How to set the Date and time on a remote target in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?


I'm trying to follow the steps described in the following link:

How to set the Date and time on a remote target in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?

It is said

The software on the target currently supports only the time zoneand deletes the old files?

I need set the date and time

and remove all the old unwanted files

the calendar was gray does not allow me to change the current date.

Anyone know how to change


Hi all!

According to this the below Knowledge Base article, Remote Configuration System Support must be installed on the target for time settings to change in MAX.

If you don't know what version of the system supported remote Configuration software that you have installed on your device target, it is likely that it is not yet installed. Add this software by clicking below your target to the MAX software option and selecting "Add/Remove Software". This is where you will install the System Configuration Remote Support software.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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    Good luck


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    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

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    You can set the date and time under prefs, but DO NOT tap on today

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    See you soon.

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