How to set a password for the networks?

Original title: related networks

Hi, my request is how to set a password for networks


Hello Manu,

I suggest to follow the steps below and check the steps in the section to change the homegroup password , if it helps.

Homegroup from start to finish

Let us know the status.

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    I have a MN-700 router and want to set a password so that other people can not access my connection. Can u please provide an astep step-by-step, instructions how to do it. Thank you.

    This is not a forum for the MN-700 router. You have to go to the manufacturer's Web site and look for the instructions or ask their support desk.

  • How to create a password for the user account for my child?

    How to create a password for the user account for my child?

    You can create the user with the parental control account. This will act as a protection for the child's account.

    You can take a look at the following links on setting up parental controls:

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    I think you can be mixing two different products: (free) Adobe Reader and Acrobat ($$).

  • How to set different color for the table column header

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    The value of the cluster - 2, -2 to define all of the cells,

    Then go back and the cluster the value-1, -2 to simply set the line header.

    (If you also had a column of row headers, then -2,-1 would set them.  Course the upper left corner which is the intersection of the column header and row header will change with any of them.)

  • Disable the requirement of password for the network disks

    I have a LAN with Windows XP Pro and Vista computers. With some effort, all computers can see, edit and manage files on other computers. There is also network disks (that is, directly connected to the network; no computer) used for backup and storage.

    None of the computers or readers in network has a login password or user name. I intend to keep it that way. (Think of the bucolic neighborhood where no one locks doors and there is no flights.)

    Since the Vista (Ultimate) computer, when I try to back up to a network drive, Vista insists on a user name and password. But there is not. So, I can't back up to a network drive (although in Windows Explorer and the command prompt, I can write and manage networked computers and disks without problem). I was not able to find a way around this obstacle.

    I put the Vista computer is not to require a password (network and sharing Center > sharing and discovery > sharing protected by password = Off). But that seems to focus on the incoming requests (from other computers to access the Vista computer) but no outgoing requests (Vista to get access to other computers and readers). Affecting the security of the files and folders on other computers and network disks to everyone = control total (in other words, anyone who can physically access the disc should be able to write to it) did not solve the problem.

    I assume that there is a simple solution. I would be grateful for help. (Remember that the parameter/allocation of passwords is not a solution).

    I don "t know precisely how to do what you ask for - there is no commands or settings I am sensitive to this address. It can probably be done with a registry fix, but I looked and could not find one.

    I found the following solution suggested in another forum and it was the only one who seemed to avoid the need for name of user and password (or failed to mention this requirement and exists).  It may not be the same as your situation is a Win Server and so maybe a field rather than a working group, but it seems worth a try.  To be honest, I don't know yet if the command applies to your situation and can not test it with my system - but who will know soon enough. If it allows you to, maybe the location of the network password will give you tips on how to make various adjustments that will work in your situation.  I would be cautious about deleting all references without making a note of them so they can be restored if she doesn't and perhaps is still problematic.  I would also create a system restore point right before starting this process to be on the safe side.

    With the a2x compliments of :

    For what it's worth, I had this works when you connect a Vista client to Win Server 2003 R2 SIN.  I had the same questions as everyone else here, but ultimately what worked for me was of typecontrol userpasswords2 in the command run on the Vista client and go into the Advanced tab, then on manage passwords.  I found references to the NAS (DNS names, ip addresses) and removed all.  Then I disonnected all drives mapped to the SIN of working.  Then I traced the drive that I was going to use for backup by using the network card function first and that worked (I used the mapping of IP).  Then I went into the backup and restore and it said it was on a network drive and typed in the path (once again using an IP instead of a server name) and he was able to see the drive and I would like to choose what to backup, etc. and it worked.

    I hope this works.  If this isn't the case, after return and I'll investigate more trying to find a solution (if any).

    Good luck!

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  • How to set parental controls for the zone

    Im trying to set up parental controls for children. I have set up for the clock, but they got smart and started to change the time zone. Does anyone know how to set up parental controls for the time zone... At least the name of the program for the time zone. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    Im trying to set up parental controls for children. I have set up for the clock, but they got smart and started to change the time zone. Does anyone know how to set up parental controls for the time zone... At least the name of the program for the time zone. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    If you have a superior taste of Windows 7 you can / must define the rights to change the time system and time zone via the policy editor gpedit.msc. They are defined in the strategy/Security Settings user rights assignments / Local. Ensure that only administrators and the Local Service can change these settings.

    If you have a taste less then you need to do it via a number of commands in the console, i.e.
    net localgroup
    NTRights users - r seSystemtimePrivilege-u
    NTRights u users - r seTimezonePrivilege

    You can download ntrights.exe here: If you choose this option, you may need to then more detailed instructions. Post again if this is the case.

    Note also that your children are more intelligent, they will find additional methods to bypass your restrictions. If you let me sit in front of your machine then I would be able to do as I please in less than five minutes, without knowing a single password. This means that you may need to solve this problem by teaching ways rather than technical.

  • How to set up/configuration of the network on virtual servers?

    We just bought the license for vSphere with two processors. I will put up at least three virtual servers on that host computer. Can someone point me to an instruction step by step on how to set up the network so that each guest operating system will have their own unique IP address and/or MAC address? The server is an HP Proliant DL380 G7 with two NIC standard more map of the ILO.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

    MAC address of the virtual machine is generated by ESXi host when you first power on the virtual machine and the IP address will be assigned by an existing DHCP server or you can configure it manually. Regardless of the implementation of a server as a virtual or physical machine, you generally EF static IP settings to a server system.


  • Domestic need assistancet to find the password for the network. No disc

    Adding ipod phone to my network. He ask my password that I can't find.   How to find the network password?

    I'm assuming that you need the password of your wireless network.

    You can usually get this by connecting to your wireless router, connection and find the screen where the password is specified.  Wireless router usually has the IP address as any computer on your home network with the last digit the value '1' or ' 254'.  And generally, you would use a browser to connect as, in general:

    If you would like more information, please consult the manual of your wireless router.


  • How to set up certificates for the default user profile

    I'm trying to create a package to install Firefox in our corporate environment that contains our locally-issued certificates. We can manually import the certs, but since Firefox is part of our brand, I would like to have the certificates already installed for users they open FF for the first time.

    I wrote a script that installs Firefox 22, copy custom files in the correct location files, creates a new profile folder (C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile) and copy the file cert8.db in that newly created file. However, when a user opens FF for the first time, none of our certificates are installed. If I close FF, copy the file cert8.db even in the .default file C:\Users\ < username > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ < random string > and then reopen FF, CERT now show as installed upward.

    How can I automate this so that each user who opens FF will have implemented CERT?

    This is for the initial installation of Firefox.
    22 of Firefox, version
    Windows 7, 64-bit

    Hello keslaa, since firefox 21 & upward this information would need to go to % ProgramFiles(x86) %\Mozilla Firefox\browser\defaults\profile in order to take effect.

  • I want to set a password for the Toshiba StorE Art3 500

    Dear Sirs,

    Toshiba storE Art3 500 GB external hard drive, I bought and I have the following problem: I would firstly a password for opening, but hard drive ever asks me the password.

    Pls let me know what I need to do that he asks me a password for opening of the disc, or when you open the files stored.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi mate

    AFAIK the Toshiab STOR. E ART 3, 2.5 "includes pre-loaded® NTI BackupNow EZ Software.

    This software helps you secure and back up data. It provides a system and file & folder backup complete.

    It seems that only the backup can be secured with data encryption and protection of password (up to 256 - bit).

    Check this box:

  • How to set default settings for the DJ D1660 printer in OS Lion

    I need set the defaults on my DJ D1660 on iMac with Os Lion, so that others do not print in color accidentally - I want to like the default to be gray, fast printing. I put the defaults in CUPs, but they do not appear in the default settings specified in the printer dialog boxes, which is always color and normal printing. After 45 minutes talk to Apple, today they concluded that default values should be laid down in HP software, but the software does not give you anywhere the abilty to set the default values!

    I was able to define the default behavior of printers in each printer and computer I've owned or worked on the past 25 years - this is a trivial question in Windows for example - but am confused by HP and Apple. There must be a way!

    Help, please.

    OK, it worked in 10.5 and earlier versions, but I have not tried 10.6 or 10.7:

    -Printing something with the printing mode that you want to lock

    -Go to ~/Users/yourusername/Library/preferences.

    -Choose the [yourprinter] .plist

    -Press command - I

    -On the window that appears, check the box next to "Locked" lock file

    -Close all windows and test

  • How to set a partialTriggers for the declarative component

    12.1.3 jdev

    I try to set partialTriggers for my component declarative.

    From another forum, people suggested using one different name other than partialTriggers to avoid override a final method in RichDeclarativeComponent.

    Then, I set this:

    < afc:attribute >

    < afc:attribute - name > myPartialTriggers < / afc:attribute - name >

    < afc:attribute - class > java.lang.String [] < / afc:attribute - class >

    < / afc:attribute >


    "< af:selectOneChoice id = simple =" #{attrs.simple "dc_droplist_soc"} "readOnly =" #{attrs.readOnly} "disabled =" #{attrs.disabled} ' "

    value = "#{uploading." "Value}" label = "#{attrs.label}" binding = "#{dropListComp.selectOneChoice}".

    "autoSubmit =" #{attrs.autoSubmit} "required =" #{attrs.required} "visible =" #{attrs.visible} ' "

    valueChangeListener = "#{dropListComp.handleValueChangeListener} '"

    partialTriggers = "#{attrs.myPartialTriggers} ' / >"

    But it does not work. I don't see a partialTriggers work.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    try to use PartialTrigger on the declarative component and then reference it from

    partialTriggers = ' #{uploading. '. PartialTriggers}' / >


  • How to set an answer for the quiz mode?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm working on the CP5. Now, I want to create a questionnaire to my clients on our production. In this questionnaire, I would have a few questions. The most important part is that I want to get a list of information on the responses of users.

    For example,.

    Customer has: ABCDABBCD...

    Customer b: BDCCACCDA...


    I tired to define two multiple choice slides (Survey), and the result of Quiz silde has a 'Send E-mail' button. In Quiz preferences, I set as below:

    Captivate Quiz.png

    But when I completed the questions and click "Send E-mail" on the last page, I had not received emails on the CP. So could you give me any help? Thank you!

    Best regards



    Of what you mentioned, you already have a default e-mail set up, editor and so there should be no problem in sending a mail.

    However, could you please explain in detail the steps taken by you to publish your swf file?

    Please specify the following:

    1. When you make a F12, browser preview opens in? It is IE or Firefox or other.

    2. When you click on the button send an E-mail in the independent preview window (after an F4), do you have a new empty Message created in Outlook, in which you click on the Send button to send the email.

    In case this does not solve your problem, please let me know that we could do a login session and I could study what is the problem on your machine.

    Thank you


  • How to change remember password for the site.

    When the password has been updated, the memory of password has not changed. (Field 'Remember password?' did not.) I need to update password to remember. (Firefox on Windows 8.1)

    See this KB article -

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