How to restore recently "My Favorites"?

'Bookmarks' to list "recently them bookmarked" as a choice. More. I want to come back. "about.config' in the address bar was not helpful.


It is supposed to be a colon between topic and config not a period.

Subject: config

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  • How to restore the item recent tabs to favorites tree? I accidentally deleted.

    How to restore the item recent Tags to favorites tree? I accidentally deleted.


    Or create a new bookmark:

    Name: Recent Tags
    Location: place:type=6&sort=14&maxResults=10

    Close and restart Firefox.

  • In 31.0, how to restore drop-down menus practices of bookmarks/favorites in the toolbar?

    When I use the personalization feature to move the bookmarks/favorites icon in the toolbar, all elements of the toolbar compress to a menu drop down on the right side of the toolbar and the address box expands to fill the entire toolbar.

    30.0, when I performed this customization, I have a drop down menu wonderfully practice at the far left of the toolbar of bookmarks and Favorites.

    How to restore this drop in 31.0? I find it difficult to use separate bookmarks toolbar and vertical screen space wasted.

    Thanks cor - el for your kind and quick response.

    As an alternative, I have already started using the sidebar button in the toolbar, but frankly, it is not as convenient as this menu drop-down sugar that I have referred to in my question and it shows only the bookmarks, Favorites. For the latter, I have to go into the menu of the toolbar, and then click Favorites, which is then displayed as a menu drop-down. Not bad, but not as practice.

  • How can I get my favorites when doing a restore on my computer?

    My whole computer has been saved with Carbonite. When I "restored" my mac, I reinstalled Firefox. How to bring back my favorites?

    You can locate the Firefox profile folder in the Carbonite backup.

    • < User > /users//Library/Application Support / Firefox/Profiles/< profile >.

    You will need the places.sqlite file to retrieve the bookmarks.

    See also:

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder currently in use:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > Profile Manager: see file (Linux: open Director;) Mac: View in the Finder)

    Note that in Mac OS X v10.7 and later versions, the ~/Library folder is a hidden folder.

  • Firefox didn't sync my bookmark on my account? WTF. I reinstall my windows but I thought that ff synchronize my favorites. .. How to restore my bookmark on my account?

    Firefox didn't sync my bookmark on my account? WTF. I reinstall my windows but I thought that ff synchronize my favorites. .. How to restore my bookmark on my account?

    I'm sorry. Sync is not really designed as a backup media that you were trying to use to. It is not intended to be a 'cloud' storage. Its purpose is to keep Firefox bookmarks synchronized between several Firefox installations or profiles – so all your bookmarks are the same on each device / profile.

  • Under FILE &gt; OPEN RECENT item (formerly had history of files opened recently; Now it just says: CLEAR. How to restore the history of recently opened?

    REF: NUMBERS > under FILE > OPEN RECENT item (formerly had history of files opened recently; Now it just says: CLEAR. How to restore the recently opened files history?

    If you have numbers in the Dock are trying option-clicking top here.  If you're lucky, you'll see these recent docs there. Use this menu to open and close the docs you want to see in file > open recent.


  • I changed my url to white now, I can't find the Favorites or the menu bar of the browser, pls can someone tell me how to restore to the original url parameter?

    I tried to remove thumbnails of Firefox & advice line went to browser.newtab.url and changed to 'white', now when I open Firefox from the menu with bookmarks etc bar is missing, but when I opened a new tab thumbnails are still there, I don't have a lot of experience & would appreciate some advice on how to restore. I tried to restore the computer to an earlier time, but that does not restore the url from the browser to the State before you start playing with it. Help, please!

    Make sure that you run not Firefox mode full screen (press F11 or Fn + F11 to toggle; Mac: Command + SHIFT + F).

    If you are in full screen view then hover over with the mouse to the top of the screen to facilitate the bar appear Navigation and tab bar.
    Click the expand (in the top right Navigation bar) to exit full screen or right-click on a space empty on a toolbar and select "exit full screen" or press the F11 key.

    You can use one of them to set toolbars to display.

    • Firefox '3-bar' menu button > customize > show/hide toolbars
    • View > toolbars
      Press the ALT key, or press F10 to display the Menu bar
    • Right click on empty toolbar space

    What is the current value of the browser.newtab.url pref?

    If you do not keep the changes after a reboot or have problems with preferences, see:

    You can create a new Boolean pref on the on: page config to prevent the generation of thumbnails for Firefox the subject: newtab page.

    • name: browser.pagethumbnails.capturing_disabled value: true

    Delete the folder of thumbnails in the Firefox profile folder to remove the thumbnails already memorized web page.

  • After the upgrade to Firefox 4 in my Windows XP desktop, how can I restore to organize favorites... selection, which is no longer visible in the bookmarks menu or any other menu?

    Fault strike; should be "how to restore him organize bookmarks... selection." Also, this selection does not exist when I manually change Firefox to show the new tab menu orange "Firefox" in the upper left of the Firefox window.

    Select "Show all bookmarks" in the bookmarks menu. It performs the same function that "organize bookmarks" used for.

  • My administrator account has been accidentally deleted from my computer. How to restore this account and all of my programs and Favorites?

    My administrator account has been accidentally deleted from my computer. How to restore this account and all its attributes?

    try to run a system restore point before the incident.

    the system restore function can restore the user accounts and some system folders.

  • My Windows files have been lost. How to restore my recent $24 year subscription to Adobe converter?

    All of my Windows files have been lost. How to restore my Adobe PDF Converter without paying $24 again?

    Hi drjpnita,

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your files. But, your subscription must always be OK. You can connect to online services Acrobat to any web browser supported at with your Adobe ID and password. If you need to re - download the reader free Adobe (which also allows access to the service), you can get it here: Adobe - download Adobe Reader - all versions

    I hope that helps!



  • How to restore a Firefox refreshed all bookmarks to an external hard drive?

    I've just 'refreshed' Firefox and lost ALL my passwords, even if the instructions said that they would be saved. I tried to copy it in the folder of old data from Firefox and it does NOTHING. I have all the data I need on an external hard drive and the ability to navigate (already found my Firefox profile on the backup drive) and to copy and paste data from this drive on my C drive. Please tell me EXACTLY how to transfer my favorites for the latest version of Firefox. I have YEARS of bookmarks that I can't AFFORD TO LOSE. I'll be more than happy to just restore my old profile even if that slow Firefox. It would be a small price to pay, but I must have bookmarks in return. Help, please!

    Hi, in case bookmarks trying to open the profile folder, then find the folder called "bookmarkbackups". Use the most recent file to restore bookmarks menu favorites - all bookmarks - import and backup - restore.


    Desktop computer with Windows XP, Professional Version, and Service Pack 3. Since March 2, 2015, the browser is Firefox with Google.
    Before that, I used Firefox Portable Edition. Our public library offers a download of a company called Freegal music service.
    The process is to click Download an individual song that produces a popup that I click on save. He produced a second popup that allows me to transfer the song to a folder selected in MY music. This routine worked fine with Firefox Portable Edition. However, after that I recently installed Firefox, the second popup which would be used to transfer the song to my music does not appear and that's the end of the routine with Freegal. Firefox sends the song downloaded to two places in my computer that are Documents\Downloads my D: and C: Documents and Settings\Administration\Recent. I have two hard drives in use on this computer because of its limited memory. Then copy and paste the song of Documents D:------downloads in the folder selected in my music.
    The library has no reported problems recently with Freegal. I guess the recent download of Firefox is its last edition, and I must say that it is a very fast browser. It is more convenient transfer the song to my music was intended by Freegal that the road should I use as described above.
    I would appreciate comments on why this happens, because Firefox Portable Edition did not have this problem.
    Any suggestions on how to restore this function in Freegal would also be appreciated.
    Please consider this message.

    You should have an option to choose where to go downloads.

    • See _downloads Start , homepage, tabs and download settings
    • Use: Firefox button {(trois bar icône)-> Preferences-> |} General | Choose a download location (), or always ask

    I'm sorry that I have no knowledge on Freegal.
    (There are alternative possible workaround, thanks to another, 2nd, additional profiles for music downloads)

  • My Junk folder suddenly disappeared. Now all messages marked as junk in my deleted folder. How to restore my junk e-mail folder?

    I use Thunderbird for my email. I have accounts with Yahoo and Gmail. Recently, my Junk folder disappeared, and now all messages marked as junk goes in my file deleted, which means that it is all mixed with standard deleted emails. It means also that I'm unable to check for spam, without going into my deleted folder and search it. Please, how I restore my Junk folder?

    Serversetup TB for Gmail and Yahoo page, you have the option of "prenumeration records" (my translation) probably just tick the box for junk.

  • How to restore the new PIN tab older versions of firefox?

    I recently updated my version of Firefox to V.33 and I really don't like the layout of the websites suggested or "pinned". The previous version, I used had only three "pins" to a row with three columns, giving me a total of 9 "pinned" sites This new update gives me many more options, but they are about a quarter of the size of those used in the previous version of Firefox, I had, makes it very difficult for someone (like me) who has poor eyesight to select good 'pine '. I love this browser but this severely affects the way I use it and I would just go back to things I'm used to.

    If someone know everything on how to restore just this one feature I would be extremely grateful if you could share.

    Thank you.

    It is on the page of the new tab (Ctrl + t)? These pages come from your story unless you pinned your own pages here.

    33 Firefox now to spend up to 5 thumbnails. You can reduce the number of thumbnails per row back to 3 by modifying a parameter "behind the scenes", but I'm not sure it will help because the size of the thumbnail is also depends on the available height:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste newtab and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference browser.newtabpage.columns and change your change of 5 to 3, and then tap OK.

    As an alternative, this helps the page zoom (hold the CTRL and press +)?

  • How to move recently implemented bookmark bookmarks in the bookmarks Menu?

    Using the latest version of Firefox on your desktop - Windows 7 Professional. All recently marked bookmarked Web sites appear in "Recently marked with a bookmark", but not in the Menu "Favorites". How can I get new bookmarks appear in the bookmarks Menu directly instead of bookmark recently? Otherwise how can I move all entries from bookmark recently to the bookmarks Menu?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Sorry, you can't just ' click on ' once and a new bookmark Menu bookmarks be saved in the folder. The default folder to save a bookmark is the unsorted folder. It has been like this for Firefox 3, and I've never seen an extension that changes this feature.

    Overall, there are 5 ways to save a new bookmark in Firefox:
    1 {Ctrl + D}
    2. right click and select Bookmark this Page.
    3 bookmarks > Bookmark this Page
    4. double-click on the star that is located on the right side of the address bar.
    4A. (clicking on the star will save the new bookmark in the unsorted bookmarks folder).
    5. left click and drag the image to the site (Favicon) in the toolbar URL (or the active tab) in the display of the Sidebar Bookmark {Ctrl + B}
    or point bar Bookmarks menu (the drop down menu is open) , then in the drop-down list of your bookmarks and the folder of bookmarks (open records)
    or on the bookmarks toolbar - the new bookmark will be saved only when you release the left mouse button.

    Recently the Favorites isn't a 'real' folder. If you do not see this folder just right-click on this file and delete it.

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