How to search for a document based on the contents of the document

on windows xp, I could search a document based on a combination of search criteria, including part of the name of the document or a word or phrase in a document. How is a search based on the content on Windows 7?

In general, you can simply type the content in the search box and it will find.  It highlights the content that it matched in the search results (kind of like an online search).  Here's an example where I typed the word "liberation".

You can also combine this with the file name searches.  For example, you can type *.xls release to find all the Excel files with the word "release" in them.  If your sentence content includes spaces, put double quotes around it 'product release 12' for example.

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    How to search for text in all of the PDF files on a mobile device?

    Not possible on mobile devices.

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    I need to search for a specific word in the code for all the pages of my site. How can I do it using Dreamweaver?

    To search for local files of a Site defined in DW...

    Open the search tool & replacement with Ctrl + F

    Replace the drop-down list search in entire current Local Site

    Replace the drop-down list of search text or Source code

    Add the text to search for in the search field

    Add the replacement text in the field replace (or nothing if you just want to remove the text)

    Hit replace all

  • How to search for a specific file on the computer?

    Original title: How can I search for a file by name only. For example, to prevent the display of other files that contain the same text.  This was easy to do under XP.

    For example, I need to find FILES named xyz*.mdl.  I need to filter all files that CONTAIN "xyz*.mdl" but are note NAMED "xyz*.mdl".

    This was easy in XP, but not in "7".

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    You can use the syntax:

    filename:xyz * .mdl

    Note that file:xyz*.mdl is equivalent to filename:xyz * .mdl, but an additional symbol ~ is necessary with the equivalent of the so-called name: ~ xyz * .mdl to properly manage the wildcard character.  (file name, file and the name are supposed to be the same)

  • How ItemRenderer change for DataGrid column based on the value of this column?

    Hello! I am trying to create a DataGrid that has a component Button to register when the value of this column is 'Open', then a label saying full when the value of this column is "Full". But Im having a hell of a time he find.

    Here's my MXML with 2 different inline installation of components for different rendering engines point 2:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >
    "" < mx:Application xmlns:mx = ' ' layout = "absolute" >

    < mx:Component id = "RegFull" >
    < mx:VBox horizontalAlign = "center" verticalAlign = "middle" >
    < mx:Label id = 'Full text' text = "Full" / >
    < / mx:VBox >
    < / mx:Component >

    < mx:Component id = "RegButton" >
    < mx:VBox horizontalAlign = "center" verticalAlign = "middle" >
    < mx:Button label = "Save" / >
    < / mx:VBox >
    < / mx:Component >

    < mx:DataGrid id = "scGrid" width = "100%" height = "100%" number of lines = "4" >

    < mx:dataProvider >
    < mx:Object label = "Status" data = 'Open' / >
    < mx:Object label = "Status" data = "Full" / >
    < mx:Object label = "Status" data = 'Open' / >
    < mx:Object label = "Status" data = "Full" / >
    < mx:Object label = "Status" data = 'Open' / >
    < mx:Object label = "Status" data = "Full" / >
    < / mx:dataProvider >

    < mx:columns >
    < mx:DataGridColumn id = "RegCol" headerText = "Reg" dataField = "data" / >
    < / mx:columns >

    < / mx:DataGrid >
    < / mx:Application >

    How can I dynamically use the right of itemrenderer based on the value of the field? THANKS FOR ANY HELP PROVIDED!

    The best

    You can have more than 1 column renderer engine. There are two ways to do this. One way would be to use States. A State for each possible value in the data. Since you either want a button (data == 'open') or a label (data == 'Full') by using the States wouldn't be a bad choice.

    Alternatively, you can use a canvas instead of a VBox. Make a label and a button with horizontalCenter = "0" "0" = red to make them each other. Make it visible according to the data value:

    where dataField is the value of the property dataField on this converter DataGridColumn.

  • How to search for a specific part of the name of cookie (w / jokers?) in the cookie exception list?

    Hi all

    in the list of exceptions of cookies (Preferences-> privacy) I would need a search to a specific part of the name of cookie, which is < www.*.org & gt; < * research * of *. * > etc...
    A perfect solution would deliver the use of wildcard characters. Too much!

    Such a solution is currently available?
    Maybe like add-on?
    Are there any ideas/plans established for future versions or?

    Thank you in advance, I appreciate your advice.

    Best regards


  • How to search for and remove text in the Arial Narrow font?


    I wonder if someone can help me with a problem.

    I have a great CS5 ID doc (Win 7) that has thousands of lines in the following format:

    Example: reach, reach to yari togemasu (togeru)

    In each line the first, or the words is in English all formatted in Arial Black. then, there is a space followed by words in a foreign language (in the Japanese case). These words are all in Arial condensed format.

    I would like to be able to delete all the words automatically formatted in Arial condensed (Japanese words).

    There should be a way to do that in FIND/REPLACE, but I don't see an option to find words in a specific font and then delete them.

    Can anyone suggest how this can be done automatically, so I can't do the manual removal?

    Thanks in advance for any help that anyone may be able to offer.


    What version of InDesign are you using?

    If you go to find the change

    Then let empty 'Search' and ' change to ' white

    Go to the 'FindForma' t and insert the font that you want to change

    Do not fill in 'Change of Format'

  • How to search for a Word document in Windows 8?

    I'm stumbling around Windows 8 that came pre-loaded on my new laptop.  I ordered Windows and Excel to be included in the package.  I saved a number of documents in Word, and now I need to get these documents for a particular.  I looked on the Internet and found a lot of no-help, that is to say, 'go in search of a file'.  Excuse me, but if I could find searching a file, I could probably find out how to search for the file, Huh?  Thus,.

    Could someone please help me with: how to find a Word document (1) and (2) where is the infamous "search"?

    I did the thing 'sweep to the right side of the screen"to get those things shadow to appear, and click on the magnifying glass (which I think the engineers forgot to change when they changed everything!) and if I wanted to search for apps, I'd be in great shape.  But his files I'm looking for, Word documents.  The designers of this 'new' version improved - well, new, in all cases seem to have forgotten those of use who use computers for productive work and not socialize or play games.

    Sorry for the hike and whining, but I'm very frustrated that the tasks that were once very simple are now extremely difficult to fill.

    It's pretty easy, at the beginning screen just type the name of your document and right it will bring the search screen and you select files (files, settings, Apps). Take a look at:

  • Please, give me an advise how to search for a number in a file xml (as3.0)

    Hello! Sorry for the troubling.

    Please, give me an advice how to search for a number in a file xml (as3.0)

    Thank you!

    My answer was based on your question to find numbers anywhere in the data to an xml file.  If you know that the data is digital data and the names of the nodes that contains this data, you do not have to check the characters and can only check numerical data using string values...

    function searchXMLFile(Event:MouseEvent):void
    searchDisplay.text = "";
    var pageList:XMLList = xmlFileToSearch.receipt.number;
    searchDisplay.text = "false";
    for (var i: int = 0; i< pagelist.length();="">

    If (pageList [i] == searchInput.text) {}
    searchDisplay.text = "true";


    Even if you are looking for individual digital characters in the previous code that you would have always done by a false exit due having the line 'false' always cancel the real line...

    If (t.toString () .indexOf (m_sSearchTerm)! = - 1).


    searchDisplay.text = "true";


    searchDisplay.text = "false";  This will always overwrite the textfield

  • need help for where and how to search for apps you want in windows store 8

    I just bought a SAMSUNG ATIV TAB 3 (XE300TZC), it has WINDOWS 8.  I went to the store Windows on my windows 8 to start the download of all my apps that I like and I found some of the apps and downloaded. But many of the apps I want to I don't think because I've noticed that it is not an option or small box for me to be able to get all the apps... I guess my question is how a search for specific applications on my STORE of WINDOWS 8?

    Hi Brandi,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    Please see suggestions from HairyFool said on June 4, 2013 and check.

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • How to search for .ico files in Windows?

    I write on behalf of a client.

    She has problems using the search feature in Windows 7. She tries to find its system for all types of files .ico, but has so far only not successful. The file type is not listed as a file type supported for Windows Search, and when she tried several search commands to find on his PC, nothing relevant comes up.

    Is there an order of specific research, it should use or an another workaround to find the types it needs?

    Thank you very much!


    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will certainly help the question of fixing.
    I suggest you follow the steps described in the links to search for a file and check the question below:
    I hope that the information above helps you.
  • Under XP I could search for a string in all the files on my computer. I can't find this search function of SMEs on Windows 7. Anyone?

    On Windows XP, there is a search function to search for a string in any kind of files on your computer. You are looking for a specific name was easy, if you fogort what kind of file, this name occurred in or what it was named.

    On Windows 7 it only allows searching for a name of a file.  How to search for strings in file names?  29/12/12 Paul Figueroa

    Oh, what you want is the content property.

    content: ~ = Figueroa

    [Update: apparently special search symbols such as ~ = do not work with the content when property indexed research places, but work during the search in unindexed locations.]

    I should mention that Windows 7 Search is not case sensitive, so it makes no difference to try to find upper or lower case letters.  In addition, Windows 7 Search is not able to search the contents of files that have no file extension.  There is also a weird question having to watch in Indexing Options to determine which file extensions are defined for content, research, where you have a type of unusual file that is not defined for the content of the search.

  • How to search for an image Adobe Stock based on the number of files Adobe Stock?

    Before I signed up for Adobe Stock, I took screenshots of the pictures that I wanted to buy. These plans include the official file Adobe Stock number. Now that I have a subscription, I want to buy these images. But it doesn't seem to be an option to search based on the file number. How can I get the image I want, by file number, without wasting hours of research of individual images through keywords?

    Simply type the Stock number in the search. Be sure to have audited as well appropriate file types.

  • How to search a PDF document for annotations/comments

    I have a PDF of long 50 + page with many annotations and commnets.  How can I search this document to find each comment?

    Location and comment of research notes.

    In the comments open list you can sort and filter comments.
    This issue is addressed in the Acrobat X Pro online help: tml

    Ordered list / filtered to generate a PDF comment summary report. l

    You can then use Find on the output summary report.

    Using Acrobat X Pro, you can embed an index in the PDF file. l

    Then use the search tool. With the search PDF Panel open tick "include comments.
    Search returns have an icon to the left of each instance.
    This part of the aid online Acrobat X Pro present and described these.
    Third place in the bottom of the list is the comments icon. l

    One of them or combinations may respond to your needs.

    Be well...

  • How to search for words and phrases in multiple pdf documents

    Dear Sirs.

    I need to search for words AND phrases in a huge amount of PDF files (over 5000). The problem I found by using the "advanced search" is that I am able to search for single words sentences individual GOLD, but I need to combine a lot of words and multiple expressions in the same search. For example, if I need to look for instances of the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or 'United States', I can't search for each PDF file that contains the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or the phrase 'United States', since if I put 'word' in the search options, I will receive all the files that contain the word "Florida" or 'Texas' but also 'solidarity' or 'States' and simple words. I tried placing quotes in the words I need to research such as phrases, but it did not work. I would like to know if there is a way I can search the way I need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Alejandro Araujo.//

    Hello Alejandro,

    Please see this KB doc. helps Acrobat | The search for PDF files, it will be a great help.

    Kind regards


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