How to select songs on the 4th gen Apple TV? Really... (OS 10 tv)

Seriously, is there an EASY way to choose the songs or artist on the Apple TV?

I can't believe that it should be this hard. I am a subscriber of Apple's music is my iTunes stuff in the cloud and see Apple TV. Everything is good. Random play is ok.

But when I want to play an album by an artist of some, that's where the trouble begins. I have the music so that if I wanted to play something of an artist who is towards the end of the list, I have to scroll through all along, that takes forever with this remote control (which I hate). I did find a work around. Do you have?

At first, I couldn't find the name of the artists, that would help a lot of filtering. I couldn't find a way to access some letters to speed up the selection.

If I accidentally leave the list of artists, then I find myself at the top of the list of return! It hurts...

Apple TV app on the iPhone is ridiculous. It is only a mirror of the Apple Remote hardware. There is no additional functionality for the collection of the artist or a song directly from there.

Please don't suggest using a mac or ios device to listen to my music, it's inpractical in my case. Apple TV should justify its price to pay by giving all round independent musicplaying service.

SO, what would be an EASY way to choose the songs or artist on the Apple TV?


Really don't know what you're doing, but I'm not all that hard.

First I will say that in general I just ask siri play an album that she does.

However there are times where I don't remember the names of all the albums, in such cases (let's go with the stones on this one), I dictate "Rolling Stones" in the search field, select it in the list that appears, and then switch the selection of Apple's music to my library, I have now www all my stones albums that I have in my library listed. If I don't want to dictate, and then usually by typing 'ROL' is sufficient to have "Rolling Stones" appears in the list.

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    Thank you


    I don't have to assume that someone else uses one of the old silver remotes close to Apple TV or if someone could play a joke on you with a distance more or the Apple remote on their phone app.

    There was a small number of reports related to the buttons on the remote apparently stick and sending several times the same command, but I don't think I've seen all the reports to work intermittently on his own.

    I've seen reports where network activity has awoken from previous models, but never where this kind of activity began a movie plays when he suspended.

    I think that a good start in the resolution of what is going on here is to know if these red orders arrive via bluetooth, IR, or wifi, you could start by covering the unit to the rule (or in) re.

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    Maybe it's not possible, see Family sharing might work, but their 'parent' allows you to pay for everything.

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    I tested this question several times over several weeks - the problem remains still and I need this problem.  I can not connect a call without having to pay for an incident - and I think that it's a software problem and not a problem for the end user.

    Someone of another encounter the same problem and if someone has solved this problem?  Thank you.

    Post edited by: tjw007

    Update iOS 9.2 seems to have solved this problem, even if nothing in the report of the correction of a bug that appear to be associated with FaceTime.

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    No, they different sockets.

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    Yes, it works. This looks like some weird glitch. Using the new application ATV 4 remote control (black), or the older version, now called iTunes remotely? Try restarting the ATV using the settings > system > restart. Then try to pair it again.

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