How to restore the Satellite A135-S4727?

I bought this computer about two months ago and I'm going to buy a new one soon.
I'll give the Satellite A135 to my sister.
How to restore all the default values with spoil them my warranty or something like that.
help please


It's easy:

If you have recovery media, it just put in your DVD/CD player, press F12 when the toshiba logo appears, and then choose the CD drive to boot from.

After that, a Recovery Wizard will guide you trough the rest of the reocvery process. After that, the HARD drive would be like "factory-installed" which means it would be you bought the machine and the OS is like the first day so use.

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  • Can not turn HARD drive restore or create the restore on Satellite A135-S4727 disc


    I have an A135-S4727 (Pentium dual core, 2 GB of ram, windows vista, 160 GB HDD).
    Recently, I decided to use my HARD drive recovery funtion to restore OTB ' cos I wasn't satisfied
    the way I use my hard drive.
    My system did not come with a recovery disk and recovery disc creator software (I checked it when I arrived but)
    has been re-insured by the fact that the hidden partition has been and is still intact)
    I just thought that I would start from the hard drive recovery console, whenever I needed.
    I tried to do this for always (now pressed zero, hit) but it boots to windows in any case.

    I am so angry and frustrated rite now ' cos I am out of warranty and do not know why I should come on a forum to find a way to restore my laptop.
    I googled the web for 2 days now and nothing other than similar complaints found...
    Toshiba... (X-)
    The right and the ability to restore its system is a given... (unless you plan to charge us a pc falls down for reasons every time you guys don't even know most of the time)

    Please someone end to this nightmare and tell me what to do and how...

    Boyfriend sorry but to be honest I put t understand you complaint;
    The newest series of laptops is not delivered with the recovery disk but is equipped with Toshiba HDD recovery option.
    This option can be used to retrieve the laptop computer from the HARD disk, and there is also an option to create the recovery disk.
    This recovery disk can be used if something goes wrong with the HARD drive or partition from the image on the HARD drive.

    It s highly recommended to create the recovery DVD!
    And this info is in the manual of the user who is always pre-installed on the laptop!
    I also found this info here in the user manual that can be consulted online on the Toshiba page we (the Satellite A135-S4727 is a laptop in US)

    Check it out here * 56, page of the user guide: *.
    [Satellite A135-S4727 Manual: rpn = PSAD0U & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 1073768663 & odel selM = 1757708% 7CPSAD0U #]

    Here you will find details how to create the recovery disk.
    I put t know how you manage a unit bought new but if I buy a new device, then the first I do is consulted the user manual that comes with this device.

    In any case; I think you can order a new disc of recovery of the ASP in your country

    Good bye

  • How to restore the Satellite has to factory settings


    I was wondering if there was an option on your computer to restore everything you the factory settings.

    Also I was wondering what did do the thing of recovery Toshiba?
    He he restores the values by default or...?

    How to get to the application recover Toshiba? Is to restart the computer, press "F8".
    Press enter on computer reapair?

    Then there is an option to use it and a big notice in big red letters appears

    pls help!

    > I was wondering if there was an option on your computer to restore everything you the factory settings.
    It is possible using the Toshiba HDD recovery option

    > Also I was wondering what is the Toshiba Recovery thing.
    It redefines the laptop to factory settings ;)

    > How to get to the application recover Toshiba?
    You have already described. Press F8, choose repair my computer and choose the last option called Toshiba Recovery. ;)

  • How to restore the Satellite L300 PSLB8E to factory settings?

    I have problems with repeated "crash" of my system.
    I get the dreaded blue page, which then restarts (usually) pretty quickly.

    I think trying the option 'Restore factory settings', but I've never done this before.
    If I do, which will leave it on my computer?

    I have my own disks which I was invited to do the last few months (I just got this machine since May this year) will be I need it, or is there something else that is needed?

    I have a Satellite L300, PSLB8E, using Vista Home Basic


    Hmm. I m wondering if you checked a few discussions here on the same theme.
    Did you?
    There are more that enough son and I m sure you will not need to create this thread after reading some reviews.

    Just a tip; the use of HARD drive recovery option will format the system partition, but the D partition (where the HARD drive recovery files are placed) wouldn't be formatted!

    If you are still not sure after reading some discussions, please ask again ;)

  • How to restore the Satellite L25 - where to get the recovery disk


    I tried to format my hard drive on my laptop L25, which currently has Win XP, but don't know that if I ever had a CD/DVD of recovery of the person I bought it from.

    Does anyone know if this laptop (L25-s1192) contains a picture of the recovery diskette or if I can get a drive recovery somewhere or any other way to format the drive and reinstall the original content of the laptop?

    Would appreciate if you could answer.
    Thank you... Amare


    Usually, the old series from Toshiba was equipped with the recovery disk and the image of Toshiba on the recovery cd.
    If you have a recovery disc, then you will have to boot from that disk to start the recovery procedure.

    If you don t have a recovery disk, then you can use a clean Microsoft Windows XP CD to reinstall the operating system and the necessary drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page we.
    It is a portable American and you need to find US page for drivers.

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  • Satellite A80: How to restore the audio and video codecs?

    How to restore the audio and video codecs that are installed by default on my Satellite A80 with XP Home edition?
    I removed the safe mode, due to a problem with the Pinnacle Codec installed by Pinnacle Studio 10.
    Now, I need to put the video standard in audio codecs.
    I already downloaded the Microsoft Mediaplayer codec package and video sound new fr in Media Player.
    Unfortunately I have always its program to diagnose Toshiba during the test of its Midi and Wave.
    System Restore came with the message that the restoration was not possible because no changes had been made.

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    Try to use the tool "system restore."
    This application restores the operating system to the beginning.
    Maybe it will work.

  • Re: Satellite A300 - how to restore the original condition?


    My computer freezes for a second or 2 from time to time and Toshiba support told me it might be a software problem. I don't think, because he began the day I bought the laptop and the display driver keeps on the work stoppage, but because I said that if it's a software problem.
    I would have to pay for it, I want to try everything before sending it for repair. This is why I would like to restore my Satellite in its original state as he was just at the moment where I bought it.

    So basically I have 2 questions:

    1 - does anyone have any idea why it keeps freezing on me? And what I should try to do to fix it?
    2. can someone tell me how to restore the laptop to its original state?

    Thank you very much Dina


    To determine if it of a software problem or not, you need to restore the factory setting and if it doesn't work you can go to an authorized service provider. They can repair the laptop for you.

    The factory settings can be restored with the Toshiba recovery disc. I guess that your laptop has been delivered with Windows Vista, if you have options to restore factory settings: the Toshiba disk recovery or HARD drive recovery service.

    HARD drive recovery function formats the first partition of your laptop and install Vista again with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. It is an image that is stored on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder HDDRecovery.
    If you go into the advanced with F8 boot menu after you start the computer, you can start this feature of Toshiba. And then select Repair my computer and some Windows files will be loaded. Then, you can choose the function to drive HARD Toshiba Recovery and follow the instructions on the screen.

    The Toshiba Recovery disk, you must create first, or have you done this yet? Normally, you get a reminder of recovery message after the first start of the laptop that you must burn this disc. Therefore, you must the preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator and the image in the folder in HARD drive recovery will be burned on the disc. Then you have a startup disk that can restore the factory settings and HARD whole disc formats then back up your data first!
    The recovery disk is necessary if you have a new HDD or Windows start doesn t. Otherwise, you can use HARD drive recovery.

    I hope I could help a bit and now you understand how to restore the factory settings.
    If you have any other questions, please let us know! :)

    Good bye

  • Satellite L500 - how to restore the menu "repair your computer"?

    Hello world

    I have a laptop Toshiba L500, Yestaday I tried to restore the system to the factory settings (by pressing F8 at startup high and choose "repair your computer"). In the system has been installed almost, but at a stage of installation drivers to read memory cards and similar - there was a failure (the blue screen and need down) - after that - Windows 7 is not loaded. parsing errors (by means using a floppy disk to another Windows 7 install) says that the registry is damaged, cannot repair.

    but the main problem - when you press F8 at startup upward - there is no MORE menu 'Repair your computer' (!) . It is impossible to start Windows 7 predefined. So there's the hidden sector containing Windows predefined (I saw when loading a disc of hatch - Total order could start - and hidden sector was visible). All files in drive recovery HARD necessary are also available.

    How to restore the menu "repair your computer"? or how it is possible to start Windows predefined without pressing F8?

    > Hidden article exists, I saw it, there are all the files recovery HARD drive (which was in the laptop after buying), but I can't begin to recover Windows because I don't have menu not 'repair your computer' to start the laptop. He disappeared...
    Of course, the flag in the Advanced Start menu seems to be deleted and therefore drive recovery HARD option isn't available anymore.
    Probably the partition has changed.

    But in case of HARD drive recovery files are still available on the recovery partition, you can try to create the USB support of own recovery using of workaround:

    [How to create a recovery media USB flash drive to the valorisation of the ISO images - or (DVD) discs |]

    I guess that this directive should be very useful.

  • Satellite A135-S4727 - L button does not work

    The L key on my computer laptop Satellite A135-S4727 Ref. PSADOU-ONFOOP does not work, please help. Thank you


    In my opinion only replacement of keyboard might help you.
    Get in touch with a local ASP Toshiba your country and ask for help.
    If the warranty is valid, the keyboard should be replaced free of charge.


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    Thank you


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