How to return to the main stage from inside a symbol


I'm going absolutely crazy trying to get back to the main stage from inside a symbol.

To open the symbol on a click of the main stage...

var mySymbolObject = sym.createChildSymbol ("practiceScene", "Stage");

It works, I get the symbol

To return to the main stage from within the symbol on a click...

sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play () [0]; or sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play ('home');

This does NOT work, I can't get the symbol.

Help, please!



Obliously your symbols are hiding the main timeline. If you put this in your steps, click on events, it will remove the symbols and go to home label.

I put a square home and hide it when not on the House. Thus, it shows only there.

sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('home');

sym.deleteSymbol ();

So basically, you will need to remove the symbols and recreate them when you need.

But I could be wrong.

Here is your file with this correction: I once on home and the other at the opening.

sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('open');

sym.deleteSymbol ();

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    Adobe should consider putting on foot (or pages) support just for people migration form Flash. In the documents that I've met so far there seems to be a studied effort to refrain from mentioning Flash somehow. I imagine that there are many people out there like me who have a deep background in coding Flash, but start with Animate. We don't need help with most of the basic concepts, but we still have some pretty basic questions on how to achieve certain things in Animate because our knowledge of Flash gets in the way.

    Hi Bill,

    There are a lot of discussions here on the scope, but here's a way to create a global variable:

    code on Stage.compositionReady

    sym.myGlobalVar = 1;

    Then, anywhere in your project, you can check/set this var as follows:

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .myGlobalVar = 2;

    And here is a way to create a global function:

    code on Stage.compositionReady

    sym.myGlobalFunction = function() {}

    Console.log ('myGlobalFunction');


    Then, anywhere in your project, you can call this function as follows:

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .myGlobalFunction ();

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    MovieClip (root), .gotoAndPlay (25);

    playF (MovieClip (root), MovieClip (root) .currentFrame, 1);   the root of its current to mount 1 play.

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    When you create the instance of MovieClip, there is no canvas when you go to change his "scenario, when you drag the clip from the library to the stage on the main scenario is when you can really judge where the canvas is at... try to test your movie and see what happens. You can create an instance of MovieClip, do nothing for her, drag from the library to the center of the stage on the main timeline, then double-click it to edit it, accordingly, given the canvas gray behind her and to be able to judge where everything will happen.

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