How to Set Digital i/o status of Watlow EZ - Zone RM on 'ON' in LabVIEW?

I have an EZ - box RM Watlow controller and here is the driver: (R)

I have 16 e / s digital connected to the CRDD and I need to use to trigger the SSR.

so here's my question

How to Set Digital i/o status of Watlow EZ - Zone RM on 'ON' in LabVIEW?

What ID setting should I use to replace the OFF state (62) (63)?

First I thought that I can write "63" in the ID parameter "6007", and it does not work because it is a read only parameter. Is it supposed to be a way I can just simple it switched off to change on?

Thank you for answering my question.


The OID cannot be set directly. First a block Variable must be digital and connected to the block of DIO mode. Then changing the numeric status can be changed (63) to off (62).

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    the calendar was gray does not allow me to change the current date.

    Anyone know how to change

    Hi all!

    According to this the below Knowledge Base article, Remote Configuration System Support must be installed on the target for time settings to change in MAX.

    If you don't know what version of the system supported remote Configuration software that you have installed on your device target, it is likely that it is not yet installed. Add this software by clicking below your target to the MAX software option and selecting "Add/Remove Software". This is where you will install the System Configuration Remote Support software.

    Please let us know if you have any questions!

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    Thank you.

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    Hello Manu,

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    Let us know the status.

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    pixels, which appear on the 'place '.  I would like to know how to set the pixels * 1 # and then with respect to colors, when I take a yellow (there are many! yellow!)

    and use my Intuos "tap tap tap" pen drawings (yellow), it does NOT save... (he did it on my other computer and CS4 more aged).  So going

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    I buy this subscription at the end of the trial and my bet is that the color picker / working on the purchased version when I "tap tap" to pick up the

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    Note: 866194.1 - is there a method to return a 'Warning' to host Language simultaneous program status?

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