How to restore the original partition after reformatting accidentally installing windows 10

See the problem below. I can not get a USB stick formatted with FAT to be recognized by bootcamp or to download the drivers to continue.

The problem occurred after that my son wanted to re - install windows 7 after that that he has been upgraded to windows 10 and utilities disk to reformat the drive hard windows installed.

OS X Terminal, you can post the output of

diskutil list

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    I used the Task Manager to maximize the on screen keyboard and now to restore its original size, but can find no way. XP MCE SP3.

    Thank you, but no joy there.

    Gathered the courage to dig into the registry and managed to restore the osk, so, for recording answering my own post. After some nosing around, I ended up export


    a user account who have an osk immaculate and imported to the account with the enlarged osk... it worked. Parameters has dozens of bytes, and 13 were different between a regular osk and a maximized. Anyway, problem solved.

  • Restoration of openers program: how to restore the original program of opening such as internet explore and itunes instead of notepad ++

    on my computer, I have somehow changed the settings for applications on windows 7 open with notepad ++ how to restore the original program of opening such as internet explore and itunes instead of notepad ++

    I've seen this happen when opening a program via a shortcut (for example. LNK file), you are asked what type of program to open it with. After selection of Notepad ++ (or another program) via the Select a program from a list of installed programsand checking the always use the selected program to open this type of file, document or program referenced by the shortcut of origin opens in Notepad ++ as it should.

    The problem is that now all shortcuts (for example. LNK files) on the desktop or in the browser will want to open Notepad ++ and use the icon of Notepad ++ to display the shortcut no matter what shortcut was originally intentioned to open. This is known as a file association and the default icon.

    The good news is that a small free utility was written to cancel the. LNK file association was created. There is also a registry hack to achieve, but I recommend the utility unASSOC for its ease of use.

    A utility to Unassociate Types of files in Windows 7 and Vista

    Just download and then use the utility to unassociate the. LNK files. Manual is available on the web page above (the same place to get the utility). Quite simply, you run the program and wait for the list of the types of files to complete. Select. LNK in the list and then click delete the file type.

    Your asscoiations of moose file will be restored.

  • iTunes has changed the order of songs on an album. How to restore the original order?

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    Order of songs is controlled by the number of drive and the beaches. Set them accordingly.


  • Qosmio X 870 - 13p - how to restore the original key elements?

    Use the volume buttons + /-on the keyboard, I just had to push for example to increase the volume of your PC or put a song on a break. Now it does not work, I have to press the "Fn key" to use these keys.

    If anyone has an idea how to restore the original key elements?

    There are two options for the mode of function keys:
    -special function mode (you don't need to press the FN key n)
    -standard mode of F1 - F12

    Please check which option is set to your laptop.
    You can find it when you open the office assist > system settings > keyboard.

    Check and if necessary change the special function mode.

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    I use Photoshop elements on Windows 8.1 12.  When I go in the Expert Mode to change the available toolbar is displayed in a single column and missing several tools which foreground and background color.  How to restore the original toolbar?

    Try to re - set preferences.

    Go to: Edit > preferences > general (menu Photoshop Elements on Mac)

    Click on the button Reset preferences on the next launch

  • How to restore the original interface of first Pro CC and drag the video to the timeline?

    I downloaded the trial version doesn't have the video and audio tracks on the mounting Panel. I tried to play to find, but it's what happened instead.

    Print screen.png

    Can I know how to restore the original interface?

    Also, how do I drag videos to the timeline when it doesn't have any audio or video track line that I can work with, unlike the CS6 version I was using?

    Thank you.

    Hi Erica,

    To restore:

    In the menu items, choose window > workspace > reset Workspace

    To add the video to the timeline:

    • Select file > new > sequence and create a sequence. Drag the video to the new sequence.


    • In the project Panel, drag your video to the new article . This will create a sequence that best matches your clips properties.


    Peter Garaway


    Premiere Pro

  • Re: Satellite A300 - how to restore the original condition?


    My computer freezes for a second or 2 from time to time and Toshiba support told me it might be a software problem. I don't think, because he began the day I bought the laptop and the display driver keeps on the work stoppage, but because I said that if it's a software problem.
    I would have to pay for it, I want to try everything before sending it for repair. This is why I would like to restore my Satellite in its original state as he was just at the moment where I bought it.

    So basically I have 2 questions:

    1 - does anyone have any idea why it keeps freezing on me? And what I should try to do to fix it?
    2. can someone tell me how to restore the laptop to its original state?

    Thank you very much Dina


    To determine if it of a software problem or not, you need to restore the factory setting and if it doesn't work you can go to an authorized service provider. They can repair the laptop for you.

    The factory settings can be restored with the Toshiba recovery disc. I guess that your laptop has been delivered with Windows Vista, if you have options to restore factory settings: the Toshiba disk recovery or HARD drive recovery service.

    HARD drive recovery function formats the first partition of your laptop and install Vista again with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. It is an image that is stored on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder HDDRecovery.
    If you go into the advanced with F8 boot menu after you start the computer, you can start this feature of Toshiba. And then select Repair my computer and some Windows files will be loaded. Then, you can choose the function to drive HARD Toshiba Recovery and follow the instructions on the screen.

    The Toshiba Recovery disk, you must create first, or have you done this yet? Normally, you get a reminder of recovery message after the first start of the laptop that you must burn this disc. Therefore, you must the preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator and the image in the folder in HARD drive recovery will be burned on the disc. Then you have a startup disk that can restore the factory settings and HARD whole disc formats then back up your data first!
    The recovery disk is necessary if you have a new HDD or Windows start doesn t. Otherwise, you can use HARD drive recovery.

    I hope I could help a bit and now you understand how to restore the factory settings.
    If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

    Good bye

  • How to restore the original size placed and mounted the image?

    If a picture is placed on the frame, mounted on it, saved file. When I open it again, is there a way to restore the original size of the image?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Click on the image with white pointer/selector and set the size of the image at 100%

  • How to restore the task on a HP Pavilion with Windows 7 bar?

    How to restore the task on ahp pavillion w/windows7 bar

    children was lost when I went online, it was gone help me

    The usual reason is that they getting by 'auto-hide '. Re it appears automatically when you run the cursor right down to the lower edge of the screen. You can then make a right click, left click 'Properties', then uncheck hide automatically.

  • How to restore the original win7 Home premium after it has been deleted

    I have HP Pavilion dv6 with windows7 home premium, I removed windows and recovery files. How to restore original windows and the recovery partition that I got from the factory?


    If you formatted the drive and deleted the partition D, where was your recovery media so the only way is to contact HP in your region and your order (with a supplement) the recovery of the DVD media.


  • Satellite L450D-11V - how to restore the original configuration?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-11V and need to know how to restore it back to factory settings.
    I tried F1 and F8.
    Please can someone help me?

    Hello sammi

    Yes, we can help you, but you should also use more than one phrase to describe your problem.
    No one knows what OS you are currently using.
    Do you use BONES that you got with your laptop?
    Have you changed the structure of partitions?
    You have created recovery DVD?
    Is the installation of HARD drive recovery work if your laptop is always the factory settings.

    When you press F8 at startup you can enter advanced startup options?
    Repair my computer option is listed here?

  • How to recover the original features after installed CC

    My organization has bought the CC license for some of our systems. I installed it on a system where we already have a license on CS 6 installed by mistake. When I realized that, I advised our admin and he refused the license. However, none of the 6 Adobe applications open CS that worked correctly on this computer. I get a message that says that this Adobe license has been denied or rejected, or something like that. So I thought that it was as easy as uninstall CC and all other CC files send files to the Recycle Bin, but no. Even after all the CC files were completely removed from this computer, I still can't open the CS 6 original apps because the message about the license violated keeps popping up. How can I solve this problem? (so that the original CS 6 applications can still be used as if the cc installation never happened)

    Please check workaround under: joint licensing - if you have an active member of the creative cloud and a serial number for Lightroom 6

  • How to restore the original admin account

    I created a new account to do the type, the administrator!  Changing type of the original of the limited account administrator.  So I could delete the original account that was the administrator. Problem: User accounts for only digital shows with limited account which is not for me to do something. Help! I can't restore to fix.


    What version of Windows are you using?

    There is a hidden administrator account.  To activate it follow these steps:

    Start > type CMD (Windows 8 right-click on start > select command prompt (Admin))

    Right click on CMD and select run as administrator


    NET user administrator / Active: Yes

    Press enter

    Reboot and you should see the administrator account

    I suggest you create an administrator account, and then disable the hidden administrator account.

    To disable the hidden administrator account

    Return to the command prompt > run as administrator


    NET user administrator / active: No.

    Press enter

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    See the Dell system software installation

    I can find the most recent versions are:

    Windows XP x 86

    Windows XP x 64

    Windows Vista x 86

    Windows Vista x 64

    Windows 7 x 86

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    So yes... Let me explain my problem here. Yesterday, I created one guest and offline account to another, after that, my screen became black and unresponsive to everything I pressed. Even after the reboot of my computer, the problem persists. Now, I h

  • Error code 0 x 80048002 in the send/receive in Outlook 2007

    I get this error 0 x 80048002 when I try to send an email in my Outlook. It is said below; "This task was cancelled before its completion." and my email is put in my Outbox.  I tried to send from my Outbox, but it does not work. It acts like it is se