How to search a table?

Hi every1 through this post

I need your help for a prblm as I am facing currently.


I just returned from a data when prompted. There is a table that stores the data. I want to design a code such as the element entered checks from all of the above and send an error message if there is a repeatition or guests to enter new data in the case of no epeatition.

Can search for the function table 1 d or Match string functions can be used? If so can you please explain... If not, which is the solution to this prblm?

Thank you very much for reading this post. Waiting for your answer and solutions... and comments!

Kind regards



Hi David,

You don't seem to do anything with the release of the 1 d array function research. You want to do something else with this info?

The search function will give you the index number of the array element that contains your string. However you added this in the table in the same line, the index number will always be equal to + 1 loop iteration number for.

The URL should be added to the table if it is not there already. As the research table 1 d function returns-1 if the URL is not in the table, you can use a box structure to add the URL to the table in this case or return an error message if anything, but - 1 is out of the 1 d Array search function.


p.s., Ctrl + h to display the context-sensitive help, this will give you specific information of what each function (and its inputs).

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    Note that this is just an example. More generally, the table may contain columns of different lengths.

    Thanks for your response


    Try to watch this VI I wrote, it takes a 1 d array and puts it into a 2D array based on a threshold. I think it's a pretty good example on how to insert a table of works. I hope it helps

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    But PropertyObjectType.ArrayDimensions is read-only.

    Thanks in advance.


    SetBoundsByStrings("[0][0]","[0][0]") => 1 element: Locals.Array2D, Array of Type [0.0] [0.0]


    SetBoundsByStrings("[0][0]","[][]") => no items: Locals.Array2D, Array of Type [0.empty] [0.empty]

    The upper limits must be defined without any number.


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    Thank you for your help.

    [email protected]

    Hey Bing.

    You can perform operations on different channels in the 2D table using the table to index. This will allow you to choose the channel to operate on, then you can perform the operation inside a loop on each element. In the included code snippet, I used a shift register to find the total cumulative values in channel 0 and then divided by the number of samples.

    I recommend you read some tutorials LabVIEW and bases of knowledge on topics that are related to yours. These could help a lot.

    I hope that my suggestions help,


  • How to build a table using incoming data stream?

    I'm programming in VBAI but use LV as my Interface of Inspection. The VBAI program will go into a finite loop (x 1000) and the digital indicator with dbl vaule of food in front of the LV Panel if the value double is in order.

    In LV, how to build a table (index 0-999) with this stream?

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    Hey everybody,

    I created a program that displays a graph of intensity, as well as a histogram of the values of intensity on a chip 1024 x 1024 (dimension X - Y). Currently, the program works well, the histogram takes FOREVER to fill but I was wondering if there is a way to increase the speed of everything including all points of data 1024 x 1024 = 1048576. Thank you!

    I realize complete the table of pixel by pixel is not the best route, but I'm not sure how to take the 2D table and use the intensity of each (x, y) point in a histogram.

    Thanks, to emphasize that I have no need to call the histogram works every time (rookie mistake), but as I said, I'm still not sure how to the 2D table in the histogram.

    And I reset the histogram when finished filling because I need to reset to see the changes for when I change (if necessary) camera exposure time. I have also attached my code.

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    Hi Singh,

    The 2 numbers you have are not equal:

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    Its to do with the way the double value is stored on the computer.

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    I have attached the vi "approximately equal to". As said, you can specify the accuracy of the comparison.



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