How to set the default value for the digital control on front panel?

How to set a default value for a numeric control of LabVIEW 2009 Front Panel? I have several input values that are actually configuration settings I want to settle with the default values of zero. I want them to be the values displayed when the façade first appears until the code is executed.

I really want to use the Minimum and Maximum limits by default for this because I still want to be able to define acceptable limits for values.

I would not be able to specify a default value of zero for these entries?


Enter the desired value, then "right click...... of default data of value to operations. Save the VI.

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  • How to set a default value for the bar to EXPLORE in Office XP Explorer?

    When I explore my PC Explorer bar to the default left hand blue component with what is called frequent tasks. I ALWAYS click on the folder icon (or view > bar explore > files).

    I would like to open like that by default - is a registry setting or remove this?

    Thank you

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    Hey Neal.uj,

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    You can set the default action on a folder to explore instead of to achieve this effect. To do this:

    ·         Click Start

    ·         Click on Control Panel

    ·         Open Folder Options

    ·         Click the File Types tab

    ·         Click the folder

    ·         Click on Advanced

    ·         Click on Explorer

    ·         Click set as default

    ·         Click OK

    ·         Repeat the same process for file

    ·         When you're done, click close

    Hope that helps, I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • How to set a default value for a page element

    I work with an array of facilities that has the name and the address. The user can add information to the contact person on a separate page. Because the address of the establishment and his contact is generally the same, I want to add a default value to the contact address. The installation page is on 201 and the link to add a new line of contact is on page 202. I showed in the default value: P201_street to the address of the contact. But, when I run the page, contact the address field shows the: P201_street, not the address of the actual plant. Do I leave? Must be something obvious?
    Thank you very much.


    Use: P202_STREET1 for PL/SQL expression, or just P202_STREET1 if you use the value of the item condition.

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  • How to set a default value for analysis the length of the page for the HP Photosmart C8180?

    When I scan documents using the HP Solution Center software on my printer HP Photosmart C8180, the default page length always 12 inches.  While I can't change 11 inches on each scanned page, it's a big pain when scanning multi-page documents.  Is there a direct solution or work around it?  Thank you.

    When you scan a document for example, solutions Center, one of the screens that should appear, will have (depending on the exact version of Windows for wordage) a button for Advanced Document settings. There should be an option to tick to automatically crop to the document. That could clear up the white border at the bottom without having to do it manually.

    When you scan an image (or document) to file, usually the default settings save who to the original size.

    As side note, usually printers has a document feeder, will automatically manage the images/documents in the way you want, without changing the settings by default simply had to be fed physically in front of a window scan.

  • How to set a default email for the reader client?

    How to set a default email for the reader client?

    [Left the forum Cloud/Installer generic for program specific forum... MOD]

    In the section in the preferences e-mail accounts.

  • function to set a default value for a column that is defined by the user

    Hi all

    Can use us the user-defined function to set a default value for a column?

    for example:
    create or replace  function test1  return number is
    return 10;
    create table testt
     (id  as test1,
      name varchar2(20));
    ORA-02000: missing ( keyword
    Thank you

    Ashwani says:

    Can use us the user-defined function to set a default value for a column?

    N °

    A trigger (this function call) can be used to implement such a feature.

  • Set a default value for an attribute in modules - OPM


    I'm trying to set a default value for a numeric attribute 0. I tried a few things but did not work.
    I was trying to default custom function that defines the default value of "0".
    I'm new to OPA, and I know not java.
    This is the java program that I intend to deploy as jar.but unfortunately it does not work.

    import java.util.Random;

    SerializableAttribute public class DefaultFunction extends CustomFunction
    public Object evaluate (EntityInstance entityInstance, Object [] objects)
    If (items [0] is nothing)
    return 0;
    public Object requireKnownParameters (EntityInstance entityInstance, Object [] objects)
    If (items [0] is nothing)
    Returns false;

    Is there any reference material where it has all the functions or the sample programs.

    Have you seen the article using developer?
    This shows you how to use a custom default attribute (number) function. Maybe it's not 100% what you're after, but it might help.
    See you soon

  • How to set a default value in the Import Wizard delimited for the date?

    Hello community,

    I am currently trying to import some files delimited in a SQL table via the Import Wizard (right-click on a Table "import data... ") with delimited as input (.dsv) files.

    In step 4 of the wizard, I put the columns in the Source files for the target of the columns of the Table.

    Now, this is where my problem. Whenever a target column has the format "date", I define the mask of translation you want for each column.

    I would like to define a mask by default so that the same format is always used.

    User interface, it looks like this field also exists:


    However I can't put it in the wizard itself, and I'm not able to find the option in the preferences.

    I tried the following preferences (Oracle SQL Developer 4.0.2):

    Preferences-> database->-> all NLS date 3 preferences set to "HH24:MI:SS DD. MM YYYY ".

    Preferences-> Migration-> translators-> Format of Date Source default value "HH24:MI:SS DD. MM YYYY ".

    Preference-> Migration-> data move Options->


    But still, I have to type it every time.

    Can someone explain how to set the default value?

    You can not.


    In the next major release, we seek to:

    • selection of a menu selector common date formats drop-down
    • Save your import settings session and their reloading for later import

    I think you have a good idea, maybe it defaults to MRU. When we start the process of the Beta/early adopter, be sure to check and let us know what you think. For the moment, and what I'm doing, I copy the date format string and paste them in such as required. I'm not a super big fan of having default values in 'automatically' added because it can lead to mistakes, and in this case, data corruption issues.

  • Syntax to set a default value for the metadata of Web site field

    In my profile, I have a rule where I did the infoOnly metadata xWebSites field and define a default value like this:

    < $dprDefaultValue = # active.xWebSites$ >

    Y at - it something I am doing wrong? Incorrect syntax?

    Thank you!!

    I found this in the documentation of the Site Studio:

    "To identify the ID of an article or a website, open the page to check content on the content server and click Browse next to the"Section of the Web Site." In the window choose the Web Site Section, select your Web site and notice the ID in brackets next to each section (Figure). »

    Can I set the default value for the ID?

  • How to set a default view for 'Open' and ' Save as '.

    I am running Windows XP, Service Pack 3.  I want to set a default view for the windows 'OPEN' and 'SAVE AS' sort by 'Name' of A--> Z.  How can I do?


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    a. right-click in the folder.

    b. click the name to sort by alphabetical order.

    You can also click on the name of the list view to sort the files alphabetically.

  • Set a default value for SQL based LOV


    Is there a way to set the default value in a LOV. Like let him say the LOV gets of the separate to_Char(date_field,'YYYY') in a table. I want the last year is the default value. Currently, since I was the null option also, when the page loads, the lov is always null. I need to change it manually.

    Thank you

    You can easily set the default values for the dynamic element

    for example, select the default type in the body of the PL/SQL function and enter the following code

    v_return date;
    select max(date_field) into v_return from your_table;
     return to_Char(v_return,'YYYY');
    exception when others then
    return null;
  • How to set a default font for the module of titration?

    Is it possible to configure a default font for the newly added titles? Most of the Arab time Adobe is getting selected (= appear selected when I added a title) for a new caption that I doesn't make sense to me because I do not want to write in Arabic. Sometimes others (I guess random) police is being selected. I don't see any option to configure any default font.

    • What version of Premiere Elements? 13.1
    • Have you installed the latest updates? Yes
    • What operating system? Mac OSX Yosemite
    • What you were doing when the problem occurred? Adding titles
    • Tell us about your hardware: GHz Intel Core i7 Quad Core 2. The amount of RAM is installed? 16G Is how much free space on your system drive (c :))? ) 30 G
    • He has already worked before? NO.


    1. Menu/new/default text

    2 in the Titler that opens, type your text and apply fonts, font size, etc..

    3. Once your selected text, go to the Styles of the module of titration, make a right click any Style, select Save the Style.

    4. in the section open titration module Styles, right-click on recorded new Style thumbnail, select set default Style.

    5. conclusion of titration.

    When you reopen the titration module, then you should have the default text and attributes that you just put.

    Please let us know if it works for you.

    Thank you.


  • Help: How do reset you default values for the session and the time-out at the admin level


    The DBA was trying to save the settings of time-out value by following the instructions and it kept him setting a default off 28800 timeout of Session Timeout and Idle of 3600.

    He saved the value 1, and now we cannot get to change.

    How do reset you the default preferences?


    Sorry, I missed your point. To undo this damage, try this:

    Connect as SYS

    ALTER session set current_schema = apex_030200
    wwv_flow_platform.set_preference (p_preference_name-online 'MAX_SESSION_IDLE_SEC', p_preference_value-online 3600)
    wwv_flow_platform.set_preference (p_preference_name-online 'MAX_SESSION_LENGTH_SEC', p_preference_value-online 28800)

    Adjust 3600 and 28800 as you like.


  • How to set a default calendar for new events in the calendar on Macbook Pro

    Although I have studied this issue in forums, I'm still without resolution. New default event for the calendar of 'Calendar' in the game on my Mac of calendars even when it is initially unchecked and hidden in the calendars list.

    I don't see a place in the calendar preferences or in system preferences > iCloud to make changes. I would like new events, write in the default calendar for "Calendar" calendar in my account.

    Any thoughts?

    Well, here's the scoop:

    To set the default calendar, open the calendar, choose calendar > Preferences, and then click general.

    Default calendar

    The calendar where new events are added by default. If you choose "Selected calendar", then the calendar highlight in the calendar list is the default calendar.

  • How to set a default file for the recording of the work type

    Looking and looking, is there really no way to define the type of default file for the recording of the Photoshop work?

    Not save as.  After this adjustment, just use Ctrl s

    Try this:

    Make a new file

    Save as and Ctrl, click on the PNG format

    Be another file and use Ctrl s.  The Save dialog box opens and the format will always be PNG

    Use Save as, and Ctrl-click on PDF

    Make another new file and Ctrl s.  PDF will now be the format.

    Who is?

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