How to set the 1st online number = 10 and increment 10 whenever you press the button to add a new line. Also enable users to enter the generic numbers, IE 13 and still increment of 10 23 or whatever.

How to set the 1st online number = 10 and increment 10 whenever you press the button to add a new line. Also enable users to enter the generic numbers, IE 13 and still increment of 10 23 or whatever.

I already have my chart updated in place with a button that will add new lines when pressed.

Now, I want to clarify that the 1st row is 10 and all the other rows after this increase by 10. It will also allow users to enter any number they want, and the next line will increment of 10.

Help please.

Try changing the line button Add the following JavaScript code

newRow var = Table1._Row1.addInstance)

If (newRow.index > 0)


newRow.NumericField1.rawValue = newRow.resolveNode ('Row1 [-1].) NumericField1') .rawValue + 10;


You need to change this code to match your name on the form, but basically the method addInstance() returns the new row, the newRow.resolveNode ("Row1 [-1]... will get the value of the previous row and then add 10.



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    How do you add a new value in the form. You're creating a new line of your page (user interface) and by engaging with validation operation? Unless you commit you will not be able to see anything in the table.

    Thank you

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    < af:column sortProperty = "#{bindings."}.
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    To set a field right alignment in a table:
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    Go to Preferences > general, then set it to "video Transition default Duration", but many executives you want it to be.

    Note that this applies to everything that you set your default transition, which is chained by default.

    Hope that helps!

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    One method is to add a style to your header html in page attributes, if you add the below css styling and the change of the name of the item page (#P2_FIRST_NAME) to your he should style correctly:

    Thank you


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    When a user selects the State to P_STATE, the field of the P_PROGRAM should be set to this value, as well.

    I tried different ways to get there via a function call on the post for the calculation of the field P_STATE, defining the source P_PROGRAM to the value of the page item P_STATE put varialbles, creating a process before SENDING, and they all still come back as having a NULL value for P_PROGRAM, therefore impossible to create the file in the db as the PROGRAM is a mandatory field in the table.

    Can you please help? Thank you, Laura


    It is always helpful if you provide information about the Apex version you are using. The Apex 4 you can use Dynamic Actions to achieve this. In earlier versions is possible using processes to submit or javacsripts, as well.

    Heres how you do in 3.x with treatment to submit, to make it work in 4.0 as well.

    1 do the P_STATE ' select list submits the Page.
    2. Add a calculation on the point P_PROGRAM, or write to him assign a value based on a process. The treatment should be OnLoad after the header
    3. If the page does not have an unconditional branch that loops on itself, add a. NOTE: The direction must be the last branch (larger sequence number) and should have checked "Save Session State".

    This is what will happen
    a. when the State is selected Page will be submitted
    (b) it will take the unconditional branch to himself and save the value of P_STATE
    c. the calculation process / fills the value of the P_PROGRAM element when the page reloads

    Kind regards

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    I have a problem with the column width and the content of column in a standard report. In the report are hugh entries that are not interrupted by a space character. I put my column width to a special value by usingen "style css: display block; Width: 300px; ». Now the problem is that some of the entries in the column with a longer width that the column width is set. Then they overlock the entries in the column next to them.

    My question is: How to set the column lines of automatic content break after a certain number of characters?

    After searching for a couple of websites and discussion thread, I found maybe a reference to the solution. I hope that it helps you to give me an answer.





    It is more a matter of HTML as a matter of APEX... You can start by looking here:

    Kind regards


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    The filter on Date.Date would be "invited" or more.

    How to set the field "Default" from the command prompt?

    Thanks in advance


    go to the command prompt...
    Select SQL results of as default: drop-down list.
    here... you have to write your SQL logic...
    who uses by default the previous date
    something like that...

    * Select case when 1 = 0 then anydate column of another timestampadd (sql_tsi_day-1, CURRENT_DATE) of the end SubjectArea name*.

    write like this... and report back...

    Thank you & best regards
    Kishore Guggilla

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    Please read this article for instructions.

    I hope this helps!

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