How to search for text in all of the PDF files on a mobile device?

How to search for text in all of the PDF files on a mobile device?

Not possible on mobile devices.

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  • LabVIEW stops on a VI during a search for text in all of the project

    Hi, I have a strange problem. I have a fairly large project (363 screws) written using the Framework of the actor. During the search (Ctrl + f) for a text, LV is looking for the following files, but when it comes to file Helpers.lvlib:Test (363 206) then stops. LV is not suspended, I can click "Stop."... "and working again. But I can't go looking in a rest of files. It's for some time, previously, this problem does not occur.

    Kind regards


  • Windows 7-How to disable the Preview on my desktop icon, I have many files on my desktop, it's easier when all of the PDF files have the same icon instead of a preview icon.

    How can I disable the Preview on my desktop icon, I have many files on my desktop, it's easier when all of the PDF files have the same icon instead of a preview icon. so, I immediately see who is PDF and DWG. at the moment they all look different because the icon shows a preview of the contents of the file.

    Hi Khody,


    To change your windows 7 application icon you can use following the procedure-
    a. R
    ight click on the desktop icon and then click Properties.
    b. now
    Select the shortcut tab and see button below to change the icon. Click the button change icon now all the icons.
    c. you can
    choose a of the icons that you want for the shortcut.


    I hope this helps.

  • How can I use the search option in the pdf file in my mobile? [Android]

    How can I use the search option in the pdf file in my mobile?

    Yes, the text search is also available on Android Acrobat. After you open a PDF file, look in the top bar of the magnifying glass icon. If the top bar is not visible, tap anywhere on the screen to make it appear again.

    Thank you

    Acrobat DC team Mobile

  • How to search for a specific word in the code using Dreamweaver?

    I need to search for a specific word in the code for all the pages of my site. How can I do it using Dreamweaver?

    To search for local files of a Site defined in DW...

    Open the search tool & replacement with Ctrl + F

    Replace the drop-down list search in entire current Local Site

    Replace the drop-down list of search text or Source code

    Add the text to search for in the search field

    Add the replacement text in the field replace (or nothing if you just want to remove the text)

    Hit replace all

  • How to search for a document based on the contents of the document

    on windows xp, I could search a document based on a combination of search criteria, including part of the name of the document or a word or phrase in a document. How is a search based on the content on Windows 7?

    In general, you can simply type the content in the search box and it will find.  It highlights the content that it matched in the search results (kind of like an online search).  Here's an example where I typed the word "liberation".

    You can also combine this with the file name searches.  For example, you can type *.xls release to find all the Excel files with the word "release" in them.  If your sentence content includes spaces, put double quotes around it 'product release 12' for example.

  • How to search for a specific part of the name of cookie (w / jokers?) in the cookie exception list?

    Hi all

    in the list of exceptions of cookies (Preferences-> privacy) I would need a search to a specific part of the name of cookie, which is < www.*.org & gt; < * research * of *. * > etc...
    A perfect solution would deliver the use of wildcard characters. Too much!

    Such a solution is currently available?
    Maybe like add-on?
    Are there any ideas/plans established for future versions or?

    Thank you in advance, I appreciate your advice.

    Best regards


  • How to search for words and phrases in multiple pdf documents

    Dear Sirs.

    I need to search for words AND phrases in a huge amount of PDF files (over 5000). The problem I found by using the "advanced search" is that I am able to search for single words sentences individual GOLD, but I need to combine a lot of words and multiple expressions in the same search. For example, if I need to look for instances of the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or 'United States', I can't search for each PDF file that contains the word 'Florida' or 'Texas' or the phrase 'United States', since if I put 'word' in the search options, I will receive all the files that contain the word "Florida" or 'Texas' but also 'solidarity' or 'States' and simple words. I tried placing quotes in the words I need to research such as phrases, but it did not work. I would like to know if there is a way I can search the way I need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Alejandro Araujo.//

    Hello Alejandro,

    Please see this KB doc. helps Acrobat | The search for PDF files, it will be a great help.

    Kind regards


  • When you open a PDF saved on my computer, Firefox will open several tabs for all of the PDF files I have in a folder. Why?

    Recently, I tried to open some files in Adobe to view on my company computer. They have been recorded on my shared drive companies, and everyone seems to be able to open the files very well. When I try to open the files the program proceeds to open Firefox and wonder through the internet, if I want to download the file. At the beginning it wasn't a problem, because it was just a minor inconvenience. So today, I was working in a folder containing several files PDF (about 125 to express my frustration) and when I click on a file to open it, Adobe proceeded to open all PDF files in the folder. This means that each file opened a new tab in Firefox and proceeded to ask me if I wanted to download it. As I hope you can tell, I quickly became frustrated because I wanted only one file and it would not stop opening new tabs to ask me the same question 125 times. The only way to stop it was to open the Task Manager and go forward to force Firefox altogether.

    I tried to update the program on my computer (it was already up to date), I tried to update the plugin Firefox (it was already up to date) to adobe, I tried the repair Adobe Reader Installation (it doesn't make a difference), and I searched the internet for information about the problem (I was not successful in finding something that relates). According to me, the only thing that I did is to uninstall and reinstall the program on my computer, something I do not want to make I already said that it is a company computer.

    If there is someone who can help me solve this problem, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your time.

    Then, you need Adobe Reader, the default application to open PDFs, instead of FireFox. I think that FireFox just started doing this, and it is causing some confusion.

    As well as the normal way of Windows to change the default application, which is not also known as it should be, you should be able to use Adobe Reader. In Edit > Preferences in the General section and see if there is a button "select default PDF Manager."

  • How to make a text box appear in a PDF file in InDesign CC when the cursor rolls over another area of text?

    I'm doing a text box appears in a PDF document in InDesign when the cursor of the user hovers over an another textbox, and I want it to disappear when the cursor moves off the coast of the first text box. I tried the following with adjustment of various, and it does everything just for me.

    Display a different button on turnover

    You can create a hotspot in which clicking or mousing over an object contains another object. To do this, create two buttons, hide one of the buttons and use the show/hide button action to show and hide the button target.

    • Create an object to use as the "source" button. In the buttons Panel, click the icon of the object to convert to A button.

    • Place the image you want to use as the button target and convert it to a button.

    • Select the target image and select hidden until this that triggered at the bottom of the Panel buttons.

      The image must be hidden in the exported document that can be displayed when the "source" button is clicked or wriggle on.

    • Click the source button and create two different actions, one for show the image target and target the other to hide the image.

      If you want the image to appear when the mouse is over the button source, use events on Roll Over and On Roll Off. If you want the image to appear when you click on the source button and disappear when you release, use events on a click and release. In both cases, use the show/hide action buttons to show or hide the target button. See the interactive buttons.

    • Use the Preview Panel to test the buttons.

    Should work...  On your last point (not 12?) I get the feeling that you have exported your doc as Adobe PDF (Print)? You must instead use (Interactive) Adobe PDF...

  • Search for text in all the labels in a Panel (like Ctrl-F)


    I have a panel where I set some preferences for the application. He ara on 200 preferences. (a preference is a JLabel more a textfield/combobox/box)

    I would like to know if someone has implemented something like Ctrl-F in browsers. The research should go through all the labels and highlight the labels that contain the text.

    Thank you.

    You can use the getComponents() method to get all the components added to the Board. Browse the table and check if the current one is a JLabel instance. Then check the text in the JLabel and compare it with the search string. If necessary label highlighted (for example by changing the color of the text or add or remove line border color). Then, you can use the limits of the JLabel to make it visible in a parchment (if any).

  • Is it possible to search for text in an Illustrator file from an external source like the Finder (Mac)?

    I'm trying to find some similar text strings on hundreds of files.  Specifically, I'm looking for dimensions.  4.50 "for example.  I want to see how many files have this dimension within them so that I can group them for production purposes.

    Is there a way to search for text in Illustrator (I use CS5) files from Finder?  Or another program of research?  I use a Mac.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and would help save me a lot of time.

    Yes. While the Finder cannot find the content of .ai files, it can do it with .pdf files. If you change the extension of a .ai in .pdf file, you can use Spotlight to search by content.

    This fact, combined with a file rename utility as A Better Finder Rename, you can leave temporarily rename all of your .ai files so they end up in something like 'RENAMED.pdf '. Then, once you have performed your search, find all files ending in RENAMED.pdf, to delete the word "RENAMED" and change the end for .ai again.

    Of course, this isn't something you want to get into the habit of doing.

  • How can I correct a text 'hidden' in a searchable PDF file?

    This seems to be a simple question. However, the answers are always complex, do not give the desired result and often answering a different question altogether. I say all this just to warn people at the outset that the 'problem' is easier than how many people and PDF application developers, including Adobe, generally it include the proposed "solutions" are invariably a total... Well, botch a reasonable word if somewhat underestimated.

    Here's the real problem:

    I have "searchable" PDF files created by scanning documents and their implementation through an OCR process. I create "searchable" PDF files to archive, index and possibly allow search for scanned documents. A "searchable" PDF file meets these criteria better than any other commonly used, 'portable' archive format - although I'd be happy if someone could indicate an obvious alternative I can remember. I don't have a perfect OCR results. If I need a document to edit or maybe feed in a spreadsheet or a database, I expect to be able to reprocess the page images in a given "searchable" OCR PDF and convert the content Word, RTF, Excel or another file format as needed with more carefully to the results for the archived document itself. Therefore, the "searchable" PDF document is scanned page images making it up while the OCR generated 'text' is secondary, but still important. Therefore, each file must contain images of the scanned page in sufficient detail to be efficiently converted by OCR if possible and quite readable for people who consider the images to be able to establish a process of OCR can not understand. Once scanned, these pages are the 'document' and so 'immutable '. However, OCR is not perfect. For an archive of searchable documents, it doesn't have to be, but some mistakes are important because they can prevent the document to be found by a search. Therefore, there must be a way to view and, if necessary, change the text 'hidden' in a "searchable" PDF file without changing the view of a document or how it is printed. No redaction. Not visible "corrections." None of the PDF stuff publishers want to insert in a PDF file when you edit it. I don't want to modify the document without exporting to a format suitable for an editable document. I just want enough 'correct' text hidden in a PDF "searchable".

    I apologize for the length and redundancy in my description of the problem. However, past attempts to explain my problem and objectives as well as what I've seen in response to similar questions through the Internet indicate that most people trying to answer this question coming home the same point of view shared by most, if not all, sellers PDF tool or application. They seem to think that all desire to edit a PDF file is a desire to have a PDF processing any. Or, they assume that the process of OCR employee may need tweaking of the means by which people apply and then a process like 'find the suspects' is sufficient to deal with errors. But no, it's not what I'm trying to accomplish and the responses that deal with these subjects do not meet this issue.

    In short, what tool or the application of any provider will reveal "searchable" hidden text in a file PDF produced by any OCR or any other process and then enable corrections to the text hidden without changing the document display settings at all? Note, includes hidden text generally limit the information in the box which indicates the portion of the picture that the text has been recognized. This information must be lost or changed when you change the text "available".

    Thus the tools or applications that can do that? If Adobe Acrobat Pro XI can (use of a copy of the trial showed that hidden text content may be revised, but publishing has failed by any simple way I work while trying the application), fine. However, list $ 500.00 or even a $200.00 can update a copy of Adobe Acrobat X Standard that came with my scanner is a lot of money for personal use when reviewing and changing the hidden text in a PDF "searchable" OCR is the only function I need. Therefore, other instruments suggested or applications that make what I need for less would be greatly appreciated.

    I scan a document directly or starting with a PDF "only images", no Adobe product offers a convenient way to examine and correct the 'hidden' text generated by either the process Adobe Acrobat OCR OCR tools or third-party applications. When you use Adobe Acrobat, the 'Find the Suspects' function will allow correction of the flags of Acrobat OCR results, but a lot of mistakes-for example the names are a particular problem because incorrectly recognized the outcome of the names of "viewable" files that could not be found when looking for files containing the text elements that are among the most likely entered search terms - will not be reported as "suspect" and cannot be corrected in a file to be saved as a file PDF 'searchable' where 'searchable' is Image indexable () 'Exact)"- that is a PDF file containing images of scanned documents original, no altered page - with the"searchable"text written in the file as text 'hidden' 'under' the images on the page.

    For scanning and archiving paper documents with text 'hidden' to enable computerized research, products from other suppliers should be used. Adobe Acrobat products are insufficient to the task.

    If you want to scan documents, treat them with OCR, and then convert the results to other formats - for example Word, RTF, etc. - to be edited by hand, then Adobe products can be used. However, just at how they perform this task is outside my experience and is beyond the scope of my original question.

  • Debug: how to search a text string (s)?

    In the debug command, how to search for a text string?

    I tried both a mystring' and 'mystring' ' does not.  They return all two syntax errors ("^ error").

    "According to aid debugging (" "?" command "), the syntax is the list of the range".  Note that no argument is indicated as optional.

    If I enter a range, what is the syntax in general?  And what is the syntax for 'all '?

    I tried * 'mystring' ' does not.  I get the syntax error (' ^ error ") pointing on «*»

    And what is the syntax for the 'list', in particular to specify a text string?

    I wrote:

    In the debug command, how to search for a text string?

    Well, duh!  A Google search for "debug windows" (without the quotes) found this handy employment guide:

  • How to search for files in a subfolder


    I'm trying to get the files of WebCenter Content11.1.1.8 using RIDC (see the code example).

    IdcClientManager Manager = new IdcClientManager();

    IdcClient idcClient = manager.createClient ("idc://localhost:4444"); ")

    UserContext IdcContext = new IdcContext (username, passwoord); fill the binder with the settings

    DataBinder binding = idcClient.createBinder ();

    binder.putLocal ("IdcService", "GET_SEARCH_RESULTS");

    binder.putLocal ("QueryText", "dDocFullText < contains > < qsch >" + "blah" + "< /qsch >");

    binder.putLocal ("SearchEngineName", "oracletextsearch");

    binder.putLocal ("ResultCount", "20");

    ServiceResponse response = idcClient.sendRequest (userContext, binder);

    DataBinder serverBinder = response.getResponseAsBinder ();

    binding = response.getResponseAsBinder ();

    ResultSet DataResultSet = binder.getResultSet ("SearchResults"); loop through the results

    System.out.println ("found documents:" + "\n" + "");

    {for (DataObject dataObject: {resultSet.getRows ())}

    System.out.println ("title:" + dataObject.get ("dDocTitle"))

    + "," + "Is:" "+ dataObject.get ("dDocAuthor").

    + "," + "Extension is: '" + dataObject.get ("venture"));



    Documents found:

    The title is: blah blah, author is: jcooper, Extension is: docx

    The title is: search for text in the document, author is: jcooper, Extension is: txt

    The title is: is a blah document, the author is: jcooper, Extension is: txt

    Now that I get all the files in the WebCenter.  My question is how can I get the files in a subfolder. (by example/folders/my folder/Test1)?

    Do you have any advice?

    Kind regards

    Hi Rigassi,

    The text of the query should be changed and made like this:

    binder.putLocal ("IdcService", "GET_SEARCH_RESULTS");

    binder.putLocal ("QueryText', '(xParentFolders '074D286A703B4082DCC6CAF4C86D0853' ) (test)');

    binder.putLocal ("SearchEngineName", "oracletextsearch");

    binder.putLocal ("AdvSearch", "True");

    binder.putLocal ("ResultCount", "20");

    Try this, it will list the content items that are present in the parent folder and its subfolders.

    Thank you


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