How to restore the HARD drive recovery partition that has been deleted?


due to the mistake, I deleted the recovery of HARD drive partition.
So, now, I am unable to restore for example. The system state of a fe hours before.

Is it possible to "' once more HDRecovery?

I really liked the functionality of this tool, so it would be nice but - is it possible? And how?

N ° there is nothing you can do, except new disc order under
I'm sorry. :(

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  • Where could I find, live disc or other to restore the HARD drive recovery partition?

    Hello I have an A300 system 9 1M unit.

    I need to restore the HARD drive recovery partition, I had to change the hard disk drive, because he's dead.

    Is there a link where I could download the files? IMG to ISO or any other program that can create a new partition for recovery on a new drive?

    This computer is not under warranty, because it has more than 4 years.

    Thank you for all the support you could give me


    PS: second question: which little hard drive disk could I buy for this model? Wich, 2 1/2 hdd and sata connector? IDE? I do not know.

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    Hello, I have another question, how do I recognize the type of connector of the drive in this laptop?

    It's a sata II or sata 3.0 compatible?

  • Satellite U400-22z - how to remove the HARD drive recovery partition


    My satellite u400-22z came with a big "hdd recovery" folder on the drive hard - yes I know what it does.
    but the unbearably awful version of windows vista that came with the machine made me decide that, in the event of failure of the system, I'm still will not install this failure of the attempt of an operating system.
    So I do not have these data recovery.

    So those ~ 11 GB of junk sitting on my drive is bugging me, I can't delete the folder HDDRecovery, it is somehow protected against deletion.

    How can I work around that?

    Also, is it safe or can I make it safe, to use the small apparently hidden partition (that's recovery also?) I found, which is IIRC ~ 2 GB or larger, for own purposes, without destroying my current installation of windows?

    Thanks in advance,


    If you have a recovery disk and you do not want to store the folder in hard drive hard disk recovery, you can remove it.

    > I can't remove the folder HDDRecovery, it is somehow protected against deletion.

    Remove you it as you always do to remove all files on your system.

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  • remove all the HARD drive recovery partition incl. disk partitions

    IM in the process of upgrading to vista 32-bit Ultimate edition - a Lenovo T61 laptop OS original vista home, comes with HARD 160 GB but only show 110 GB disk.
    There is the hidden for drive recovery partition. now, I've wanted this disk recovery partition removed for more space for important files of video editing.

    How can I remove this parition hidden containing the recovery disk?

    I bought the support for laptop recovery CD - I have no need of the hidden partition.

    in the process, I deleted the existing partition (not the hiiden recovery partition) and installed vista ultimate 32 and it lights without problem. I then installed
    the INF chipset utilitty downloaded from the Lenovo Web site, and then installed some drivers downloaded - and all in perfect condition smooth running.

    now, I decided to remove that hidden partition containing the disk recovery - whatever happens after that, I have the recovery CD.

    How to remove this hidden partition? TIA

    The link above is General info re remove hidden restore partitions.

    "In some OEM system, such as IBM/Lenovo, is impossible to remove from Windows."

    This link below might be more to the point for you:

    Written by:

    Computer notebook evangelist

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    Reputation power: 7

    "" "This applies only to Windows Vista.

    * Make sure that you have backed up your OEM code before deleting the Rugged hidden

    The hidden restore Partition Lenovo is a protected partition, then you will not be able to remove it through disk management as you would with any other normal partition. You can use Diskpart. You can still use these steps to remove the hidden restore partition if you have already done a clean install, but you will need a 3rd party software to combine with the main partition. It is better if you remove the first hidden restore Partition, then cross with a clean install using one of the many guides available on this forum.

    Step 1.
    Burn recovery media. Type "Recovery media" (without the quotes) in the search in the Start Menu. Open the application and follow the instructions.

    Step 2.
    Open the application by typing Diskpart either 'Diskpart' (without the quotes) in the search, or type "Diskpart.exe" in run by pressing Windows key + R.

    Step 3.
    Now with open Diskpart, you must enter the following command lines:

    I. type "list disk" without the quotes and press ENTER.

    II. Type in "select disk 0" and press ENTER.

    III. then type in "list partition" and press ENTER.

    IV. then type in 'select partition x' x = the recovery partition you want to delete (I think it's 1, I do not remember) replace x with the number of recovery partition and press to enter.

    V. finally type in "delete partition override" and press ENTER.

    That should do the trick. Good luck!

    T61 15.4 "

    Specific ThinkPad Vista 32/64 bit Clean Install Guide side.

    Delete Hidden Partition Lenovo's of recovery on Vista using Diskpart Guide.
    Of orev Vista Clean install and RAM Memtest module test Guides.
    The Lenovo wallpapers 1680 x 1050factory-installed.

    Grain of salt applies in my view.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Remove the HARD drive recovery Partition


    Does anyone know how to remove the recovery Partition HDD? I don't have any use for it as I repeated it CD, as well as images of partition stored on a network drive. I want that space to put a current image of my C: drive, rather than the initial installation.

    When I go to delete a partition or volume I get the errors. Resizing my computer laptop completely bombs with Paragon Disk Manager and I have to reinstall all partitions! Removing sub Vista it says volume is in use and delete may cause unexpected errors.

    If you really want to remove it, you might try Acronis Disk Director Suite. I never had any problems with it. A very good program.

    Furthermore, I think you mean that the Windows recovery environment and that s not a feature of Toshiba.
    Toshiba Recovery is only stored in a folder called HDDRecovery. It s not on a hidden partition.

    However, this good article is maybe interesting for you:

  • Satellite L750 - access to the HARD drive recovery partition

    I need to reset the drive to factory settings, but can not access the recovery starts. I read the manuals

    This information do not work for me. This utility, I did not at all.

    My serial number 7b421068w L750

    I tried to run the recovery partition, I disable for laptop and lit keyboard '0' key and tried other keys F1 - F12, but system just beep with a blank black screen and then Toshiba displays menu and the Windows loading as usual.

    He has a record of factory "HDDRecovery" on the logical drive D: with all default recovery files

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    Missing a very important information: preinstalled OS the original that you have with your laptop or you have installed a clean version of Windows?

    When you buy the new book it comes with factory settings. If long your laptop has this plant, you will be able to install the recovery image according to instructions with F8 at startup. If you change something that it will no longer work (install own os, partition structure).

    In this case you must use the created recovery disc but I assume you didn't create one although it is clearly described in the document s user manuals.

    Problem is that you can't do much. Either it works or not. If there is no way to install image recovery I'm afraid you need to order the new Mr. recovery disk you can do it on

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    Help, I can't live without PS!

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    Please follow the article: CC help | Install, update, or uninstall applications which will help you to install the Adobe applications.

    Let us know for any additional questions.

    Thank you

    Yann Arora

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    Thanks for your help in advance!



    Try this that recovering deleted e-mail accounts.

  • How to recover the file from local file, that has been accidentally deleted

    I accidentally deleted a local folder in an e-mail message, how can I get it... If it is possible?


    Which email client you have installed?

    If you use Windows Live Mail, I recommend you to ask your question to the Windows Live Mail support for assistance.

    If you use Hotmail, I recommend you to ask your question in the support forum for Windows Live Hotmail for assistance.

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    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • How to reformat the hard drive and do a "clean" install

    A recent virus attack, my computer has lost some files of the operating system.  With the help of the Lim has provided the recovery disk, which offered ' upgrade/repair' or a 'new installation '.  I chose ' install new ', actually I found many of my files are still there - that means that if a virus has escaped "Detection / removal" will always be there.

    Question: How to reformat the hard drive and do a 'fresh install' on a clean hard disk "? ". (I have a drive to Win XP with service pack 3 and a driver disk for the hardware installed on my computer of the regulations.)

    Thanks in advance


    Since you have a Dell and a recovery CD and not a recovery Partition, check how many partitions you need by using disk management:

    In case you have a partition with the operating system and a partition of the utility partition, I would only recommend formatting the partition from the OS. The Partition utility can be very useful.

  • Qosmio F50 - the hard drive recovery?


    I had a very big problem.
    I've made a few changes with my Vista regs and then I was unable to start again.
    So, I started the recovery program (second HARD drive), backed up my files and selected whole HARD drive recovery.

    Well, now problem - everything was going well, but when I walked into the Vista installation I had to shut down the computer.
    Now, when I start up the pc and load Vista I message I need to reinstall my computer again.

    Well, they say nothing about how load the recovery file but I have no option for this - only emergency mode, with the support of network, etc., but without recovery emergency. Moreover, when I select emergency mode, I can't load Vista-it says I need to run the Setup in normal mode, which told to re - install. Yep, circle-_-.

    Model: Qosmio F50

    Do you think that when I erase all the Vista disc manually - for example with linux, and then start the computer, I get a possibility to load the second part of the drive to start the installation?

    Thanks in advance because I'm really despair


    > So, I started the recovery program (second HARD drive), backed up my files and selected whole HARD drive recovery.
    I'm a bit confused of m.
    How do recover you the laptop?
    Have you used the Toshiba HDD recovery option which could be launched by pressing F8, select fix my computer-> Toshiba Recovery?

    Usually, it is a procedure how to start the Toshiba HDD recovery.

    I guess you didn't create a recovery Toshiba drive in the past is good?
    It was a big mistake buddy because the recovery disk would help you in difficult situations

    Well, as I said above; You can try to start the HARD drive recovery. If this will not help you I think that you would need a Toshiba Recovery disk.
    You can order it here:

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