How to restore the menu bar (file-editing-display) PDF?

How to restore the menu bar (file-editing-display) PDF? I use version Adobe Acrobat 8.1.3. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


I had a similar problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro X, where the menu bar would not appear.  I was able to get menu bar to appear if I resized the document by placing the pointer on the right, left, top or bottom of the document (you see a double arrow), and then by clicking and dragging.

The problem was definitely solved for all documents by opening Adobe Acrobat without having to open a document.  Then click on Edit in the menu bar.  Then click on Preferences.  In the preferences of the box click on full screen at the top left.  Then find the section Navigation screen complete.  Check the box show the Navigation bar.  Finally click on OK at the bottom right.

I hope this helps someone and saves a lot of frustration.

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    You can make the bar of menus (file, edit, view, Etc.) appear by clicking on the Tools menu, located near the upper right of the screen and then toolbars and the Menu bar

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    Here are the commands in the menu of Thunderbird on YOUR computer system. You should probably take the time to learn your way around Thunderbird.

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