How to set the minimum value of a graphic waveform window?

I have a graphics property of waveform "minimum value", but the graph is not take the value that I gave him. He tends to zero, as well as the first two sliders that I put on the graph. The maximum value "will be" no problem, just like the second slider value. Everyone knows about this problem? Here's a screenshot...

Is there a reason why my chart does not have what I have to say?

Thank you

Sometimes you may have problems if the new minimum is higher than the maximum of old.  Try to write at least again in another node in property after you set the maximum value

Without seeing your VI and some parameters of the example, (old max and min) new max and min, it is otherwise difficult to say.

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    (Data reading KB store / writing KB) * 100

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    Is there a way to say "if read = 0 then read = 1 ' so that the equation will not evaluate to 0?

    Thank you


    There is no 'if' statement... but thought that you can add a (metric + 0.0001) which should not be 0

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    Try changing the data type of your attribute in the EO to be Double instead of number.

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    Mr President.

    How to set the default value of the attribute with a sequence number? Is it possible to add a string to like abc0001?


    For the date, you can use groovy expression adf.currentDate to set the current date. reference

    You already have ways to use the sequence.

    How do you add a new value in the form. You're creating a new line of your page (user interface) and by engaging with validation operation? Unless you commit you will not be able to see anything in the table.

    Thank you

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    How to set the initial value programmatically in af:selectOneChoice

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    This can help you: Re: how to set the default value of the component selectOneChoice in ADF

    and the default af:selectOneChoice programmatically from backing bean

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    I really want to use the Minimum and Maximum limits by default for this because I still want to be able to define acceptable limits for values.

    I would not be able to specify a default value of zero for these entries?

    Enter the desired value, then "right click...... of default data of value to operations. Save the VI.

  • How to set the return value of the method to the /outputText inputText field


    How to set output return value method of a /outputText adf inputText field



    Well put method's return value to a managed bean variable.

    Create a variable in the bean and set the return value to this variable.

    the inputText and outputTextValue to this managedBean.variable value

    That's all...

    and add partial trigger for inputText programmaticly

  • How to set the default value of the component selectOneChoice in the table to the ADF

    Hi all

    I use jdev version.

    I used an adf table in which an attribute is selectOnceChoice.

    To create the table and selectOneChoice I used the data control java bean.

    and drag and drop a table and after that I have drag and drop one of the attributes as selectonechoice and linked with the return of the method list as < key, value > pair.

    I want the default value to select only one option in each attribute rows.

    I checked with simillar issue on post next, but not yet resolved.


    My jspx code is

    <af:column id="c11"
                                             headerText="Invoice To" >
                                        <af:outputText value="#{row.invoiceTo}" id="ot19"/>
    <af:selectOneChoice value="#{bindings.invoiceTo.inputValue}"
                                      <f:selectItems value="#{bindings.invoiceTo.items}"

    where invoiceTo is the table attribute and the invoiceTo attribute is dragged and dropped as a SOC function list Source data mapped data value with the List attribute

    and the display attribute

    Data value = invoiceTo List = lovMasterKey attribute

    Display attribute = lovMasterValue

    that list is maintained at < lovMasterKey, lovMasterValue >

    According to the value of invoiceTo line, it should show as default value is selectOneChoice, but its showing no not as a default value.

    Please, help me how set the default value of selectOneChoice in the table according to each value line invoiceTo.

    Thank you all for the help on this issue.

    Problem has been resolved.

    Reason for this was used

    It is solved using code used for the list built for selectoneChoice more

      List lovMasterList = new ArrayList();
    SelectItem siItem = new SelectItem();                      

    Now, I used the code where the line below. InvoiceTo is the key and row.invoiceToItems are the list of articles for selectOneChoice.


    Thank you very much...

  • How to set the default value of selectOneChoice

    Hi all
    I have two selectOneChoice (soc1 and soc2) in two respective pages with the same datacontrol. Now, I need set the default value of soc2 according to the value selected in soc1.
    For example: -.
    If the user has selected a value in soc1 say 'Bag' in the list then it must affect the default in soc2 as 'Bag' when loading the second page. The time as selectOneChoice was created using the same data contol.

    How can I achieve this?
    Please suggest.

    You can try with this?

    Place curIndex pageflow scope and use

    This.SOC2.SetValue (Integer.ToString (curIndex));

    ~ Abhijit

  • How to set the default value in the select list to cascaded

    I use Denes Kubicek cascade example list of selection

    And I want to give cascading the selection list with a default value. So, anyway, I use this application process:

    < pre >
    OWA_UTIL.mime_header ("text/xml", FALSE);
    HTP.p ('Cache-Control: non-cache');
    HTP.p ('Pragma: non-cache');
    HTP.prn ("< select >");
    HTP.prn ("< option value ="' | 1 |) "" > ' | '- all employees-' | ' < / option > ");"

    FOR c IN (SELECT ename, empno
    WHERE mgr =: cascading_selectlist_item_2)
    HTP.prn ("< option value ="' | c.empno |) '">' || c.Ename | ("< / option >");

    HTP.prn ("< / select >");
    < / pre >

    How can I select for example empno default 1000?
    Thanks in advance.


    In this case, your default value is

    HTP.prn (')

    However, you can set the default value in the loop as you want. You just say that is your default - first, second, third...

    In the list select ajax there's no submit and no calculation of values then I assuem your default is the punch one you wan to display when a selection list has been changed?

    Denes Kubicek

  • ODI 11 g | How to set the default value in the Interface mapping?

    I m interpreting data OID of Oracle DB load target FOR Hyperion Essbase.
    Its my requirement to set the default value for any size target source system it becomes same record for a specific column.
    I thought that it would be fixed in the Interface, but I was not able to do.

    Target Essbae Dimension
    Size of account must have the value "FixAccount".
    Dimension of the year must have the value "FY13.
    Dimension of the view must have the value "ActiveView.

    looking for your



  • How to set the threshold value for single tablespace in the 11g grid control


    I want to set the threshold value for a single tablespace in the 11g grid control,
    Please give me a navigation path.

    Sandy wrote:
    Can you please give me the full navigation path?

    go to the target--> databases
    Select the database that you want to set this alert to
    Link select settings and policy settings

  • How to set the initial value for a single radiobutton in a group of Radio buttons

    Hi all

    I have a radiogroup with 3 buttons. The names of the RadioGroup are driven out of a XXVO.

    3 Radion buttons:

    + 9
    * XX
    * XXX

    When loading the Page I want to make an XXX option button to be the default, please suggest how.

    Note: The radiobutton values come from VO

    Thank you


    XXCONTACT_ADDR_BUTTON1 - is the value of the radio button to select the right...

    Very well.. :))

    Meher Irk

  • How to set the default value of a column from the value of the 2 columns given

    Is it possible to set the default value for a column A, as the concatenated values of columns B and C of the create table statement itself without using the trigger.

    for example, in a line, if column B is 'James' and column C is "smith" then the column has must be "james Smith".
    in another line if column B is 'Bob' and column C is "Taylor" then column should be "Bob Taylor"

    Thank you

    Yes, it is possible. But what is your version of the database? Try to use "virtual column. Search for a virtual column in the following link.

  • Windows Explorer - list: how to set the default value to display all the contents of the folder 'List' not 'Tiles '.

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    Thank you, Steve

    Hi Steve Menker,.

    Visit the links that measures to work with files and folders in Windows Explorer below:

    1. working with files and folders:

    2. change the folder options:

    3. organize, sort, or group your files:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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