How to set a start and a trigger digital stop conting number trigger signals

Dear all,

This is an application for the acquisition of data that I don't know how to set triggers. The trigger signal is a sequence of rectangular pulses. A plot of X - is necessary. The interval between signals start of X are the same. So, I need to count signals trigger to know the value of X. And the value is analog signal. If the trigger interval corresponds to dx, my range of measurement is lying will begin with the rise of the m trigger signal - th with X = m * dx, then it stop at the rising edge of the signal trigger of the n - th with X = n * dx.

But I don't know hot to make this trigger + counter. The attachment shows a schematic representation of the measure. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.




Set the meter to measure the pulse in continuous or over mode according to your requirement.

Use the source of synchronization as the trigger pulses & configure rates at least 100 times rate of relaxation. Then compare the value count against'm & n' & generate the impulse on the PFI lines or the port pins.

I guess you know m & n values.

The other way is to configure to tell it to count the no. rising edges. Then compare this number with'm & n' bones & generate the impulse on the PFI lines or the port pins.

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    Hi Colin,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • Are you referring to a zip code when you say 29130?

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