to the settingssounds: ringtones & alerts: call tone: alerts: music. When I click on music I can listen to samples and select the song to play when someone calls me (or I can listen to it on the speaker phone. However, there is no option to remove this song from the phone.

    I thought that the song could use the multimedia menu option, under the ring tones or sounds, but is not in one of these locations.

    Anyone know how to delete a song that has been transferred to the crowd via bluetooth (which do not go in the music player)? I would like to know how to take these songs I transferred out of my phone, so I did not run all the preloaded space.

    Any ideas would be useful.


    On your crush: he reveals in: settings > memory... (scroll down to find) > Phone memory > photos, videos, music, sounds, my bluetoothed (old ringtones) went to the music.

    Drag Lt has Rt on the name of tones to mark it with a red bar (Rt lt to deselect)... then choose > erase.

    If you get a memory micro SD chip, you can transfer to the chip instead of delete here too.

  • I just bought a new iPhone 6 s. When adding my apps I had on my old iPhone, I lost somehow in a file the original google apps have been all together including my gmail app. I don't know what were all the other applications that have been included.

    IPhone apps of origin question 6s? They disappeared!

    There is no Google apps that are pre-installed or included on an iPhone, so I don't know exactly what you mean by "original". "."

    However, if, on your iPhone, you go to the App Store, tap updates down to the right, press 'Buy', then select 'not on this phone", you will be able to see the applications that you have downloaded in the past are not on the phone.

    You can also search the app store by "Google". Or find the Gmail in the App Store application, then press the button "Related" for other Google applications.

  • Find files on the data store that have been removed from inventory, but not deleted from the disk

    I have ESXi 4.1 and with vSphere Client to manage virtual machines.

    Some of my users continue to use the 'remove from inventory"rather than the option" remove disc "in vSphere when they want to delete the virtual machine.

    This leaves the computer virtual on the data store but not used. I have since removed this privilege among the offending users but I need to do a bit of cleaning.

    I have a lot of files on the data store where users have done this in recent years. Probably about 150 records but only 80 VM listed in the inventory.

    Is there a way I can output, a report showing the data of each machine store directory in inventory so that I can remove anything not on this list? ID rather not to manually check the parameters of all 80 VM in the inventory.

    Out ideal would be something like:

    MyVmNameHere 1, \MyVmDirectoryHere1\ [DataStore1]

    MyVmNameHere2, \MyVmDirectoryHere2\ [DataStore1]

    A great tool to discover all this and much more is RVTools


  • You can restore messages that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin?

    I deleted some emails today by mistake, I know, on Gmail, that they restore these. Can it be done on the apple mail?

    Using Time Machine, Yes.   Just set up and return to the p [anointed just before that you deleted.

  • Is it possible to recover the deleated emails that have been removed from the section 'remove' Hotmail?

    I have deleated emails sent to me that I thought that I no longer need, as I read them... but now there is evolution, related to them... and I suspect that they are against, using the logos of some departments.

    Is it possible to get back them again? Maybe I need to show to the people, I take the case?

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  • How I reread boards that have been read HP Support Assistant? How to make a record of diagnosis?

    I have a 610-1280qd Touchsmart. I got a tip to HP Support Assistant to create a disc of diagnosis. I saw the tip, it closed and planned read it later, but now it shows as a task accomplished. How I reread the tip and in particular, how do I do a Diagnostics disk. ?

    Hmm... not sure how to read the boards, but if you go to the StartMenu and look for disc HP Vision diagnostic authoring, you can burn the diagnosis there.

    Just type 'Vision' in the search bar in the start menu and it'll be top of the list

  • How to retrieve emails that have been compacted by microsoft outlook express, not in a specific folder

    Inbox emails disappear. not for a folder, accidentally compacted once were not compacted by me today but disappeared before be read.

    If you have lost messages after compacting, I gave you the instructions to retrieve them. If it was something different, please explain a little more clearly.

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